... At the foot of the Hill [Psalm 121]

Dec 30, 2013

Burning Quench

She deeps her feather in the ink of her own tears
Dark, colourless ink, she scribbles.
Screams in the tears, pain in the heart – for every drop,
She writes, for her quench
The burning quench.

With every stroke of the feather – quench
Deep, engulfing quench.
Quench of the thirst.
Quench of the burning.
Burning desire to purpose.
The burning quench – eating up.

She is her and I am she
Screams in each tear, pain with every letter
Letter of the scribble on white.
Dark, colourless ink.
Every letter swallowed, every word gone
With the engulfing flame of the quench.

Silent wind blows, leaving the burning quench fizzle out
I see the smoke, smoke of the tears go up.
It makes a pool in his palms.
She deeps her ink again, scribbling
She is me and I am her.
Red – this time – I scribble.

Red, blood, sweat, tears, more tears.
Tears for the burning quench
Quench, alive – eating everything up on the inside.
Quench, alive.
Quench burning.
Burning quench.

*thump thump* The red beats
Rhythmically , against the white paper
She scribbles, I scribble
About the burning quench, this time.
With the rekindled beat in mind.

Dec 28, 2013

Photography: No Words

Please, don't ask what I was going for here. Honestly, I had no idea. I just thought to take pictures of my markers *shrugs*

Like it? :)

Dec 27, 2013

Bible is the mark of the beast?

O_O You can imagine my shock when I saw this statement about 2 weeks ago.

I am a YouTube troller, I will go watch one video and end up watching 10 other "Related" Links and by the time I start from Joyce meyer I am done with probably some make-up or food tutorials. Can you relate?

This faithful day, Was going through some P4CM poetry then I saw another video that a guy made trying to analyse and counter all their messages( He is/was an atheist) and this was about 3 years ago, know the amazing thing p4cm is still going strong and this other guy hasn't uploaded a video in about 2 years

"..Love never faileth"
Anyways, Moving on. In the comment section of the guys video is where I saw "The Bible is the mark of the beast" 

Now I regret the fact that I didn't bookmark it, and I don't have a reference (I've tried to re-trace my e-steps - didn't get it)

I opened the link and read through the man's ideology and of how the Bible is the mark of the beast.

Here are a few of his points
  • The Bible has 66 books and the mark of the beast is 666 (-__-) Really??
  • The Bible is drawing people away from God than its original purpose - This I kinda agree with and I will explain
  • The Bible wasn't written by God exactly -  Well who said it was? It was Inspired by the holy spirit
These were his major point, know the amazing thing? He has read the Bible cover-to-cover a number of times and it was in one of those times that "God spoke" to him that "This is not my word"
another amazing thing is that in all his trying to prove that the Bible is not 'true' he keeps referencing the it - Like using the principles in the Bible and all. In reading this article these questions plagued my mind

~ If the Bible is not real, out of the 100% of the body of Christ, the almighty God just decided to reveal it to just what? 1% I don't get it.

~ If the Bible Isn't God inspired and just a book of historical events(Like he put it) Why does it steadily change lives?

~ If the Bible is the mark of the beast why is it drawing people closer to God than away? (shouldn't that be what the beast want?)

"Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch." ~ Matthew 15:14  

I did a research of my own about the history of the Bible a while back, I was more concerned about translations and  which to read and let sink in my spirit. I have been a believer of the Bible since forever, Just carrying it around and not knowing to actually 'read' it or reading and struggling not to fall asleep. 
But when I let Jesus be the Lord of my life  and i spent hours studying the word without getting tired then I knew its power, I knew it was no ordinary book. Reading Gods word changed me, helped me build a relationship with God.

"...The word is quick and powerful..." ~ Hebrews 4:12 

Now saying that the Bible is drawing people away from God instead of  TO God might be correct( don't throw stones yet) A few months ago I was travelling to Jos and I forgot my Bible at home, I mean I FORGOT MY BIBLE AT HOME, note that I have not been without a Bible in my bag in over a year and No, Its not always for decoration. I will whip it out anytime anywhere to mark-up something or read, I don't count the one on my phone, some of us are old school like that. I felt really disconnected because I forgot it, I knew then I had Idolized my Bible, we are encouraged to read the word and keep it in our heard then guarding our hearts with all diligence, but letting it become an Idol and feeling 'Incomplete' without it? Then it becomes a problem. 

In my panicky state after realising, I reached to Salt and 'confessed' She calmed me down and encouraged me.
So, Yes we have the tendency to Idolize the Bible but does it make it any less the word of God? No!
I don't believe because 'people' say, I believe because I've seen it work for me. The standard of the the Bible is so high and really no-one could've written it in his/her knowledge. Over decades and centuries the Bible has survived criticism  and is one of the most influential and most popular books. 

As much as I don't care whatever anyone says about the Bible and I believe what it says, sometimes you have to confront questions like these so you KNOW for yourself. We want to believe because we KNOW what we believe not because someone keeps saying so.

In conclusion, He(or anyone else out there) might see the Bible as the mark of the beast but I see it as the mark of the Beast destroyer - Go figure!

I Love God, I Love Jesus, I Love the Holy Spirit and I Love listening to teachings from the Bible - all day, everyday and will continue to read it. :)

What say you? 

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Dec 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!!

Whoooop!!!!! Its Christmas DAY!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas from all of US here at The foot of the Hill, Which is Technically YOU and I!!
Lets not forget that Jesus is the reason for the Season, His Birth to bring life and redemption to mankind. :)

I decided to do a mini-shoot before I took down my weave and It came out nice, did some tweaking on some pictures too. Enjoy :) 

Yes! Being Silly 
Merry Christmas once again.

What are you going to be doing for Christmas?

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Dec 21, 2013

Photography: Shoes

I am home alone most of the time and I don't have a model, So I used my shoes, These are the images I created.
I need More shoes x_x

I should've put the shoes alot closer

Like this :)

Then, Torch light at work

See my torch? Got to improvise as I don't have lights - Yet

Love this

What Picture do you Like most?

Dec 20, 2013

Confessions of a Horny Virgin: What really Counts

Hello Everyone,

Welcome once again, and If you've not been following the series click here for the previous episodes and yes *sniff* *sniff* Its the last episode *pouts* I had fun. But lets proceed shall we? :)

In the past 2 weeks you've come here to read me relay a part my story. You either stopped by because of the catchy Title or to feed your curiosity about where I am taking this to. For whatever reason you opened the link, I really hope you enjoyed reading it and it blessed your life in one way or another.

I said in the last post how I was on the board of Directors of How-much-can-I-get-away-with-and-still-be-saved.

I grew up with the notion that Virginity meant not getting pregnant before I married, I guess because of the emphasis on "If you get pregnant, You will drop out", so doing everything BUT penetrate was totally fine for me.
I always knew what I did wasn't right but I would sooth my conscience with "I sha didn't have sex"

In my moment of curiosity I watched some porn and at some point touched my self, Which was inevitable with the constant junk I feed my eyes and ears. I was trapped, the Devil lied to me that I really shouldn't talk about it, I will be judged and no one really wants to know the filth you engage in behind closed doors. I believed and kept quiet.

Its a lie, You are not alone AND you can be free.

Alot of people when talking about Virginity keep giving the Impression that being a Virgin means not having sex before marriage and alot of people grow up with that at the back of their minds, little emphasis is laid on Purity.

I discovered (While studying the word) that my body is the temple of the Lord, Why would I want to give a piece of Gods sacred place to anyone and everyone that comes my way?

Now, I believe that the focus should be purity and not just "Be a virgin", Virginity is a product of purity. It is not going to be a walk in the park.

Everyday is a battle between you and your flesh and we are more than conquerors through him that Loves us.

Oh. Some days you will fall, but like me, I encourage you to be the one that falls 6 times and rises up 7 times. The Grace of God is not an avenue to bask in sin, but a knowledge of him who is faithful and Just to forgive and doesn't record our sins against us.

I re-iterated and decided to stay pure. Have I fallen short since then? Yes, Did I stand up? Yes. Does God look at me, dust me up and draw me back into his embrace EVERYTIME? Yes.

Is it ever late? No

Will he do the same for you? Absolutely.

Want him to do it for you? Say this prayer with me:

Heavenly father, I acknowledge that I have done wrong and misused my body out of Ignorance, have mercy on me. I present my body to you as a living sacrifice and I ask that you help me keep it pure as you intended in the beginning. Thank you for your ever present help. In Jesus name. Amen

Yaay!! Congratulations and yes, Lets continue in the purity Journey shall we?

:) Thank you all for Having me here and for the encouraging comments. I had maximum fun!


P.S: I have gotten some stories of people the want to share their, We would post it over the next weeks as we get the entries, If you want to share your story to encourage someone or to talk about your journey as a virgin send a mail to [tomi.akibo@gmail.com] Or if you just want to talk, I'm open as well.

Thank yooou!!!

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Dec 19, 2013


Hello People!!

How are you all doing? And how is your week Going? Last Week was easily the longest week I had to deal with, I am grateful to God for progress.

Here is more of what I am grateful for this week

~ Life; I can't even over emphasise this
~ Family
~ The body of the church 
~ Friends
~ Very Good Friends
~ Friends like family
~ End of the work year
~ Toyosi
~ Bobby Pins
~ Dove Body lotion
~ Good Health
~ being able to sleep in different positions

What are you thankful for?

Dec 18, 2013

Confessions of a Horny Virgin: Almost doesn't count

Good Morning,

How are you doing? Have you been following this series? Good. But if you've not, you can check it out the previous posts here 

Enjoy and pick up a lesson or 2 :) 

".... there are virgins due to lack of opportunity. They do all sorts except the tearing of the hymen part which I don't consider as being true to one's virgin nature and totally not God's definition of being a virgin"  - Comment on the Introduction

I saw this and smiled because I am probably the face of the How-far-can-I-go-and-still-Remain-Saved section of #TeamV and Also a share holder in the board of directors of the He-Sha-Didn't-Penetrate Section as well. 

Maybe I wasn't listening so well in Sunday school, oh scratch that, nobody teaches things like that in sunday school. I sha didn't know not loosing your 'virginity' or not letting go of your hymen did not mean purity - Which ideally, is supposed to be the aim of keeping yourself in the first place. Today I know better.

*                                                                            *                                                    *

I wasn't in the clouds for too long as I felt him really close to me and all that came to mind was 
"Possibility of getting pregnant" 

"No more school" I really didn't mind having the sex BUT I took my mothers threat seriously, so I gave myself brain at that moment. 

I also kept thinking of the fact that we would give the hotel staff blood stain to wash, the sight didn't look good. 

After properly adjusting my head back on the grounds, looking at him I knew he wasn't anywhere close to the earth, I brought him back quickly 

"but, we are here already"
"Its painful"
"It won't hurt, don't worry"

And I kid you not, we were there in that same exact position for almost an hour, going back and forth. It wasn't funny. The week after wasn't funny as well as I had to walk bearing the pains in my thigh, couldn't tell anyone ofcourse, Why would I want to tanish my innocent image by being the one spending time with a boy in AN HOTEL ROOM!!!

Between, That was the first night. I did get my wish, we did the next 2 nights in the brother-sister kind of way. I got my period. 

I am one of the girls that doesn't bother to count because, I'm a virgin - duhhh - I am confident nothing has happened and I will even be happy when the thing doesn't come.

I was happy at the accuracy of this one. With massive cramps and a non-heartless boyfriend. I scaled through the weekend and remained #TeamV

Now, My stupidity - for lack of a better word - brought me close to loosing it again, time and time again.

*                                                                                     *                                                      *

Going to the stream and expecting water not to touch you is the height of stupidity, This was the theme of my sexual-not-so-sexual life. I Would go visit/spend a night at a guy/man's (as the case my be) place 'Innocently' and expect him not to touch me or make sexual advances towards me.

I had the "Nothing below the belt" policy or I get let of the hook when I say "I've never done this before" Now, you might call it luck, but I later saw the hand of God in all these 'places' I went because, I took risks. Risk of being raped, risk of getting pregnant, risk of contacting diseases. Sigh.

Something had to change, Really.

It did.

Final Episode on Friday! 

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Dec 17, 2013

Photography: Night-time in Gidi

I was on my way to a Night of worship when I took most of the pictures on here, You won't imagine how I got some of the images, Wanna know? As me in secret :p 

For the love of keke-napep

From the back seat on the BRT bus

Love this

Light Patterns

Doughnut anyone? x_X 


More light patterns

Full moon
Really ask me, I will tell - In secret! :)

Dec 16, 2013

Confessions of a Horny Virgin: Interlude


Welcome back or Welcome. If this is your first time here click here to see the previous 'Confessions'. Enjoy.

*                                                                             *                                                               *
Well not really.

Curiosity they say kills the cat, in my case curiosity made me know or feel strange in my body. In the dead of the night staring at the computer screen looking and scanning at the thing that was so forbidden that everyone asked us to stay clear off without reasons.
From "Lets see what this is about?" to "o_o" to "O_O" to "Oh, this makes me feel good"

I never was and will not go out of my way to look for erotic pictures on the internet but anytime I was alone and I had the internet, It was time to explore and I learnt to cover my tracks well "ctrl + H" anyone?

I don't know where I got the idea to go check out pornographic images and yes close your mouth girls do it too, it either started from watching a kissing/erotic scene in a movie and feeling uneasy to reading all those novels with erotic content. Seeds were sown in those moments.

Like I said, I wasn't addicted but was a bad habit none the less, something that disgusts you so much but still find pleasure in? I was happy when I broke off all ties, I didn't really tell anyone until now but the feeling of guilt it brought was enough reason for me to decide that I was done.

Then the many lies the Devil throws your way and makes you feel like you are alone in it and be to ashamed to talk to someone about it. Crap.

I didn't talk to someone and I am not bound by the ties any more. See, I took measure. Drastic ones. I talked about seeds earlier right? From little things the seed gets sown in your mind and I identified them.

I stopped watching movies.

"Oh, lets see a movie" 
"I don't feel like" 

You really think I don't feel like watching movies?

"What happened, You are not following me back"
"Really? Let me check"
In my mind: "Of course i'm not following you back, that's because you tweet crap"

I unfollowed everyone on my twitter and followed some people back, not everyone I don't follow back is tweeting crap but sometimes you JUST have to take those measures.

My friend says "Will I now break my laptop?" and I say "Yes" Well Not really, There are more stuffs drawing you to the attention of where the pornography is than the internet.

Is it not the same internet you were using before you 'discovered' porn? Identify those things that make you start getting horny. Eliminate those things one by one. As much as I want to say "Get an accountability partner" I won't - at least not the friend you know -

Sin thrives in secrecy and the guilt and shame may make it hard for you to talk thats why I am here to make it easier for you :)

First step is confession and YES, your best accountability partner is the holy Spirit. People can be there on the other side of the blackberry and not knowing what you are doing, But wait.. The Holy spirit is ALWAYS there to help you. Always.

I watch movies now, Once in a blue moon. and I say prayers like "Dear Lord, I am horny please take it away" x_x

Having said all this Can we continue? :)

*                                                                               *                                                         *

I still don't understand why my young mind expected it to be a sister-brother in a room kind of night. Not for long.

The I-Can't-Go-Further-Than-This mentality had made me master the art of kissing - No, I didn't practise alot, I just made sure I improved at every opportunity - This evening we kissed till it got boring.

Naturally, everything else started falling off. He touched me in places I had never been touched before, I made sounds I had only heard in movies and boy did it feel good.

I had my head in the clouds.

Not for Long.

Not for very long.

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Dec 14, 2013

Photography: Monochrome


Meet Tobiloba (My sister) my torch-light-in-the-dark photography muse. Made all her pictures in black and white, Just because.
She went and took out all her hair *smh* Enjoy

Love the eyes

She looks like a guy fah

Love that green thing the light made :)

Yep! Caught in the dream land

She has the whitest teeth in my family!

Don't ask
She practically asked me till I posted it.
"Have you posted those my pictures" 
Yes, I have
All is well in the world now :)

Dec 13, 2013

Confessions of a horny Virgin: Activation

I grew up with the fear in my heart of getting pregnant if I ever had sex.
Mother had done a good Job of making me understand the implication of getting pregnant and I knew I didn't want to be the girl with big belly going to the tailor's shop to resume work after dropping out, automatically sex was a NO-NO! So, I zipped up.

Getting to secondary school and seeing young girls like me living the "aristo" life I knew I didn't want to be part of that. I know my mother was just doing her bit to make us choose right but we 'chose' right out of fear without alot of knowledge on the topic.
High school, different children from different backgrounds, Influence and peer pressure flying all around I got armed with information, with a little God factor I made a conscious decision to be pure till I got married. I had no Idea that because I made the decision everybody else didn't make it with me.

I soon realised.

Time of the season: 2008     Location: On the phone

"You are 18 now, you will have so much responsibilities" She said, My aunt. My mind was spinning around

"Yes, I am now a big girl, I can go out, I can buy cloths myself"

Little did I know that even if she didn't think about that but responsibility came in ALL areas of your life, even sexual.

Time of the season: 2008     Location: Dusty T Junction 

"Will you be my girlfriend?" He asked and I burst out laughing. I didn't know how else to let him know that I wasn't interested. I wasn't fronting, i really wasn't interested.

A little time went by, we hung out more, he made me laugh alot and I felt comfortable with him. I decided to give him a chance and we started dating. Its always okay and cool for you to be a virgin till you start dating, then they expect you to give it up for them. If I gave it up for the guy before you will you meet tear rubber? Sigh. 

Anyways, I realised I had fallen in Love, then reality hit when we started talking about sex and our stand point. Apparently, I was the only of the 'view' to not have sex in the relationship, It was okay at the beginning but then at some point he said "Lets wait and See" and sometimes go further to tell me about the girls that were ready to give it up for him. In other words "Madam fix up" 

I guess that was my queue to run right? But I was in Love and honestly still really naive as I had not activated my "Sexual" desires.

After all the 'pressure' and the curiosity(in my mind) I gave into spending a weekend with him. I don't know why I expected it to be a brother-sister in a room kind of weekend. 

You guessed right, I was wrong. Very wrong.

*                                                                                 *                                                      *
Location: Some Random Hotel

We checked into the hotel around the evening time and after settling into the stuffy room, We talked, laughed and teased each other for a while and honestly, I was excited to be spending the alone time with him but I also wasn't ready for what was ahead, I mean I didn't mentally prepare myself. We had talked and he knew where I stood on the sex issue and I was kinda confident that he won't pass his boundary. Wrong - Again!

This was my first time for alot of things, No guy had ever seen me without my cloths prior to this time(_~_), I had never seen a naked guy before (x_x), No guy had over-touched me and alot of feelings and sensations I didn't feel till this day/night.

And when it was around the middle of the night, I was so certain this would be me having sex for the first time.

Again, I was wrong :)

Would conclude this next week, In the mean time, Want to talk about the first time you really felt something sensual?

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Dec 12, 2013

#ThankfulThursday: Grateful

Hi there,

Yaaaaaaaay!! Its another Thursday. Have you said Thank you to God today?? This week has been crazy for my family but all the same we are Thankful.

Here is a list what i'm Thankful for this week

~ Toyosi
~ Garri and perfect eye sight
~ Timeless Truths
~ Proverbs
~ Sope
~ Sammy
~ Rhoda
~ Gifts
~ Bookstores
~ Friends like Family
~ Family that sticks together
~ Nice Doctors and Nurses
~ Good Health
~ Gods Favour

What are you thankful for this week?

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