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Jul 12, 2012

Blue Peril: The Genesis

Hello People, My name is Adriana, and I love shoes, i would just buy shoes and put them on display and just be happy just looking at them, I know this is not a good first impression but truthfully I’m into shoes. Today is not about shoes though, I kissed a guy today and I did NOT feel a thing, well maybe except disgust; which is weird, a kiss never disgusts me, I mean it’s a kiss for crying out loud. So why did a kiss disgust me?
I decided to come here to share the stories behind my love life on here and try to make them as short as possible and spread them over time. This is my first Piece, Do Enjoy.

I live in a world where uncool is a synonym for Virgin, not to talk of being a kiss- virgin too. I was 16 and in SS2, I wasn’t bothered, I only cared about physics assignment – I had a strict teacher, Chemistry lab work and who I was going to disturb during Prep. Although I got a lot of attention from boys, wasn’t bothered either.
Not for long
Strolling along the road with my friend one Saturday during visiting hours, She stops to greet this tall, slim, handsome boy, then she introduces us, we all got talking, I was so engrossed that I didn’t even know when my friend left us. We kept talking for hours about God know what.
There were a lot of boys with the “good – looking” appearance all over the school but not all of them had a good command of English and could make me laugh like Joseph did, and just like that I became one of them, you know those “Snr Adriana, Snr Joseph wants to see you outside” category of girls, I was so shy I would see him for a short while then go back to my hostel “Still Thinking about it”
Quick Question: When we were younger, why did we believe in keeping the boy waiting too long even if we liked him?
I had senior friends who would go for prep- after- prep, come back and  start a tell – it – all discussion about “happened” during the prep after dark, my young mind would pick up on stuff and arouse my curiosity.
Finally, I decided to become Josephs girlfriend so I joined the prep – after – prep band wagon, gradually since basically prep after dark wasn’t for ‘talking’ we started running out of things to say, I starting panicking.
Not for long either.
“Adriana, tell me, have you kissed Joseph before?” She dropped it on me like bomb one prep - after – prep night.
“Because I kissed segun today and it really felt good” She continued
Trying not to look in her eyes “Errrmmm…. I’ve never kissed before, I really don’t know how to”
I almost laughed out at the shock I saw on her face.
Recovering from her shock, she tried to convince me about how awesome and harmless kissing is “You close your eyes, there can be tongue involved, you let him lead and soak it in”
I sat there nodding my head and soaking it all in like an agama lizard and with every intake if the words I said good bye to a little piece of my innocence.

One prep after prep, trying to say goodbye to my “love” then he put his lips on mine and for a second there I would have sworn all the blood I had in my whole body went up to my brain so I couldn’t send the signal to my lips to part ways to give way for his, so I stood there two hands by my side, lips closed and he trying to stick is tongue in my tight closed lips, now what’s the definition of awkward again? I just gave the shy smile and left for my hostel, of course I had to go back and give my tutor feedback, I couldn't crush her feelings and tell how much bad a student I was.
“It was nice” was my reply and she just smiled, gave me the I – told -  you – so look and hugged me like saying goodbye to my innocence was something to celebrate.
After numerous Preps after dark and attempts to have a non-tongue-forcing-kiss, I finally learnt to part my lips while kissing and my life never remained the same.
Met my friend on my way to his class after School on a Friday, She greeted me longer than usual, that was where I got suspicious “Seriously Bimpe What’s going on?, let me go I need to see Joseph”
Reluctantly she let me go without saying a word to reply me.
As I walked to see Joseph and one of his friends playing as usual but this time before they could sight me their tongues were doing a little playing too, rubbing my eyes clearing my throat by the window side making sure the saw me, then I walked away. We saw each other a couple of times after that incident.
But Not for long.
I broke up with him. I was miserable, but of course I learnt a huge lesson about peer pressure in this first phase of my love life, do things for you not because your friend thinks it’s a good idea or because your friends think its cool, so at least you would be responsible for your Actions and not blame someone for your mistakes – people that won’t be there to clean the mess when the water boils over the cooker.

Too lazy to clean maam?
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Jul 11, 2012

Gone Till November...

I've been talking to a friend of mine and she has persuaded me to let her have access to my blog, Since I've not been writing x_x her name is Adriana and I think She has something interesting to share with you guys (I Hope)
The thing is, she has not even told me what and frankly I want to be surprised.
I'm not editing or proof reading what she has to write, am just handing it over to her and joining the audience.

I do hope she delivers *Fingers Crossed*
*In Frank Edoho's voice* The next post(s) you going to see is Adriana's


I'm not really gone till november tho'. It just seemed appropriate ;)