... At the foot of the Hill [Psalm 121]

Aug 19, 2010

Salty SALT

You know when you cook the perfect meal – the right aroma, perfect look, but it touches your tongue….damn! too salty, then you wish you did not add that pinch extra you added at the last minute well too late you just gotta eat! Well that’s the perfect description of my day…Saturday.14.08.10

I wanted to see my friend today and I had planned the day so perfect I was just waiting for the time to leave the house then I remembered and double damn! I forgot to collect her number and I can’t remember the name of her street (just retrieved my line-no contacts) so my forgetfulness was the extra pinch of salt…

So since I have permission from the man of the house (dad- which is very rear) I cannot waste it, then I call seun who wanted me to spend some time with him, I decide to go to his house, when I got there, he wasn’t home I waited for almost an hour, am just there biting myself all burnt but I could not do a thing damn! Why did I come here today??going to his place was the extra pinch of salt..

Being wondering why damilare has not called me all day to ask how am doing and all then I remember damn! I told him to last night to let me be for a while…once again my forgetfulness is the extra pinch of salt…

So seun came 45mins after I got there, not so much to say cos I was burnt, then we decided to go to the cinemas, we watched salt

From the beginning up until the end I was blown away then the end …damn! Why did it end that way??So the end of SALT was the extra pinch of salt…

But I had to eat and hope, that tomorrow I cook better..

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Fairy Tal3s

Do fairy tales exist? Sometimes I wonder because as much as there is a cliché saying that ‘fairy tales only happen in movies and novels’ everybody has the ‘ever after’ only some don’t have happily included to theirs….

When I read novels or watch movies I relate myself to the characters -now I wonder how many characters I’ve been considering the amount of novels and movies I’ve seen!- anyways back to ever after-s Some people have happily and some have painfully sadly -that’s inevitable in life- these movies and book tend to deceive us to believe that everything would be happily after ‘true loves first kiss’ oh! Crap if its about that I should have like a zillion happily ever after-s by now-if you know what I mean *winks*- This is my definition of Fairy tales, ever after and happily ever after

Fairy Tale: This is living the story you’ve written about yourself from your dream career, to your dream Job, House, Girl –am sure I get the picture by now-

Ever After: Life after your fairy tale comes true

Happily ever After: Life after your fairy tale comes true with the notion that there is always light at the end of the tunnel – I’ll explain-

There can NEVER be a perfect ever after so what would make it a happy one for you is for you to know that for every NIGHT there is always a DAY, that’s gonna give you the happiness you need.

All we have to do now is pull out a book and pen and start writing the pages of your fairy tale and trust it in the hand of God…so now who says you can’t have a happily ever after???

But then again do you believe in fairy tales???

Aug 13, 2010


I know it’s the 13th of August and I’ve not been doing my daily updates again as I promised I would and am sorry…am gonna give a load down of what has happened with the technology Intern in 2 weeks

‘Are you tomi? Why have you not come so collect your money?’ ok so apparently I was supposed to have gone to collect my salary since the end of july but I had no idea, so I have the smile at the corner of my lips; before today it seemed like a lot of things would fall into place (popsi’s complaint will def’ stop) after I collect the salary but now I guess I was wrong, I don’t even feel as excited as I wanted to be oh crap!

Sometime last week I had been hearing too much of death news, then I asked myself ‘what if I die tomorrow?what would the world remember me for?’ at that point in time I wanted desperately to know what people thought of me…when dagirn(RIP) died he was more appreciated than when he was alive, when debo(RIP) died too I heard so many kind words even from people that were nt friends with him then I just knew  I would have to die first to know what people think of me…But why does it have to take a tragedy to bring out the emotional side of we humans? I think we should learn to appreciate each other more cos life is really too short….

11th August

I’ve never been this careless in my whole 20yrs as I’ve been in 3months; misplaced a phone,misplace my retrieved line, my new borrowed ‘palasa’ has dropped like a zillion times, I forget things a lot more..OMG wats wrong with me? If this is what turning 20 causes then I think I wanna remain a teenager….

Work hmm…same old…get to work 15/30mins late, put on my PC, log-in, then yahoo messenger, opera (which has my twitter,facebook,360nobs,bigbrother,html),office mail acct…then am good for the day..let the errands roll in…on a second thought chai what am I gonna fill in my log book for a whole 2weeks*thinking hard*

12th August

Had a terrorist attack in the house this morning, a lot of times I’ve been the target but not today yeah! oh k! mummy and daddy are the terrorists and they shoot missiles and anybody amongst the 4 of us can be the target so am not today’s target and am all smiles but I know very soon my day is gonna come(it doesn’t take too long trust me as per the un-official black sheep)

Altho’ the men-in-black have not been here in a while I just keep hearing that voice (of course who else ma mama) ‘don’t cross the road o, if u are caught by the police I cannot bail any child’ that’s the only motivation I need to climb the freaking narrow pedestrian bridge…About 10 inches ahead of me is the ‘text message/current affairs’ seller hanging his hand like he wants to sell to someone ‘who is this one displaying book to on the bridge?’ comes to my mind and leaves a smile on my lips, like he heard my thought he looked back at me the first time and take a second glance instantly he changes the way he was walking and started doing the crooked walking step with more ‘book-seller swagger’ proudly flaunting his books in my face like he was sending a message ‘if u look at me I’ll take care of you with my book-money’ I just laughed and walked past him..like what was he thinking even IF I was a gala seller I would even take a first glance not to talk of a second?? Well I guess that is what fine girls (am not bragging) like me do to people..hahahaha

Aug 11, 2010

Hot Seat!!

As they say ppolitics is a dirty game but really who cares? well i dont care about politics and them presidents or governors, but if there is hype in the transport fare, airtime, noodles(my daily needs) then maybe just maybe i'll start caring but till then...

i know there are alot of people (especially girls) out there that are like me that dont care about the political sector of this country, I had a moment to reflect on this on my way home(I’ll blame it on the bad roads that made me have a bumpy ride) we really need to start caring for our country and state which now makes me think again who would win the election 2011??

Would it be Goodluck: the one that has only the goodluck for himself and sluggishness for the growth of the country?,

Dele momodu: who would (in my opinion) make Nigeria look like something out of a glossy paper and concentrate more on the entertainment industry,

Cris okotie: who would turn the country to an English class and the citizens would have to hold a

Dictionary anytime there is a presidential speech

Pat utomi: I think he is just trying to prove that he is not a quitter!

IBB: i could go on and on about how stupid he is tryin to make himself look...i think u knw d rest...


Honestly don’t know anything about all these people but the list is freaking endless and am wondering its only in NIGERIA you can have this endless list of aspirants tryin to be the No1 citizen of the country Or is that the national cake just too sweet?

Aug 5, 2010

Liable to do what?

This title brings one thing to mind, the popular cigarette ad slogan 'liable to die young' don't lie that was the first thing that came to your mind...

So I just finished a book 'tell me your dreams' by Sidney Sheldon and it’s about MPD and hypnosis, I have a earlier post about MPD and am going to stick to my opinion on that.

So am taking on hypnosis- I did a little research (I think am too curious) bt who cares about research and all...this particular had 3 alter personalities and was hpnotized to be able to talk to the alter personalities really does it work? Is it demonic? These are the questions I ask myself.

well for those of you that don't know what hypnosis it is the art of hypnotizing a person and the idea of hypnotizing is to make the person be in a trance, put any idea in the person's head and you make the person do anything you say even if it’s to bark like a dog. I also read that some companies use hypnosis in their adverts to make pple buy their products hmm...dats weird on a second thought no wonder you buy a product and when you get home u ask urself 'what was I thinking buying this?' we get that sometimes right?

And some people say it’s not demonic abeg abeg abeg (my new slang from BBA) that is the devil at its peak chai curiosity really kills the cat, it just killed mine bt as they say 'a cat has nine lives' so I have 8 more to go. But really we have to be careful about the things we watch, read and listen to this days cos it seems like everything is not safe anymore from the music to the movies now the adverts wow!! I think smashing the TV is a better idea to be on the safer side or what?

Aug 3, 2010

A zillion Branches!!!

I sit down Looking to this particular family tree hmm....Big twist if you ask me...

So i'll take this step by step for you to understand!
Ayo has like 12 wives, then he has a 'fling' with another woman we call her tomilola which results in a female child tola, tomilola has other children from her marriage, so tola has half Brothers and sisters from her mother's side and her father's side lets pause for a while(i think am getting confused myself).

So i ask myself why do this people of the old generation marry each other like there was no tommorrow? were there no moral instructions? or the men and women were just too horney not satisfied and could not get enough? really am still puzzled!!

Ok back to my complicated tree...tomilola has a sister lets call her dotun who also has kids and tola has children too which makes Dotun's children and tola's chilren second cousins...here comes the real twist... one of tola's half sister's(from her fathers side) children(a girl) and dotun's son now met(obviously they don't have the same surname or any connection at all except they have a cousin in common) confusing i know just take it one step at a time...Now my question is 'would the union of this innocent children be right?'

This twist got me thinking now do we have to ask everybody we meet 'where are you from?, tell me about your grand parents union??' to be sure you are not getting involved a relation especially if you are a descendant of 'OLOJEDE' where you dont even know everybody...So i would say be careful cos u neva can tell the next person you are trying to get invoved with might just be you Grandmother's half sister's grand child and dont forget to ask 'tell me about your family tree'!!

so i need feedback!!

Aug 1, 2010

Pictures say a thousand words!!!!
L-R tejumade, mee, bukky
L-R tomi olojede,mee, ike olojede,tosin(ma sis)