... At the foot of the Hill [Psalm 121]

Aug 21, 2011

The Process

Lost in the worlds

Worlds of indecision and inefficiency

The vortex is pulling me in

Sucking me in

But then its all the same process

Finding or be found

Lose it all or gain some

The same process

Either way

Living an excuse of a life

You find a way to fight

The suction effect

And at that moment you have won

The battle since you've been born

That moment it's worth the victory

Then you start again

Living that excuse of a life - @edgy_girl

So what do you think? Drop your comments. Thanks

Birthday in Pictures... Fun all the way

Meet the 'Iron' parents
My sisters...yh d youngest is the tallest :(

Bukky(hair stylist), me, Teju (the make up artist) and oreofe

Birthday Girl :D

One of d fine sisters...(my guest writer)
Girlfriends from school

My Unofficial twin.. we look alike yeah?

*Lips Sealed* :D

Feeling like one celeb... In my mind o
Really sorry i can't post alot of pictures because blogger won't let me :( buh i hope with the few, you can capture what my birthday looked like. :)

InOtherNews: I would post a poem by @edgy_girl who happens to be my elder sister, she wrote and asked for my opinion and i said i would post it on here to see what you guys think. pls show some love :)

And since i've not been able to finish everything i've been writing *smh for myslf* i've decided to post entries from my 2010 journal tagged "Lost pages of THE Journal" ok the pages aint exactly lost buh hey! we can do with a lil drama right? Aint that why we here? buh seriously what do you think? do? don't do?

P.S: driving school is doing great, moved a VG beetle, and my thighs hurt after the first day from pressing down the clutch x_X and to think i just started *crying*

P.P.S: My modelling dreams would soon come alive :) have a photoshoot next saturday, i know NOTHING about these things so if you have experience plssssss drop ur tips for a first timer like me, and yeah i've asked google already, sometimes you just need people you can relate with. Thanks