... At the foot of the Hill [Psalm 121]

Jul 31, 2014

... Of gratitude, Birthdays and coming out

...From under the rock -_-

Disclaimer: This post is filled with pictures :) and the word "Amazing" will be overused 

I've been MIA on purpose. I NEEDED a break. The original plan was to to just go somewhere for a week (As my budget allowed) and just get away from everything without internet and just have fun, evaluate my life and come back to reality but... Nothing went as planned except the scheduled time I took off work.

I resumed today.
This is also going to be a random post, very random.

My Twin brother is around and was waiting for my vacation to come to Lagos and he did! Oh, I have a twin brother :) The Luke of my Lukina :)

Power twins :) 
My Birthday was on Saturday, 26th, I turned 24. (Mans are getting old x_x)

This was the morning of my Birthday, I bought the dress a while ago and locked it in a nylon (because I couldn't afford a stain on it) but during the wait, between when I bought it and my birthday I took out the dress and wore it, it fit me sooo well... Couldn't resist. In those times I must have stained it and on that morning I brought the dress out from its 'secured' place and there were stains on it, imagine the horror... contemplated not wearing it again... another horror, then another option was wash the stained part and wait for it to dry because I wasn't scheduled to go out till like 2 pm... I went with the wash option. Hung it in the centre of the room where the ceiling fan is supposed to be, don't ask how my hands reached there -_- Luke was just laughing his head off while I was at it. 

You guessed right, The dress didn't dry dry but nothing body heat couldn't fix ;) Don't lie you've done it before. 
My half dried dress 
By the time we finished taking pictures my lovely brother knew he would comment and say 

"You can't go out like this or go to a mans house like this, there will be no room for the holy spirit"    -________- 

I decided to change quickly and head out, I got to my friends place and apparently he had planned to take pictures of me, I had no clue. I would've brought a make-up purse or mentally prepared to be standing in front of the camera but He is an amazing photographer and good looking, it was very easy to smile back at him, I had no need to worry ;) Here are some of the images we got;

In my mind "Hope I don't look ridiculous in this pose" 

My Fav! 

Girls gotta make a funny face

I look like a minion

I promise you, I wasn't bored

Executive somebori!

Shying Thinz 

"Give me any pose"and this is the best I could come up with x_x 

Ps: I am still receiving birthday gifts ;)

For more reasons than one, This was my Best Birthday! And when Tomiwa asked me to say 24 things I am grateful for and I started cracking my head at about number 10, I realised I had categorised all the little blessings into ''Family" "Life" "Love" Then I realised that I needed to count them one after another, Its the little things that summed this up to be my best birthday :) and since its #ThankFulThursday! let me go ahead with it, 24 things I am grateful for in the last year although this is not exactly what i told him but at the end of the day, it sums up to this;

1. Family (Dad, mum, Sisters)
2. Luke
3. Following through with decisions made
4. The ones that left
5. Sope
6. Kovie
7. The Bible
8. Understanding of the word
9. Church community
10. Plans that didn't work out
11. Growth
12. Friends (Lamide, Tomiwa, Ayomiku, Sammy, Ibukun, Tinu, Adeoti, Esther)
13. Toyosi
14. Peace
15. Leading of the Holy Spirit
16. Personal Space
17. Gospel of Jesus
18. Privilege to be used by God
19. Deji
20. Love in my heart
21. Provision
22. Coffee -_-
23. Being able to write what people can relate with
24. YOU!!!!!

I am thinking of changing up a few things on this space so I can be more consistent. Yes, take this as my welcome back note :)

Speaking of Birthdays, Its Kovie's today! A truly Amazing woman, Gotta Love her :) God bless you darl :*

Now, life has pretty much gone back to what it used to be like except for a few changes which I am excited about and my heart is full, very grateful for the HUGE blessings disguised as ''little things"

Can you see the resemblance? 
From Luke and Lukina: Cheers to July and Lets have an A-amazing August!

God Bless you!

What are you grateful for? Share with us

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Jul 15, 2014

I really thought I heard God this time

I thought I heard God...

I thought he led me to make the decision?

I thought he led me to walk in this path?

I wrote down this title a day before I had a reason to write it out

If I heard him direct me why are things not working out? These were one of my thoughts when I decided to cut my hair last year

Nothing has gone as planned in the last 2 months. By May 2014, I knew exactly where I would be at the end of the year and mentally gotten myself ready why?

I thought I heard God...

And I did.

I mapped out my life accordingly, took the necessary leaps of faith but I landed right in the pit. This is not to analyse what I hear or question its authenticity because I was very sure I was led to this point.

But here I am, July 2014 Nothing gone has planned and really NOTHING to show for it.

I really thought I heard God...

I was quick to equate obedience of the said instructions to success of MY plans. I forgot I don't belong to myself and God has his own plans. Like every other time I seek counsel, I ran to the WORD.

I've been reading the Book of Genesis since last week and its filled with alot of ''I thought I heard God moments"
My perfect example is Joseph. God had birth the dream but the next phases of his life said nothing about where he will end up. Abraham's ''I thought I heard God" moment didn't also end like he thought it will.

Gods standard for following an instruction and it being a success is not what the world will define as success today. I have come to understand that because I heard God doesn't mean I will automatically measure up to the worlds standard of success.

Because I heard God is the exact recipe for following due process. God is a God of process and will form, mould and ultimately use us for his glory.

Because I heard God (no matter what it looks like) and followed his leading, in that I should take comfort, He never leaves and is is ever present in our present and most assuredly in our future.

Gods reality in NOT according to the worlds system, He follows process and he is in the process with us every step of the way. If you're like me and although you know God led you to a point but everything seems to be falling apart like a pack of cards, do not be anxious or be discouraged. Take comfort in the fact that you are exactly where he wants you to be. He is in your process and his purpose for your being wherever you are will be fulfilled.

Don't be discouraged. Only Trust wholly!!

Have a blessed Tuesday! :)

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Jul 10, 2014

#ThankfulThursdays: My unsung Heros

Hello Everyone,

Its ThankfulThursday! Whoop. I'm going to do something rather different today. On a faithful day, I sat back and thought through the process of my life, what it had taken me to get to where I was today. There are people that their names are on the forefront that will readily spill out of my mouth when i'm asked... My Dad, My Mum, My sisters, Mosope, Debo... I also noticed at different points/phases there were people that although didn't know what they did at the time but were placed strategically at those times to help me move forward or be a catalyst of change for me and prepare me for who God wants me to be.

Today, I am thankful for my unsung Heroes.

1. Grandma - I called her ''Mama" I wrote about her here  She took care of my from when I was a baby (My mum was shuttling school and home) and she died when I was 11. She fell really ill that year and I was taking care of her, watching her use her walker, cleaning up after her, bathing for her, feeding her all before I carried my bags and went to school. Although some of those times I grumbled before I did it, but the time taught me things I couldn't learn in the four walls of a school. I learnt to be responsible and to love through the ''mess''. After she died, I don't think anyone understood why the small grandchild was crying at the loss of her grandmother, she is no more but the lessons remain! Sun re o! Marian Olayoonu Ayoka Olojede!

Burial Invitation
I was always a tiny kid and going into my 2nd secondary school a "Spoilt Lagos Child" I got bullied, then I met Deyosola. She became my bestfriend with alot of drama and she also became the only one that had licence to 'bully' me, unlike me, she was alot bigger for our age and class and she stood up for me. Her bullying class involved her teaching me to wash myself, having a better  walking posture and standing up for myself; Safe to say, I got to mayflower a sharp mouthed "Can't touch this" girl.

 Tobiloba: Getting into the university without so much family support (I don't mean school fees). She would make time out, leave her school and come to check, console, Advice, support and bring her shoulder when i cried, It mean the world to me.
Bottom Right!

Joseph Ewumi: I had no clue about how the university system worked and no one sent me the memo. 100L I so did not do well. Chai! but.... one faithful day Joseph calls me and gives me a talk that changed me approach to my books - He didn't say anything magical or out of the ordinary - but it changed me. I read away my social life (The small I had) everyone always either saw me in the class or in the library. My 2+ GPA sky rocketed to a 4 in the next year. I learnt that I could do anything as long as I set my heart to it.

Madam Salt of The Salt Chronicles : I have not physically met her before but she came into my life at a time that I really needed guidance, She opened up to me and taught me and was there for me, although she might not know the extent to which the 'little' she did meant alot. In that period I was finding my feet in my walk with the Lord and she came as a perfect example I could look up to, I was also feeling lonely although with so much people around her facebook inbox was 'home' where I could go and pour out. It taught me to be that to someone else too and one huge lesson I also learnt from her is to take my eyes off me and reach out to the next person. I never forget!

I stole this beauriful pisure from her facebook x_x 

Kontagora Heroine: I don't know her name, She was the cleaner where I worked during NYSC. I see her everyday work her work with so much Joy just to send her kids to school. I saw her bring her kids to work during their holidays to help out. The seemingly little things we hold on to is a big deal to someone else and although the language barrier didn't let us communicate so well, with her I saw what real tears of Joy looked like. I also learnt that the universal languages are Love and a smile.

Today, I am taking time out to bless the Lord for their lives and the impact they made through their 'little things' Yes! Its in the little things.

Who are your unsung heroes? Think about it, pray for them, send a Thank you text, note, blog, email, phone call.. Whatever works, Just don't leave them unsung.

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Jul 7, 2014

The awkward moment when Jesus is not the Rock

Hello There,

*Insert Tune* "The wise man built his house upon a rock x 2 The rain will come and the storm will come the house will never fall. The foolish man built his house upon a sand x2 The rain will come and the storm will come the house will never stand"

I remember singing that in sunday school

I also remember once on Twitter I said "Jesus is the rock" Using Matt 7:24-27 This verse of scripture in the context of "Are you on a solid foundation" The statement "Jesus is the rock" in itself is not wrong in anyway but in context? It is.

Makes me wonder how many more scriptures we've taken out of context. Back to Matt 7:24-27 Jesus is not the rock the foundation is built on. For some reason we fail to see the preceding verse 

V24 "Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:"

The verse of scripture clearly say it, I know I have quoted out of context for a long time. Its about time to repent bah?

You're the on-the-rock builder, not because you're hearing about Jesus but because you're doing what you're hearing. On the other hand the on-the-sand builder is also hearing about Jesus but in not doing anything about it. 

So, this is clearly NOT Jesus-is-my-foundation-when-the-wind-blows-I-stand paradigm we've held for a long time, Its more like what am I doing with my hearing? 

Do something but don't just do anything, do what the word says you should do. 
Hello Builder,
Where have you been building? On the rock or on the sand? 
If on the sand like me better to demolish yourself and rent an hotel while the new on-the-rock foundation is constructed than for the storm to meet you in your on-the-sand mansion and leave you homeless.

Think about it :) 

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Jul 5, 2014

Photography: Pencil Points

Hello Everyone, 

I found a pack of pencils in my house and I LOVED it, Just had to take a picture. Since I don't have alot of equipments and I'm still exploring. With my Nikon D7000, 35mm lens, white paper and torch light I got these images. 

Used Lightroom for post production. I hope you enjoy. :) 

Jul 1, 2014

What's PMS got to do with it?

Disclaimer: There is the excessive use of the word ''Period" in this post. Every Pun is intended in the post. Enjoy!

Hello There!!

Its that time of the month!

Different people have their different names for this "Short" period in their month. I asked my bbm contacts last night and I got different names like Mr red, Red robots, Nkan osu, and Monica peters ( Don't ask) -__-

Now, this is not really about the names girls give their "Time of the month" but I want to emphasize more on the things that happen before and after.

Hello PMS (Pre menstrual syndrome) and if you don't understand that, Its the moodish thing women get into around the time of their period.

Men have the idea that its when the woman is on her periods that is the no-go-area time, however they do not know/understand that its the before that is the exact time to avoid. The symptoms differ with people while some people have a shorter PMSing time some others have for a longer period.

I told my sister last weekend that I needed a break from being a woman as I started noticing that I have only about one week ''break" as a normal human being without hormonal imbalance (Whatever that means) point is, my PMSing period has increased and it is not as pretty as it sounds.

Once upon a time, I noticed in these time(s) I become very irritable, cry alot more, get depressed and mood swings like a pendulum bob the whole nine, It really wasn't funny anymore. I know there are people that will say "Its normal" but I am not from here and it just doesn't sound normal in the kingdom I come from to be up and down depending on the time of the month. It also didn't sit well with me, so I did what was natural.

I went to drop it all at HIS feet and asked for help not to be swayed by every wave of emotions and feelings, and that I didn't like how ''That time of the month" defined my mood. He helped and I consciously decided to stick to it, I noticed the difference. I wasn't getting depressed or irritable and I DIDN'T CRY!! It became a breezy period.

I soon started to forget. I woke up moody and stayed there yesterday for the first time in a long time, reading the Bible and praying that usually got me up and running was a drab :( I managed a smile at least, but I knew it didn't reach my mind.

In the course of the day I was talking to my friend and he asked me "Why do I get the funny feeling that you are struggling with you?"  He was right but I also didn't know it was evident, I KNEW nothing was wrong with me but I was also battling not to slip and give into a full blown moody me. He reminded me of alot of truths and one hit home.

Had to frame it

"Feelings are temporary and fleeting. Never base any fundamental thing on them. Instead, make an anchor for your soul. Let it be your firm assurance"
The spirit reminded me that the "Pms-ing" was the reason I was all moody and recluse earlier in the day, it was a relief to know the root cause.

Yes! PMS is real, so is every other ''Feeling" and "emotion" that goes contrary to who you really are in Christ, It affects us but we have to make conscious effort to be rooted and grounded in the knowledge of who we are and constantly remind ourselves of that truth. Before we get rooted we have to know exactly who we are right?

I will leave you with a question he asked me

"Who are you?"

Have a wonderful July!!

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