... At the foot of the Hill [Psalm 121]

Nov 7, 2010


Well constructed flower beds, this is the first attraction, then the beautiful entrance that reads 'crawford university' like they say first impression lasts longer i think the organisers or whoever put this together did a good job on that one.
Moving on the absolutly magnificent administrative block opps sori i forgot 'our' newly built relaxation ground or whatever the name is -where no one goes to relax...ok back to the admin, the beautiful interlocking pathway that leads to the brown 2 storey building to the leftand to your right our famous 'L' shaped lecture rooms and laboratories oh! I forgot it also has offices for lecturers plus its beautiful..

This is a very serene environment condusive for learning, beautiful people oh snap! Lets be realistic here jare... That is where all the goodness ends..

Now lets talk about crowdford...

Am calling it that because the population increases not just every session but every month and the infrastructure doesn't grow now thats pure greed!
This is an advanced 'secondary school'
we have time to leave the hostel of which is 9am WTF even if you don't have lectures, you have to leave the hostel please to do what? Read? Or still go to the lecture hall and everywhere is filled with students hanging around because there are not enough classes?

Now going to church is even another entirly different story. We get to church and we are even forced to kneel down and pray how old do you think we are? 5? No one really needs spoon feeding....

Food hmm...you go to buy food to eat, you probably were hungry before you get to the spot but as soon as you see what the food looks like there is an instant lose of apetite not to talk of tasting it but you just have to eat because you pity the worms you are breeding down in the tummy. The quality and quantity of food reduces everyday (well i think thats an exaggeration sha) but take for example they decided to make chicken and chips, when it kicked off people were attracted because of the size of the chicken, well one semester after its like the chicken suddenly caught aids or something and the prices of potatoes went through the roof...

Accomodation, this is the first school that i would hear have their final year students living 6 in a room but very soon now we girls would travel to 'akwa ibom' *winks* dormitory to live 12 in a room without windows...how pathetic..

Really am tired of complaining because i know no one is there to listen.
Note to the fortunate members of this community, live the moment and enjoy every bit because trust me you would miss it no matter how bad it seems now.
And to the owners and runners of the community please pity us and correct some atleast some of the wrongs we have suffered enough Thank you!

Nov 5, 2010

Life without the 'R's and 'Y's

I pick up my laptop to type an article then discovered evething i wanted to tpe looked like that oh shit! the 'r' and 'y' keys don't work... I've been using my on-screen keyboard as alternative but that could be very frustrating...

This got me thinking seriously about my life without these particular letters in my words, they definatly would look meaningless now am even looking above this write up and i've used countless r's and y's....

Just like the alphabets every letter needs another letter to make sense to anybody in any language, so does everyone in this world need the next person to make the world a better place, so look at the person next to you as the 'r' and 'y' that you need to to make that wo'r'd meaningfull'y' meaningful and stop seeing people as either worthless or irrelevant to us because we never can tell where the tides of life is taking us tomorrow..

So am challenging every reader right now to be the 'r' in someone's word and also make the next person the 'y' in your lively life, am sure if we all as individuals accept this challenge this world would be a better place....

Oct 31, 2010

Writer's Blocked???

This is unfair! That is all i can say about this. But why does this have to happen to every body that writes?

Writer's block is a condition, associated with writing as a profession, in which an author loses the ability to produce new work!

I'm just writing this as a way of encouraging myself because right now i have this and it sucks really cuz you wanna write so bad but you are dry (litrally)...

Since i dont i've inspiration to write i decided to use my disappointment as a blessing...

Thinking hard am gonna likin the 'blocked life of a writer' to life itself.
In life we all have the highs and lows. I've not been on this earth long but i've been long enough to know that there are some times when you get extremely happy, that you might even kiss your dog and other times you are just emmm....i won't say 'sad' lemmi say 'extra low' that you don't even feel like getting out of bed to even take a bath, at this point in my life i dont even feel like getting out of bed.

The question now is what do you do those times? Honestly i was still trying to figure it out the answer a few minutes before i picked up the courage to put something down in my book...

When i picked up my pen to write i had no idea what to write about and i tink someone to me 'make the best out of whatever situation you find yourself' either its when you feel like kissing your dog or when you feel like staying under the covers, make the best of it, use it to your advantage and trust me you will feel so so good about it cos right now i feel good that i turned my BLOCKED situation to emmm....(i dont v the word o) i guess UNBLOCKED!

Oct 24, 2010

Day 18: Someone i wish i could be

MTN has really bin dulling me!! Am sori for the zillionth time....

Well there is no one i wish i could be like because this is MY story and as the day go by i am writing my own fairy tale, i really hope people would stop re-living other people's lives and start writing theirs...Its not too late you know!

Day 19: My view on gay marriage

What is gay Marriage?? This is the union between two individuals of the same sex in 'UNHOLY' matrimony...

Am gonna try not to get too spiritual here but there is no way we talk bout this and not refer to God's Commandment...

Some people say 'whats wrong with being attracted to people of the same sex' well here is your answer EVERYTHING!!!!

Lately i've had like 2 people tell me being a lesbian is cool but its gross being gay WTF abeg wats d difference??

This is absolulty wrong in all ramification Biblically, Morally, Physically gosh it even violates d law of magnetism ''unlike poles a attract and like poles repel'' am guessn this gay people did not pay attention in introductory technology class...

What make people 'turn' gay??
Yeah i said turn because am so sure God did not creat anyone gay...
i did not make any research before i wrote this bcos there should not be any justification for this ridiculous and shameful act

God commanded ''be fruitful and multiply'' and last i checked or rather anytime i would eva check guys dont impregnate guys so wats gonna happen to fruitfulness and multiplication?? If i hear u say adopt there you suppose chop slap!

I Hear some non-gay people say 'there is nufin bad about it, they are human and they are free to express their feeling' common shattap jor why can't you do it too?
One thing i want to tell anyone who knows a gay or lesbian is to do the person a HUGE favour and take the person to the nearest MOUNTAIN OF FIRE AND MIRACLES MINISTRY bcos all that person needs is some good old fashioned deliverance...

So marriage??? Thats the height of insanity...
I'm not judging the people that find themselves in this situation but i just suggest you get in touch with your soul, talk to your body, talk to a christian shrink and change your sexual orientation...enough said! I pray God helps us all...

Oct 22, 2010

day 17: Someone from my Childhood

Warning: This is probably gonna be the driest post ever cos where i am right now i did not get internet connection to use my phone to update all morning......

Honestly i don't have anything to write because today was not exactly a good day for me *too long story* you dont wanna know trust me... anyways i'm just updating nnow because i don't want to fail in my challenge, so am gonna highlight what i've bin doin lately/ what i've bin goin through

1. Trip to Ife...Trust me i needed it...
2. Got a new ASST. Boyfriend *don't ask*....i like him (if u r ma friend and u r intrested in knwin ask me...lol)
3. IT report.. its harder than au it sounds trust moi
4. Thinking hard about taking my writing seriously...It sounds like a really good idea, i've spoken to a couple   of pple
5. I saw a couple of old friends....gosh that felt so good..if i saw u this week..mmuuaaahhhh
6. I saw my 'FRIEND....It was so good to see you after wat seemed like forever..
7. Right now am chatting wif ma nu asst. bf and am feeling all mushy...bite me!
8. I Love myself and YOU
9. truthfully i dont actually have anything else to write....

Remember i warned you it waas gonna be boring so please don't blame me, lets Blame PMS today.....

Oct 21, 2010

Day 16: someone in Not in my state or Country/ Are promises really made to be broken???

So in my quest of makin this challenge intersting to read am changin todays topic....
Really why now? I ask myself but on a second thought why not! Let us just deal with this and move on with our lives as better and changed people don't you think?
Am so sure everybody at one point or another has had a promise broken..well like i always do i speak for myself.
I've had everyone in my life make a promise to me at some point and still break it on my head..ouchh!
Really why do people break promises, well i think its just bcos they dont know the defination of the word promise so am gonna help you, the dictionary meaning of promise is:
''-a sign of future success
-to say or give one's word
-to say or give one's assurance that one will or will not do something.''
When you say things like
'i will call you, i'll call you tomorrow, i'ld clean the mess up, i will always make you happy, i will always love you, i will love you for the rest of my life'
Well NEWS FLASH those are not just mere words they are PROMISES and they are not made to be broken...
what are the effects of breaking promises??
The one and most important effect is you the breaker would not be trustworthy and the breakee would be unhappy and would find it hard to trust people
I won't act all innocent like am not guilty of breaking promises i am! In short everyone is guilty, and am putting this as a reminder to remind myself that i have to remember not to break promises anymore because its improtant we all know the significance of the things that come out of our mouth and if that promise has mistakenly slipped out please endevour to follow it through and if you know you can't 'DONT SAY THE WORD'

Oct 20, 2010

Day 15: The person i miss the most

Today i'm half way through my challenge. I became lazy to update so i say ''Devil is a liar''... Well the truth be told i have been working on my IT report all day and its really not easy trust me...

So who did i miss the most actually i dont have a specific someone cos all day i have been searching my brain but all i know is that i miss all my bestfriends soo much i would love to hang out with them anytime soon...i love you guyz...

oK! am sensing that this thingy is getting boring so i would try my best to make it more interesting after....

P.S: I am trying to take my writing thing more seriously so i spoke to a few people today and am thinkin if things work out well by the grace of God you will be seeing my articles in places other than my blog hehehe....

Oct 19, 2010

Day 14: Someone from whom i've Drifted

Gosh i totally forgot i had to do this....

Ok! So who have i drifted from??? emm... Yeah my Laptop gosh i've so missed ma baby altho' she doesnt have a name but she is my baby, since i left school for my internship i've abandoned her and am sure she felt it... So baby this is my public apology to you since we still have a long way to go together, you would be with me through IT report, my lonely days, project proposal, project et all...and am sure you would not 'baje' on me...love you boo boo and i've missed ya loads...

Ps: i've really bin having alot of typos in ma posts lately i am sori and to y'all dt told me much love mhen....now i promise to proof read before i post....thanks...

Oct 18, 2010

Day 13: FICTIONAL bOok

Altho' i have not finished this book not to talk of the rest of the series..but the little i've read from this book...its breath taking...Really i wonder what goes on in the heads of writer like ted dekker...and to know that they 've not used 5% of their brains hmmm....what wld now happen if they were using it...enough said!
I just love this book....tho' its old but the series is a MUST read!

End of the Year Already????

This is past midnight and i can't sleep am just listening to the all the songs on me phone hmm...so what am i gonna do? I just pick up my diary and decide to go down memory lane wow its funny how time flies and its almost the end of the year wow so according to the records of my diary what have i achieved this year so far
1. New year one month fasting
2. Better grades...this is good
3. A broken relationship
4. Fabulous/ lonely single life
5. New lesson: Everything happens for a reason
6. Another lesson: people are in our lives for a reason..just figure it out..
7. Countless Fights with ma parents @ diff times
8. Plan to run away..i did not execute it
9. Lesson: God knows all wat we pass thru..its just to make u stronger don't give up!
10. I started my blog-one of d best decisions v made all year...
11. Lesson: follow your heart
12. Lost a friend...he did not die oo bt we just aint friends animore
13. Started planning for my charity- this is still in d pipeline i hope to do somthin before the end of the year God willing
14. I almost had another Boyfriend at some point
15. Planned the next 7years of my life already!
16. Tried getting closer to God...its working am glad
17. Made alot of new friends this year can't even count...
18. Lost a fone, lost another sim, bought anoda fone
19. Finished my Internship wif ma head up high..
so am gonna stop at 20 dnt wanna bore u...
20. Hanging out with older guyz hmm...am still single tho'
Ok! This is not all but really i myself am beginning to get bored with all of dt...anyways so ma question is what have YOU achieved this year so far???

Oct 17, 2010

Day 12: The person i hate/ the person that has caused me the most pain

I've Learnt not to hate people, so i don't hate anybody honestly.
I know people i've caused me pain well look through Day 7 all of those people in their own way ve caused me pain but am not sure who caused me the most pain...

oh! Yeah i remember my bicycle has caused me the most pain, in those days that was the period i had the injuries from learning and doing stunts with it hmm...since i stopped riding i've not gone to d clinic to complain for injuries...opps sori i was asked who not what ok!
k this is nt exactly my bicycle but it was kinda similar...lol

So i don't have a anyone that has caused me so much pain...cos i have a very forgiving spirit so i've forgiven everyone i guess!

Oct 16, 2010

Day 11:A deceased person whom i wish i could have talked to

This is quite easy and am grateful to God for not letting me be in the position where i lost anyone close to me to regret not talking to the person. So there is no one well except if i can put in Yaradua sha..cos really i hope to ,eet one president and since yaradua is dead then maybe he fits on here...

Oct 15, 2010

Day 10: Someone i don't talk to as much as i'ld like to...

So meet my friend-turned-not friends anymore..but for the records i still consider him ma friend, even if he does not know....so here is our little story...We met randomly on facebook yeah facebook! (there r actually good people there contrary to ur tinkin) we got talking and we found common grounds and really it was one of the best friendships i've ever had! Yeah its now 'had' cos we drifted apart as fast as we became close...lemmi blame distance well its nt a human being so it can talke d blame without complain....anyways i know the possibilities of us making up is second to none but i just want it to be in records that i appreciated the friendship while it lasted....Now there is no one 'flash' again and noone to yab me for flashin....i won't lie i miss our friendship...
He raps and he is a poet so check out his blog www.orefakorede.blogspot.com

Oct 14, 2010

Day 9: Someone i wish i could meet

Apologies cos i wont have pictures today, and sori this is coming late...anyways who would i love to met??emmm....plenrrryyy people scratch that plenrry celebrities...so am just gonna pick my top 5...
Am really thinking hard for this one oo cos i dont even know who my best celebrity is but lets go sha..am gonna be doing it the naija style

1. Joke silver- gosh she is so talented and really intelligent

2. Lagbaja - ma curiousity wants to knw wats behind rather who is behind the mask...btw i love his style of music

3. Chris oyakilome - i dont attend christ embassy but i just love listening to him preach

4. Joseph Benjamin - yeah! Dt project fame presenter...i dnt knw why he is here but i knw i wanna meet him maybe cos he is cute emm nd d way he lips curves wen he speaks hmm enuf said...
5. Osa Seven - ok! U might not know him but i do! i chat wif this guy alot kinda, funny thing i dont even know au it all started and am not even sure i have his real name..i just know am ready to meet him, ready for our 'first time'....
Dear MI, Tuface, Wizkid, etc i know you probably wanted to be on my list but am sori i aint feeling you again btw tuface am not really ready to have a baby....#okbye

Read this...


by Tari Ekiyor

My fellow Africans, I write this day to bring to your attention, a case of gross injustice, deception and disregard being committed against the entire nation of Africa, particularly her children.

Zain (now Bharti Airtel) and MTV Networks Africa, are the perpetrators of this bizarre crime against the collective African identity.

"Giving Africa a Voice"

This statement is the slogan attached to the MTV Africa Music Awards, sponsored by Bharti Airtel. The MTV Music Awards is MTV's signature continent specific Annual music Awards event which is held annually in celebration of musical achievement around the world.

The MTV platform is very well recognized globally, and Africa was proud when in 2008, the first ever MAMA's was held in Abuja, Nigeria. Zain has been the official sponsor since then, and still remains the official sponsor now as Bharti Airtel.

The establishment of the MAMA's is a great opportunity for the achievement of African Artistes to be celebrated on a global stage, and a number of artistes including Kenya's Nameless and Nigeria's M.I. have won the coveted award in different categories.

Fantastic as the opportunity created by the MAMA's is for African music, the claim they are making through the slogan is absurd and a slap on the face of an entire continent. How can a platform which was established in 2008 claim to have given VOICE to a continent which over the centuries has been distinctly heard through great men and women who have been her voice within her borders and beyond.

Maryam Makeba, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, Daddy Showkey, Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe and even the great Nelson Mandela are all celebrated African voices. Not even mentioning those people I have never heard about who have been voices for Africa in their respective life endeavors. Were all these people given their voices by the MAMA's?

The Voice of an individual goes beyond the audible expression we hear in music, poetry or in everyday communication. Your 'Voice' is who you are. It is that unique expression of your passion, your beliefs and your values.

It is what distinguishes you from everybody else. It is what you stand for and what you represent.

Your 'Voice' is your unique identity as a human being.

It is also possible to have a collective voice as a nation, institution or a family. Corporate bodies have voices. Bharti Airtel has a voice, and so does MTV.

It is worthy of note that the MTV Awards platforms in other continents of the world do not have such a claim attached to it. Why can they get away with this open deception and patronizing statement, only here in Africa?

As a Volunteer Teacher in a public secondary school in Lagos, I was blessed to be acquainted with the most delightful set of children I have ever known. I taught Literature to students in SS1-SS3, placing them between the ages 14-17.

However, it was also a very challenging experience in terms of getting them to find and express their own opinions and ideas about themselves, their environment and the world at large. You might ask why that was so difficult for these kids, and I'll tell you:

They have been made to believe they have no VOICE.

The 'giving Africa a voice' slogan of the MAMA's ignites fire to the coal of identity dysfunction present within our collective African youth.

The endorsement of such an absurd statement by a trusted Tele-Communications Brand, is one of those 'Only in Nigeria' occurrences. Zain/Bharti Airtel primarily targets the youth sector of our population with their products.

One of the claims Zain makes in her Corporate Social Responsibility Mission Statement, is 'To produce a positive impact on society and our stakeholders, now and in the future'

Everyone knows that the youth are the prime stakeholders for the future of every nation, so by endorsing the MAMA's slogan, Zain/Bharti Airtel has failed tragically in her CSR Mission.

On the 17th of August, 2010, I published an article on my Blog, TARIERE, titled 'MTV Africa Music Awards: the Little White Lie' which raised the alarm on the lie being propagated by these corporate giants.

My readers were enlightened, and reacted with the expected angst and disappointment at the level of Corporate Irresponsibility. We went further to write an online Petition asking MTV Networks Africa and Zain to change the slogan and take responsibility for the damage caused to the psyche of African youths, by creating new Content which will bring a re-orientation to the minds of their young audience.

The Petition currently bears the signatures of young Africans both at home and in the Diaspora and more are still supporting the cause by signing.

On the 2nd September, 2010, we sent letters to key officers within Zain/Bharti Airtel and MTV Networks Africa, explaining the implication of the slogan on society and politely asking them to do the right thing by changing it. We also informed them about the Petition.

We have received no response to our letter till this day, even though we have acknowledgement of their receipt.

Therefore, we have brought this case to the court of Public Opinion, raising our voices against the injustices being perpetrated by these powerful giants who claim to have given us the voices in the first place.

Thus I come to you, asking you to consider this matter in your wisdom and fairness. Please analyze all sides to it and pass your fair judgment. Raise your voice in deciding this matter and let your opinion about it be heard.

All we ask is this one thing: Bharti Airtel and MTV Networks Africa please do the right thing: Change the Slogan.

It is your Corporate Social Responsibility.

Tari's blog is www.tariere.blogspot.com

Oct 13, 2010

Day 8:Fav Internet Friend

So i don't have a human internet friend, people i've warned me not to have those but i have one 'friend' its a website and its www.360nobs.com this place is just like a mini mordern village, you have everything on there so imma make you find out for urself yeap get familiar so am gonna consider myself 360 certified!

Oct 12, 2010


SO am going to officially close all my tabs that i've been open since the beginning of my IT... things that made ma loggin on to the internet worth while big brother, 360nobs, facebook, twitter..so this is my dramatic exit from opera!

Its now officially Ex-TechnologyIntern

So am finishing my internship today....12/10/10...really am so glad i worked here i couldnt ask for a better place well except for the Ikorodu traffic hmmm.. lemmi say i had a blast...ook scratch that not exactly a blast cuz i wasnt really able to be the 'talkative' that i am cos of the older people around me..

In my appreciation to timbuktu media(thats the name of the publishing firm) for this experience am going to do free advert, i knw they dont know this but it wat i wanna do!!!

The newspaper is NEXT so incase you've not heard of it now you know, so y'll that read my blog buy Next Newspaper too its just -N-150 and NeXTonSUndaY -N-200, now we also do News Alerts and its -N-100 per month just text 'Start news' from an MTN line to 33234...and you get breaking news as it happens, check out the website www.234next.com, be a fan on facebook ( http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lagos/234NEXTcom/114689570833?ref=search ), follow us on twitter @234next anything just do one at least..doing all to is allowed ooo..

So when next you are at a newspaper stand ask for NEXT cos You are NEXT! ok! i tink dt just came from ma head and its totally crappy, anyways bottom line just buy the newspaper jawe...Thanks...

Am including a picture of my ID card cos it has to be returned and i really wanted it...i had to crop the head out cos it was not so nice...

technology intern

Day 7: My Ex-Boyfriend...

I know these people would probably kill me after this so if you don't get any update from me after this post please write on ma wall so ma family can see it oo making an alarm to arrest all these people...dnt worry ma mum and dad are on facebook! 
anthony hmm...finest boy! i tripped THEN!!!!!
Feyi...First relationship 

Seun...*no comments*

really now i really cannot believe that i've officially dated just 3 people gosh it feels like 20 hmm....i tink av done alot of unofficial runss oo chai***smh*** 

P.S: I think because of my forgetful nature i might i've forgotten if i actually dated you so please feel free to include your name if you are left out.

Oct 11, 2010

Day 6: A stranger

I've been thinking hard to look for the stranger that i know and hmm....blank! But during this internship i've met stranger dat i've acted nicely to, given my number to, talked to....ok now i remember 2 strangers

one particular girl on my way from unilag to ketu she just asked me the destination and we started talking funny enough her name was also 'tomi' she schools in ghana its too bad i don't have her picture or even her facebook name.....
this is peju well minus the omarion sha...

Thanks to twitter i met 'peju' she just randomly followed me and i sent ha a dm tryin to find out of she knew me from anywhere, we exchanged a couple of dms tryin to know ourselves sha, then i asked for her facebook name, when i checked we had like 5 or 6 friends in common of which they went to mayflower, so i asked her if she went to mayflower then she said she know one 'sope' dt went to mayflower then i really knew the world is really small cos sope is my bestie, the whole thing just became better...so now peju is ma stranger-friend oo...and she is a really crazy girl, wif mad-ass thoughts...i could totally relate wif ha!

Oct 10, 2010

Day 5: My Dreams...

just like everyone i do have a dream!
I have a dream that this country would be great oh! Scratch that...this is not about this country this is about me...
I used to have the fairy tale kinda dreams(i blame too much disney cartoons) when i was young till i realised while growing up that fairy tales don't just grow on trees and u go pluck one for yourself, you make them for yourself and see it through...
So this is my fairy tale....
I want to overcome ma stage fright
I also want to do somthing with picture..mayb model ma lips hmm...dt sounds good..
I want to own an orphange/school...
I want to still do something about my dancing
I want to get married ofcourse to a MAN..not a BOY!
When i get married i wanna adopt a child
I wanna have 3 or 4 kids + ma adopted child..
I Must have a white and black car..
I wanna live anywhere in the world well except afaghanistan, pakistan, u knw d rest..
These are the things that i've written over the years and i hope God would help make me live ma fairy tale IJN (amen)...

Oct 9, 2010

Day 4: My Siblings

I have 3siblings, and am the 3rd of 4 girls...
Am gonna just make this simple so honestly there is so much to be said about my wonderful sisters....
they are the bestest sisters anyone could ever ask for asides from the fact that they are not snitches (the ones that would tell mumsi or pupsi about all ur runss), they would always talk about things going in our lives like a round table conference and if there are things we cannot say we write it yh we do...you might call this childish but dis is just our way of not losing the connection we had, cos lets face it at some point there would be a distance trust me and i tink we've gotten to that point at one time...
so dearest sisters if you are reading this, i really appreciate all the love we have towards each other and most importantly d love you show me, i know i can be rude and be a pain in the neck cos i disturb u guyz alot(but i know you love me disturbing sha) look past all my shortcomming and continue to be there for me like u've always been...i love you guyz loadsssss and asides God there is nothing i would do without you..
Remember united we stand divided we fall...
P.S: @dammytee (dts one of ma sis twitter handle) am not as wierd as you think.
@mtowbad you really nid to start school quick so you can get ur apartment so i can come claim ma space...hehe nd we still totally nid d@ beach outin in our lives kk?
@toyo: i know you always feel rejected and all d crazy stuff in ur head(where do u gt d idea from anyways) but contrary to wat you think we love you and you are in our minds trust me its just that you are still too young to be let in on our conversations plus you like askin tooooo many questions..we love you sha..
Thats it about ma siblings...kip it a date with ma challenge...we doing it the bloggers style...

Oct 8, 2010

Did he just pee???

So this guy picked me up after work yesterday then we got to a point where we where waitin for the traffic light then he started telling me he had to pee, but there was no way he cld get down admist d traffic...he just kept lamenting and makin funny sounds that he was so pressed..as soon as there was the green light he just tried his best to get out of the traffic so fast but the next thing i hear is 'i can't hold it anymore' then there was silence...
please those of you that know me don't ask me who The person is o cos i wont ans..so dear mr. Who picked me up after work yesterday ur secret is safe with me i just couldnt but share this....

Day 3: My parents

Obviously my parents are engr and mrs akibo who ever they are...k! jst kiddin Scratch that lets do this again...
My parents are engr and mrs akibo, they are the modern day 'old skul' altho' thanks to their 4 'soji' girls that are stepping them up, fashion wise, latest technology et all, well there is not so much to say bout them is there?
All i knw is ma dad is a good man altho' he is not the 'perfect' father btw does dt even exist??, but he still tries his best to make sure we don't lack anything good and i appreciate him like so very much...i pray God would continue to uphold him...
Ma mum was the wicked one when we were growing up 'iron lady' but all of a sudden became rubber and ma dad took over...but ma mum one thing peculiar to her amidst all her good qualities is her 'shout' she can shout down aso rock hmm...but she is ma twin sis and i love her to death..

Daddy if u ever get to read this (which i doubt so much since u call me up anytime u nid to use ur laptop or d internet) i know we are constantly at each others throat and you think am a no good daughter but i totally understand if you think so, cos i THINK i've gotten over my thinkin that you just hate me for reasons best known to you but i love so much..i couldnt v asked for a better father...or would i?
Mummy whenever you get to read this pls dont show daddy oo cos i know you have a better chance of seeing this, anyways i know we constantly fight and at times sef dnt tlk to eachoda under d same roof but d part i always like is how we kiss and makeup...i know i cn be very stubborn and nd disobedient but trust me am working on it...i love you ma nw i really couldnt ask for a better mother...*in the razzest modakeke yoruba* mooomiiii...!

Oct 7, 2010

Day 2: My Crush

This is simple i wasn't crushing on anyone till Tuesday...when i saw this picture of this hottie donno who or where he is on dis planet, so this is anoda public plea if you are reading this and you know him pls hook me up wif anything facebook name, twitter handle, email add, phone number, address, anything plssss....ok am done..

But seriously here are the pictures of pple v had a crush trust me they are more than this but these are the ones i can lay ma hand on...

we have a crush rite now..xxx i knw u wld c this 

secondary school crush

secondary school crush

secondary sch crush (cant believe i actually crushed on dis guy)

this one is ma love ooo

university crush..d only crush i had d guts to tell..

secondary school crush

primary school crush
 i had to look through facebook to c who i was missing...but there are two pple that i could not put their picture here because they v girlfriends that know me, i knw want kondo on ma head...

so if ur pic is not here and u probably had d illusion dt i crushed on u at a time u r 'jonzed' 

Oct 6, 2010

Day 1: My BestFriend - sss

 This is a very difficult  question in the sense that i v like a zillion bestfriends...so since i went to different secondary schools i v bestfriends from everyone of ma schls so here we go... 



One of ma childhood bestfriends is 'faith' crazy wakabout girl..we've gone way back from jumping tables durin breaktime in primary sch hmm...lookin bk nw, i js cant help but smile...i knw she loves me she just use to form...lol... Then there is uju that has been my friend from the womb and she taught me how to eat sand (if u are reading this you know u did i v pic proof..lol), altho' distance and time has come between us but the friendship is still there oh did i mention am older by like 4days..hehehe so much for womb friends....

Tosin ajayi, Elzom we were bestfriends for a while so i guess that counts...as much as i miss those days we were friends i know we can't go back cos everybody done dey form na wah oo...

Then i have Deyo adedoyin, i love this girl to death am sure she does not know how much she contributed to my life and am sure she loves me cos if not she wouldnt v taught all w@ she taught me...and we used to fight alot i remember and we wld not talk for a while then we kiss and make up, she would protect me from uglt boys hehehe, she stood by me wen there was no one...deyo am glad u are part of ma life o, and i really wish we are as close as we used to be then...am still ur bestie oo...btw deyo taught au to wash ma cloths clean...




Then there is sope oduwole now he is not supposed to b on this list cos he is now considered a  brother rather than a best friend one thing i like about him is d fact that he helps me to talk and say ma mind and doesnt judge me when advisin me..i love you much....i have debbie, ene, tochi...bestest girls these people helpd me discover ma crawziness....ene you especially crazy girl, they all v thei uniqueness and i love em all...






Then i have yinka oshin, tomi ojelade, nasty adepoju, ene jombai, olaitan adesina, akinsola idowu,  tola yekini, grace oladokun....i love this girls for real, they may not know it oo....

My newest bestfriend is ma cousin luke, ma twin brother, we've bin cousin like forever et all but recently we've got talking and really seen a different side to d side i knew all this while and its really cool i must say...

Phew...so am done, really i neva knew that i had this much peeps as best friends and u guys don't call me???oya berra pick up ur fone na na na and call me..lol...i love u guyz so much plz kip being ma bffs xoxoxx...

P:S: am not sure if i mentioned all my besties o, so if u r not listed you've not bin keepin in touch... 

Blog Challenge

Am going to be answering questions from the challenge that i copied from a fellow blogger (http://adorableashgold.blogspot.com)for the next 30 days i hope i can c it through sha... watch this space...

Here are the things am going to be writing about..

Day 1 - Your best friend
Day 2 - Your crush
Day 3 - Your parents
Day 4 - Your sibling (or closest relative)
Day 5 - Your dreams
Day 6 - A stranger
Day 7 - Your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush
Day 8 - Your favorite internet friend
Day 9 - Someone you wish you could meet
Day 10 - Someone you don't talk to as much as you would like
Day 11 - A deceased person with whom you wish you could talk
Day 12 - The person you hate/the person that caused you the most pain
Day 13 - A fictional book
Day 14 - Someone from whom you have drifted
Day 15 - The person you miss the most
Day 16 - Someone that is not in your state or country
Day 17 - Someone from your childhood
Day 18 - The person that you wish you could be
Day 19 - Someone that pesters your mind - good or bad
Day 20 - The one that broke your heart the hardest
Day 21 - Someone you judged by their first impression
Day 22 - Someone to whom you want to give a second chance
Day 23 - The last person you kissed
Day 24 - The person that gave you your favorite memory
Day 25 - The person you know that is going through the worst of times
Day 26 - The last person to who you made a pinky promise
Day 27 - The friendliest person you knew for only one day

this should be fun am looking foward shaa...

Oct 4, 2010

VIRGIN: to be or not to be?????

Disclaimer: this post is not to judge anyone am just trying to voice out my mind…and am not gonna talk about myself and the use of the word ‘curse' doesn’t mean an actual curse its just a figure of speech…

I thought about writing this cuz I have friends that are virgins and I’ve heard their different stories at different times….

In this day and age that we are in, the people make it seem like being a virgin is a curse that’s what brought about my status update (click to read comments) on facebook on Friday cuz I wanted to know what my friends thought…and really I was shocked to think that majority of the people that commented were of the opinion that it is a blessing..(am not disputing the fact).

But contrary to what people say, they act differently cuz i’ve had friends who have lost good relationships just because they won’t introduce sex and recently I saw a tweet (click to c the tweet) by a GIRL (exschoolnerd) that said ‘if u r not ready to v sex dnt go into a r.shp’ so my question is why do people say and believe one thing and then act differently?? Oh ok! I v an answer ‘the devil’ so what should virgins do? Why can’t they have decent relationships?

Between there was someone that had the comment about being at a wedding and there was no virgin to call usher in the bride when the pastor called for one…in my opinion in that congregation am sure there was at LEAST a virgin but because this generation has made it look like a curse…so who is the virgin that wants to stand up ehen? I know you wouldn’t would you?

So this is my very own conclusion, virginity is a great blessing that attracts more blessing (just like someone put it) but this generation makes it feel like a curse so am gonna throw a challenge to us all,

Let us not conform to the world and temptation...
Lets be what we say and believe in, even behind closed doors…

Independently Independent...Naija @ 50

Happy Independence Nigeria. I'm being really optimistic about this country from hence forth...
the work load of the country is with you and i..
Lets join hand to make Nigeria great..

Vote wisely!!!
God bless Nigeria and its people

Sep 27, 2010

i walked 'the' walk (litrally) 23 sept

So today is a very memorable day well after this thunderous rain that fell in ojota, ketu, ikorodu and probably everywhere else,

So i had to go to computer village after work to get a memory card, getting the mem card was not the problem everythin dt happened afterwards was d problem...1st of all gettin a bus to ojota from ikeja was like getting an admission into unilag...do i v a choice i'ld wait till ma turn, i finally gt admission nd d rubbish transporter takes us thru this traffic infested route then after he notices his mistake he starts screaming 'i go fu*# up y i con pass this road'...really the remedy to their(nigerian bus drivers) predicament is under mount everest mshewww

Before i even got to ojota dz rain started oo in full force i just knew dt itz either i pay 500 to ikorodu or am so sleeping under the rain unfortunaty there was no even bus to even start lookin for who to pay the 500 bucks to, so now am under the rain and drippin even with ma useless umbrella...this is one of the times i wished i had a boyfriend to comfort me...so instead of moppin, wishin for a bf and watchin d agbero boyz fightin under d rain, i decide to walk to ketu cuz i knew standing there was useless...

This is d 2nd time i wld walk to ketu d first was jst out of curiousity bt today's was a necessity and even worse i had to do it without ma sandals..but funni enuf for some reason it was fun walking the streets of lasgidi barefooted..nw dts nt easy to come by..so i v stories of 'when i walked the streets of lagos' to tell ma children yeah! finally i gt to ketu unharmed and unbruise but drippin like no man's biz i get a BRT life saver yeah indeed!!!

Bare feet on d street of lag! I am going to stop here but i got home at 11.00pm and crashed like never before with ‘Am so not going to work tomorrow’ on my mind!

Sep 21, 2010

….I Wonder….

Sometime I wonder…
Many times I wonder…
I wonder about many things
I wonder what adam looked like
I wonder why the devil tempted eve
I wonder why eve gave into the temptation
I wonder what exactly goes on in the human body
I wonder how the brain works
I wonder why people are so wicked
I wonder why people are so good
I wonder what the end of the world would look like
I wonder what heaven would look like
I don't wonder what hell looks like
I wonder why there is so much work to be done to get into heaven
I wonder why there is so little to be done to get to hell
I wonder how long eternity would be
I wonder what happens when we sleep
I wonder what I've done to deserve God's blessings
…I wonder…
But sometimes its better not to wonder then again I still wonder..
Don't you??
My conclusion: God is Awesome!!!!