... At the foot of the Hill [Psalm 121]

Nov 7, 2010


Well constructed flower beds, this is the first attraction, then the beautiful entrance that reads 'crawford university' like they say first impression lasts longer i think the organisers or whoever put this together did a good job on that one.
Moving on the absolutly magnificent administrative block opps sori i forgot 'our' newly built relaxation ground or whatever the name is -where no one goes to relax...ok back to the admin, the beautiful interlocking pathway that leads to the brown 2 storey building to the leftand to your right our famous 'L' shaped lecture rooms and laboratories oh! I forgot it also has offices for lecturers plus its beautiful..

This is a very serene environment condusive for learning, beautiful people oh snap! Lets be realistic here jare... That is where all the goodness ends..

Now lets talk about crowdford...

Am calling it that because the population increases not just every session but every month and the infrastructure doesn't grow now thats pure greed!
This is an advanced 'secondary school'
we have time to leave the hostel of which is 9am WTF even if you don't have lectures, you have to leave the hostel please to do what? Read? Or still go to the lecture hall and everywhere is filled with students hanging around because there are not enough classes?

Now going to church is even another entirly different story. We get to church and we are even forced to kneel down and pray how old do you think we are? 5? No one really needs spoon feeding....

Food hmm...you go to buy food to eat, you probably were hungry before you get to the spot but as soon as you see what the food looks like there is an instant lose of apetite not to talk of tasting it but you just have to eat because you pity the worms you are breeding down in the tummy. The quality and quantity of food reduces everyday (well i think thats an exaggeration sha) but take for example they decided to make chicken and chips, when it kicked off people were attracted because of the size of the chicken, well one semester after its like the chicken suddenly caught aids or something and the prices of potatoes went through the roof...

Accomodation, this is the first school that i would hear have their final year students living 6 in a room but very soon now we girls would travel to 'akwa ibom' *winks* dormitory to live 12 in a room without windows...how pathetic..

Really am tired of complaining because i know no one is there to listen.
Note to the fortunate members of this community, live the moment and enjoy every bit because trust me you would miss it no matter how bad it seems now.
And to the owners and runners of the community please pity us and correct some atleast some of the wrongs we have suffered enough Thank you!

Nov 5, 2010

Life without the 'R's and 'Y's

I pick up my laptop to type an article then discovered evething i wanted to tpe looked like that oh shit! the 'r' and 'y' keys don't work... I've been using my on-screen keyboard as alternative but that could be very frustrating...

This got me thinking seriously about my life without these particular letters in my words, they definatly would look meaningless now am even looking above this write up and i've used countless r's and y's....

Just like the alphabets every letter needs another letter to make sense to anybody in any language, so does everyone in this world need the next person to make the world a better place, so look at the person next to you as the 'r' and 'y' that you need to to make that wo'r'd meaningfull'y' meaningful and stop seeing people as either worthless or irrelevant to us because we never can tell where the tides of life is taking us tomorrow..

So am challenging every reader right now to be the 'r' in someone's word and also make the next person the 'y' in your lively life, am sure if we all as individuals accept this challenge this world would be a better place....