... At the foot of the Hill [Psalm 121]

May 22, 2011

Silent Wish 3

As she heard the old school 'Here comes the bride' she knew deep in her heart that this was the best decision she has ever made in her 25years of existence, she slipped her slender hands into her fathers, then looked into his eyes before they took the step down the aisle, steps to her future.

He was just a 3rd year student studying chemical engineering at the university of Ibadan, a good looking guy from a wealthy home, He has heard 'love at first sight' countless time and never believed it until that faithful Thursday at the library...
'Can I help you?' she looked up to say, all he could stare at were those beautiful brown eyes that screamed innocence...
Now 5 years later I'm here staring at this same eyes only its filled with something different; love for me, then he heard the pastor for the first time 'do you ola take simi to be your lawfully wedded bride blah blah blah' with the largest grin he said 'I do'

He knew he had to say something before she thought he was crazy 'Is this seat taken?' stupid stupid stupid! Was that your best? He scolded himself, 'No' was all she said and kept reading. Concentrating on the books he had initially come to read became the most difficult task ever 'Talk to her? No, what if you don't see her again, talk jor' then he decided and just enjoyed the sitting beside the beautiful girl.

The 'I do' he heard pulled him out of his thought 'hmmm... We've really come this far wow!,' the rest of the ceremony went by in a flash, he just wanted to go home and start his life with his new bride.

She sat there trying so hard to concentrate on the book 'He is so fine hmm... How can I concentrate with this fine boy beside me' this went on in her head till he stood up to leave, Just then she arrives, 'Madame you ready to go?', 'did you see him leave?' She asked her best friend 'who?' 'Ola that fine boy in part 3, he sat beside me and I could tell he wanted to talk but you know with all the whole fine boy forming and all' Well that's your problem just pack your books abeg hunger haff wire ma head!

She couldn't help but smile at the first day she 'met' him, now here she was in his arms on their first night together as married couples, the first night, the first day of the rest of their lives. He slowly pulled back the night gown to reveal her smooth caramel skin, gently kissing her shoulders he pulled the night gown to reveal the rest of her perfectly shaped body, he pulled her close and his lips met hers and his hands caressed her ample bosom.

The clock read 11:00pm then she stood up to check the room, she moved closer looking into the cot, sleeping peacefully was the first fruit of her marriage with this man, then the tears escaped, Why is he not home yet? There are no board meetings Fridays abi? What have I done to deserve this now? Does he not know I need help with this baby? I really need to get back to work maybe I won't notice all his late nights or not? Just then the sound of the door pulled her out of herself 'interrogating session', sweetheart! Welcome, what happened? - Traffic! He said in a very cold manner, how is the baby? Sleeping she replied, can you get me something to eat while I check on her?

He sat up in bed partly covered with the duvet, turned to her; the stranger, she mumbled something but his mind was everywhere but there 'when did it get to this? So I was cold yesterday I know, but why is she suffering in silence? Why can't she say something? Maybe then I would let this guilt go and confess or not? What she doesn't know won't hurt right? But I'm not a good actor neither am i sure she has an idea already but why is she not talking?' something that sounded like a shout brought him back to reality 'are you here at all? I've been asking you a question for the past 10mins haba! are you going home tonight?' defensively he answered 'please don't start, what night have I not gone home? Don't ask me such anymore' with that he stood up dressed up and left the room without saying anything else.

"Can't you see the writing on the wall? Or you have just chosen to deny it? He has started keeping late nights, he doesn't even talk to you, the loving part of your marriage is gone, and one good thing is he helps out with the baby. But seriously simi don't you see it? He is cheating on you". All what her friend said to her earlier in the day kept replaying in her head, with tears rolling down her cheeks she asked herself 'but why??'

Another night, a familiar stranger, he lay down beside her contemplating if waking her up was good idea, No! She decides to suffer in silence, then good for her, I won't up and confess; no way! For her not to notice, it probably means she doesn't care anymore right? So why should I? With all that thought he slept off.

''I really need to talk to you'' she said, when I get back from work, I'm late. ''nowadays you are always late even your home coming, so today should not be an exception, so can we talk?'' He nodded aii
I just wanted to ask what's wrong with us, what have I done to deserve all the treatment you are giving me? Recently you've been coming home late from work, I noticed the drinking too and you don't even talk to me not to even talk of touching me, what happened? Or are you seeing someone else?
He sat there his face in his hands, when he heard her speak with the hurt in her voice he knew, I guess it is time to let it all be over with that he said......

So i've been writing this story since forever (by forever i mean like 3weeks) not because i dnt have what to write but i could not just get to understand d idea behind cheating and obviously i still don't, so i decided i would ask, instead of just keeping my story in draft.....

So if you are reading this, use the comment box and give your reasonS... Why you think people cheat in relationships. Thanks :)


May 13, 2011

Letting Go..

I was played! Yes i was, i'm not ashamed because now life has taught me to always have my anti-mugu firewall ON!

In my life, i've had so called friends betray me but this one i wanna write about is the most recent ok here it goes....

She was the newest 'new girl' in class (That time my school would admit students even a week before exam x_x) and she had this don't-come-near-me-i-break-bones look, i just disliked her in the beginning cos of that but how we got close must be in some pages of the history book by now, The point it we got really close, i introduced her to my clique then we all became one big happy-'anko' (Same cloth)-wearing-family until she put a dagger at my back when i wasnt looking :(
'Be careful of the people you call your friends this girl was just talking crap about you because you passed last semester' was what another classmate told me when we resumed, It wasnt supposed to be a big deal but because it was from her and to think she was all smiling and telling me 'aww tomi i saw your result and you did very well' i was broken, from then on i got really quiet in class, i generally became suspicious of everyone around me (i still suffer from this disease) i could not get myself to forgive her (still can't)

Now at the end of four years, i just noticed that its her way of life, that kind of person that want their ''friends'' to always be behind (and do anything to make it possible) so they can feel superior, that kind of person who would always do over sabi in class and still and NEVER WILL be on a First class, that kind of person that just thinks of 'now' and never what would happen outside the four walls of the school, That kind of person that just does 'la cram la pour' for exam and still don't know jack about their course of study. So, if you are reading this and its painting your picture, No be by First class oh opps ma bad you are not even on a 1st class and remember the law of karma - what goes around would definatly come around so change, but wait even when you change be very afraid because your 'around' is coming soonest....

*Loosing the mean look* Honestly i really wanna let go, learn how to trust people again, forgive and forget but its hard any ideas???


May 1, 2011

Stylish Award

I’m so new at this blogging ish so don’t blame me for not reciprocating the awards since, i honestly just got a hang of it...now i blame my ignorance ;) i got an award like some 4weeks ago then i got another 2 weeks ago i think.

So the rules? Errmmm....

Say 7 things about yourself and thank the people/ person that gave you the award by putting a link to the persons blog and award 15 blogger ok lets dive!

So here are 7 facts about me

- I have a new love for shoes especially wedges, those creations are absolutely gorgeous
- I’m a To-do List freak, geez i don’t think i can get myself together without a list *sigh*
- I use only black pen. Blue just has a way of being in your face.
- I talk to myself alot, what can i say i’m a good listener :)
- I have Undiluted love for social networking
- Recently overcame my ‘Abstain-from-owning-a-purse’ rule, after my purse was stolen and left me identity-less.
- I hate creeping things, geez! They just creep me out!

Then My 15 awards goes to:
*drum rolls*

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P.s: Its so hard to do alot of stuffs when you using mobile *phew* pardon ma 'no- link' links... But i'ld make it right AsAP!!

RandomEst thingz

I woke up today and it felt like one of those days i was working, this was not anything about me missing work its just the 'Not -enough -sleep' feeling. Just finished sunday school and am so sleepy!
Instead of sleeping, i'ld jst write some random stuffs going on in ma head. Good idea right?

I walked into the salon feeling all fly with myself and budgeted money in ma pocket told the girl 'i need to paint ma nail, i want red on ma toes and black on ma fingers' in ma head am thinking ok this shouldnt be more than 100bucks buh max 150bucks, she finished so i don't feel too familiar i ask how much is it? then the shocker '300naira' My head is not as composed as body WTH??? When did the price go up like that?? Ofcourse i could not tell her to clean it, i reluctantly pay.
I went to another salon and am hearing -N- 500 just to retouch ma hair kilode?? No be to just put relaxer wash? And u know as an adopted Ijebu girl (iBlame mumsi), i went to where i just had to pay 150. When did it all go up??

I seriously feel outta place, I suddenly got tired of everything School, project, home most especially running annoying errands like last night mumsi's phone was directly in front of popsi and i was sitting at the other end of the living room and i hear 'come and check who is calling your mum' seriously dad??? *sighs* and if i don't answer now, i might just be on ma way to MFM -Again!
I'm at this point where i just wanna take a back seat and zone out! Please wake me up in JUNE!

Recently i've been wondering 'what if i die tomorrow?' don't get me wrong oh the thought of death scares the crap outta me, buh sometimes i just wanna think about the inevitable u know? Seriously i think everyone at some point should ask themselves this question.

School resumes tomorrow and as usual i am not anywhere near ready, am scared kinda because this is the grand finale of the 'BSc Journey', I'm thinking about what to do to myself after school, i just know i need at least a 3months job, so here is me again advertising maself oh, gimmie job if you have oh! anything legal and decent sha!

Ok have come to the end of my random talk. I still don't feel better though.
Lemmie just listen to the preaching.

P.S: i got the stylish and versatile award from 2 bloggers, i think i finally got that '7 things about me' list completed, so i'ld do ma part later today :)