... At the foot of the Hill [Psalm 121]

Apr 29, 2011

The past that haunts me

I had the memory in bits and pieces until yesterday!

We all watch Naija movies where there is a family then one be-witched relative that lives with them and attacks one of the children right? Well in this movie, i was the attacked child, what was always their reason for the attack anywayz??

I knew something happened to me when i was younger, i knew the story but not all of it. I was in the car with my dad yesterday and we talked about my short-memoryIsh, then he told me all the story.

I was about a year old, then there was a blue dress too, the one that i always looked beautiful and smart in and u know how children would be when they love a dress and always want to be in it? Well mine wasnt just LOVE there was a spiritual LoVe to it and when i wore it, i fell sick, it continued till i was hospitalized aint that what they wanted?? But the lorD won't lemmie die can i hear halleluyah?? Bottom line God saved me and the girl was exposed and i was dumber i guess!

Ok, years and years later that was when the 'dumber' theory came about, i had changed secondary schools twice, at first i changed because i repeated a class, wow! Does it not feel good to let that out *phew* this is one part of ma life i've been ashamed of, not because i did repeat but cos i'm d only one in ma family to actually repeat a class and i just remember that day clearly and the tears plus mumsi's shout (if you know ma mum, u'ld understand)

P.S: All my friends from duduyemi this is the reason why i never said why i left ma previous school.

Ok dumb theory, i went to mayflower and it seemed to ma folks that ma grades were going down the drain, ma mum said in her ever present modakeke accent 'a o ya olodo ni ile wa o (we are not 'olodos' in our family), we are going to MFM'
i thought it was a joke till my dad called me, ma dad is not the Over-Churchy type like mumsi, for him to have supported the deliverance i knew it was serious this was how the speech went: 'Tomilola, has your mum told you about the deliverance? *insert nod* do you remember what happened to you when you were little? *insert nod* (at this time i did not have the full memory) well because of that and since we don't know why you are not passing well, we think you should go and try it out, please cooperate with them *insert nod*' then i got a hug!!

Altho i did not complete ma fasting sentense but it was worth it i guess, i Aced ma waec and i've been doing well academically since then, well maybe because i was forced to believe that was my solution but who knows the end justifies ba??

I know the title was alil too dramatic well is that not why we are here???


Apr 7, 2011

We Need Zippers

Everything we read on paper or hear (quotes i mean) are just mere words till you feel it or till it talks to you.
I've been hearing 'Talk less, Sin less' even the bible says

"Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue." (Proverbs 17:28).
"When words are many, sin is not absent, but he who holds his tongue is wise." (Proverbs 10:19).

Really i never had the courage to Purposely talk less, ok i'm a talkative so what? So lately i've been awfully quiet, blame it on the red robots approach + i cheated in my daily devotional (I read ahead randomly) hehehe
Saw something about talking less and it even encouraged my 'quest'

My Observation during the Silent dayS
- Obviously i talked less.
- Gossiped less too.
- Read more books honestly not my school book :|
- Did alot of future thinking/planning.
- Sinned lesseR than a normal day.
- No yabbing nobody
- Only meaningful/VERY necessary conversations would be directed to you (dz part i loved)

That being said, yesterday i snapped, smiled, laughed, talked, gossiped, yabbed, shouted, bent the truth, no reading, listened to fake + original gist...
So you might say 'Maybe you are not talking to the right people' well i'm a realist so lets not decieve ourselves ok?
I try my best to hold the 'right' conversations but one gist would sha come up and ruin that right and it is replaced with a 'wrong' (I blame the devil for this one) Then again i say to myself 'Maybe you are having the right conversations with the wrong people' hmmm.... Now that makes alot of sense!
I was quiet for just 2days i think, and its was bitter-sweet, bitter because everyone treated me like i just caught some contagious disease that is caught by laughing or talking to me, it was sweet because as much as i love talking, i love my space too, i enjoyed the fact that i was asked VERY VERY necessary questions, and i wasnt called for the regular 'room gist' altho' i love the feeling when one of my friends comes and says 'Tomi latest gist' and when i hear d headline i have that smile and say 'Stale gist and even dish out the FULL story'
But you know everyone has to retire at some point right? Or not?

I think i'm finally growing up hehehe i would start working ke? Dont let them tag me office talkative abi? Wow 21 is gonna be the best age ever(i can forsee) But seriously talking less is a good experience? Right?

We totally NEED zippers!

Whatcu think??