... At the foot of the Hill [Psalm 121]

Aug 28, 2014

#ThankfulThursday: Beyond measure or what?

 Hello Everyone,

How has your week been so far?

Please tell me today is Thursday? I don't know why it doesn't feel like that or is it Just me? 
You know that place you get to in your life-walk where you have no clue what to do? where to go? what next will/should happen? No direction? No instruction? 

Yes, I am there. I am not exactly in a Thankful mode that is the more reason I need to take my eyes off myself and BE THANKFUL.

So, Here are the things I am thankful for this week. 

1. Tosin; She was over for most of the week and I am grateful to find someone to tickle and disturb and we can lament about our inability to cook something at home (Thanks to me), eat cake and talk together. 
 2. This Book; I have been reading this book for over 2 months and just finished it this week, I took my time to read it and pray the prayers in there well. No, I'm not a wife - Yet - but you have to be a praying wife before you become the praying wife right?? (I need to stop talking about husband, wife, marriage somethings -__-)

3. Meeeeee: I am thankful for me and the woman God is moulding me to be! Chai! I have grown. Emi gaan mo mo (Me sef, I know) I just see myself handing somethings that I would've handled wrongly if it happened 2-3 years ago and my growing confidence is God despite what I see? Oh wow! Its amazing! 

4. Journals and scrap booking: I'm a journal lover... Oh!! *whistles* I have plenty #Unashamed too, There's this thin line between my love and addiction, I know I won't cross that line. Got a new one recently and I want to use it for a scrap book, I just need many scrap things. If you're into all the DIY scraping thing can you give suggestions? #ShySmile Or maybe pinterest? 

5. Growing friendship with Deji; I love how this friendship is challenging me to be better and do better. Nothing like it honestly! I'm glad :)

6. HAiirrr and trying new things: Yep! Another excuse to post another picture of me #VainMoment. I wore a huge earring for the first time in over 2 years. I loved the look, but I don't think I will be wearing for a long time, Its back to my ''full stop'' but being open enough to even try it sef, giving myself some credit :)

 7. To-do lists that actually get done :) I have been crossing out alot of things on my to-do list! Ah! God be praised.

8. Sope; I know Gods working something amazing for my darling and I am grateful for him.! #CantWait!

Yep! Thats it. So, over to you. 

What are you thankful for? 

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Aug 26, 2014

Dear Future Husband

Hello Everyone,

How has your week been? So, randomly when i'm looking for something around my room I find old journals. This weekend, I found an old prayer journal and found this written at the back and sometimes I wonder the things that was going through my mind at the time. Anyways, Too much talk. Enjoy!

*Face palm*


Dear Future husband,

I envy you alot because you are getting the best deal from God as a wife at the same time, I dont because sometimes, I cant live with myself I wonder how you will be able to cope inm those times. Gods grace is sufficient right?
No Pressure -__-

Why do I find myself thinking about you lately? Do I know you yet? or will you just  show up and everything will fall into place?
Know I Love you already! And I pray for you - alot.
I told God that I wanted to look at my side everyday for the rest of my life and go ¨Thank you, I got more than I asked¨ Like I would know I don’t deserve you but he blessed me anyways, you know just like Gods grace… 

So Yes, I envy me for the super-awesome person you are or God is moulding you to be.

But, please, be quick. Can’t wait to shower this plenty love on you.


Your wife in waiting,

The Best deal in God's Vineyard

Are you like me and you've had conversation about your future husband to God? Care to share? I want to listen

Have you come to an end of yourself? Have you come to a point where nothing else seems to be working out and you've tried all you could? Click to meet GRACE

Aug 25, 2014

No shades of grey

As a church community we read the new testament in 35 days as a challenge. Among many other things I was learning in Church what stood out for me was that there was no second guessing with God.

His way is clear.
His word is true.
and He is not an author of confusion.

Someone wrote recently on twitter ¨It is quite surprising that two Christians from one source (Jesus) argue over one Bible, due to different doctrines *sigh*” - @Ifeolunu

One of the things that became clear to me after this challenge, I sure had no desire to sit and ‘argue’ theology as I used to nor did I have any desire to idly talk about what someone thought about what this or that passage of scripture meant.

Like I mentioned earlier, the Word of God is clear! Black and white and in the words of Frank donga ¨No dilly dallying or meri go randing¨ Its on point.
Anything that is hidden, is hidden. What's revealed is revealed.

We often insert our shades of grey and taking words of context like the awkward moment when you realise that Jesus is not the rock when you put Matt 7:24-27 in context.

Shades of grey are man-made - whether one or 50 -_- *Pun Intended*

'Black and white' is God-made
He is not the author of confusion.
Read your Bible in context.

One of the best things that happened in my walk with God this year was reading the new testament from Matthew to Revelation chronologically

It was simply amazing, one that I will do again, again and again. I want to challenge you to prayerfully drop your Biblical ‘Shades of grey’ (If you are reading that book, really drop it) and pick Gods Word.

If you want the plan I used to be on track for 35 days and also want some level of accountability, kindly let me know and I will Email it to you.

Have a great week ahead!

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Aug 21, 2014

#ThankfulThursday: Life lately

Has this month been fast or what? Welcome to August(as its just a new month at the foot of the hill x_x) I do not want to agree that I have been lethargic about this blog, I blame the rain - we have to blame something. Honestly, I wish I had a good excuse for 'ignoring' this space but I don't. Its really just hard to get back into the blogging grind, but gradually I will get back there. So, Welcome!!

What am I thankful for this week?

- Prayers of the heart that God answers; You know those ones that comes from your private conversation with God and you can't even say out because it either doesn't make sense or looks unrealistic. The amazing thing is, God listens. I will not call myself a ghen-ghen-spirikoko-always-on-point-sombori but I see God pay attention to the details of the things I say in our private times and bring those desires to life. Its simply awesome!

- Journals; I can get very forgetful and I don't remember alot of details that I even forget to write down my thoughts most of the time but when I do and re-read I am shocked at the things that go through my mind. I am grateful for my mind, memories made and ability to put them into writing.

- Friends that are happy when you are; I always say ¨The Lord knows how to make me happy when he makes my friends happy¨ but its also comforting to know that its also the other way around. Ayomiku, Kovie and Kunle top the list this week. Specially grateful for the friends that social media brought my way! Treasure, I tell you.

- Plans and to-do lists: I am one of those people that feel chaotically organized until I write down a to-do list and this week, Ive had the strength to check everything on my to-do list, its like auto-cruise. Chai, God is good! Finally feel like I can do all things :)

- Masai Blanket; In the absence of my duvet, I have been using my spare bedsheet to cover myself in this cold times (ez nor an easy something) which mostly never does the job. My souperstar gave me a blanket this week and the cold cannor hold me back again. Halleluyah somebori? I just wish I could carry it to work. Im asking for too much, I know.

Thats the tip of the blanket. Lovely colour pattern too :) 
Peace; The Bible says ¨The peace that passeth ALL understanding¨ AHa! I never understood till it became evident in Feb/March and since then Ive always prayed/searched within for that peace in everything i need to do or any decision I need to make. Oh! God's peace. I pray you experience it in ways you've never in Jesus name. 

Giant leaps of faith; I have exciting news coming up soon! before the end of the year. Cant wait. 

Church Community; Joined HCCC during the first quarter of the year and I have experienced a serious shift in paradigm, growth in my walk with God, growth in a knowledge of his word and who HE is and most importantly a sense of purpose, met and watch people live out the life of Christ like I've never seen before. Its an amazing journey.  Started the journey to become an official member of the church and I couldnt be more happier about it. 

Growing Afro; Yes! Can't wait for my hair to be longer. :)

- Skies and sunrises; The rain has been going on non stop -___- I don't gerrit. But once I see the sunrise, my heart leaps and I bring out my phone and click away!

Love this view!! 
#DailyExhortations; Daily exhortations is growing! Yaaay! Whats daily exhortations about? I share a Bible verses as a bbm BC every morning to my contacts and on whatsapp and facebook... But, we are working on an Android App that is almost ready! Yaaay!! I opend an Instagram page too @dailyexhortations http://instagram.com/dailyexhortations Please, Follow us! :)

So, Over to you. What are you Thankful for? :)

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