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Jun 28, 2014

10 Things I learnt from an Amazing Photographer

Hello There,

Welcome back, How have you being doing? I decided I will post my photography mumbo Jumbo Saturdays (I really hope you guys are interested.. Please say you are :) ) anyways... Back to today's post.
With my Friends Camera :)

 In the bit to improve my photography and gain some exposure in the business of photography My pastor (Deolu Akinyemi) introduced me to a photographer.

I had not heard about him before and I only got his phone number, name and company name. Went ahead to Google and checked his website to see what niche he was into and i was sold.

As I am one to always chicken out when I have to make these kind of calls - and I didn't have an email address - I paced and paced plus the image he had on truecaller - which I thought was his - didn't help at all ( If you don't know the truecaller app then you are missing out on one of the best things that happened since Garri) I digress.

After talking to my sister and asking "What will I say?" I paced some more and assured myself that I was doing the right thing (Yes! it was that serious) I made the call, fumbled over my words abit till I communicated who I was and what I wanted.

HE WAS SO ACCOMMODATING for someone that didn't even know me from anywhere, I was ecstatic after the call, we fixed a meeting for the weekend, which I didn't acknowledge. Opps! x_x Very bad first impression.

After another nerve-wrecking-before-the-call- moment again the next week, he was kind enough to fix another meeting time.

I really can't get over how accommodating he was.

He sat with me and talked and I sat there and soaked it all in. Yes, I looveee to listen. The best part? God poured out of him, Amazing!

Here are 10 things I learnt from meeting with him

  1. DO NOT think a photographer's profile picture is him/her -__- I had to hide my mini-shock when I saw him x_x 
  2. Read, read, read and read some more
  3. Take photographs of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.
  4. In his words "Rape your Camera" know the function of every button, know every setting and grow out of where you are
  5. Start small - In starting small you learn a whole Lot more.
  6. If you have a day Job, don't be in a hurry to quit, grow till you know you are ready.
  7. DO NOT under any circumstance let ANYONE intimidate you - He placed particular emphasis on this one and I think mentioned it more than twice.
  8. Explore till you find your niche.
  9. If you're tiny, like me, and you are taking pictures on the road don't let 'them' tiff ya camera - Be wise.
  10. Always be with your camera (This I'm not exactly following x_x)

With mine :) 
This was a breathe of photography fresh air for me and more than ever I am glad I got out for my comfort zone to make that call.

Since I met him, I've learnt/still learning ALL the settings on my camera and learning how best to use them and in what situation. We will be amazed how just a little guidance in any area of your life will make a tremendous change and great Impact.

 The photographer I met with is Deji Olatunde of fotolighthouse (Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of him and I didn't even take permission to post any)
Website: http://www.fotolighthouse.com/ and http://dejiolatunde.com/ (Whatever you do, Read his blog. Inspiring words)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fotolighthouse
Instagram: http://instagram.com/fotolighthouse 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Fotolighthouse

Check him out. Thanks :)

P.S: If you know someone that can guide you in whatever area of your life, I encourage you to reach out to the person and overcome the "What will I say?", stumble over your words till you communicate, be scared to make the call, send the email, visit the person but please don't be too scared that you won't make the call at all.

Do it afraid! What you got to lose anyway?  Last last you get a ''No''
In that light, If there is somewhere you need guidance or you know someone who does. Please, get in touch with me (tomi.akibo@gmail.com) I can point you in the direction of who can guide you. A means to an end, a brothers keeper. Is that not why we are here? :)

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Jun 25, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: No higher calling

Down at Your feet, Oh Lord
Is the most high place
In Your presence, Lord
I seek Your face, I seek your face

There is no higher calling no greater honor
Than to bow and kneel before Your throne
I'm amazed at Your glory, embraced by Your mercy
Oh Lord, I live to worship You

Down at Your feet, Oh Lord
Is the most high place
In Your presence, Lord
We seek Your face, we seek your face

Love this song!! I hope you enjoyed it. 

Jun 23, 2014

Jack of ALL trades, master of ALL

*Sings into the stage* 

"Mo ni baba kan, baba ara to mo'yi omo. Ko fi mi shere o" (I have one father, a father that knows the worth of a child. He doesn't play with me)
*Picks up mic*

I'm sure we all have that friend that reads wide and knows a little - at least - about every topic, and they humbly share their knowledge right?
You don't have?

Let me introduce you to my master of ALL. He doesn't just know and contribute, he gives you practical steps for everything you need. I woke up with this truth translated in my spirit, Jesus knows ALL about everything and is willing to give you solution or discuss with you and empower you to do whatever you need to do through the Holy Spirit.
"Yes, it is God who is working in you. He helps you want to do what pleases him, and he gives you the power to do it" Phil 2:13
Jesus is the solution to every problem, what is the problem again?
Are you sick in your body, Jesus is the great physician. Are you confused, you have the great counsellor at your disposal. Burned out, he has change of Oils for you. You think you're a failure, he is the way to success.

If you wander from the right path, either to the right or to the left, you will hear a voice behind you saying, “You should go this way. Here is the right way. Isaiah 30:21

I know some people will say "Yes, I know Jesus has all the wealth of wisdom and information but how does it get available to me?"
In my short time walking with the Lord, I struggled (read that as I'm struggling) with this for a while but I found the key in "God is spirit. So the people who worship him must worship in spirit and truth" John 4:24 
We are spirit beings and we can't get anything from God if we don't realise this.
You are a spirit, you have a soul and you live in a body
When your spirit self - the real you - is more real to you than your physical self, thats living in the supernatural and I believe thats where God is taking us to on this earth. Earthen vessels living in the supernatural. But right now, we are just getting occational prompting of the  spirit when we should be constantly-no-break-taking led by the holy spirit like Jesus.

"But Jesus answered, “I assure you that the Son can do nothing alone. He does only what he sees his Father doing. The Son does the same things that the Father does." John 5:19
“I can assure you that whoever believes in me will do the same things I have done. And they will do even greater things than I have done, because I am going to the Father" John 14:12 

But how can we do even the greater works if we don't realise that his going to the father brought the holy spirit to empower us to do that work, and if we do not give the holy spirit the chance to express himself in us? How can we do the greater work if we do not yield to the holy spirit and all we are doing instead is living like orphans sad, depressed, broke, sick, confused or on social media -_-

0/ very guilty x_x

But, let us not be discouraged, because its not too late to start yielding to the holy spirit. The holy spirit is here to stay, Lets start walking in the supernatural today!!

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Jun 18, 2014

Guest Post: What no one will tell you about your relationship with God

images (6)

In my walk with God (howbeit Short) there are a few things I learnt along the way that no one sent me the Memo in advance. I just want to be a good Samaritan, especially if you are new on this Love walk with God.
Here are some things I've learnt along the way that no one told me about;

1. The Initial High will Fade: I grew up in the church and I have probably dedicated and rededicated my life over to God countless times, along the way God met me, with a yearning in my heart for him or I finally paid attention to that yearning. I bought a Bible and just read. How does one go from falling asleep reading a chapter of the Bible to spending hours studying (notice I said studying) I was so excited to learn truths, I was so excited to know God more, and just when you think you're there the 'high' disappears. Then the real learning begins. No body tells you about this part till you start experiencing it. Good thing about this place is you will have built a certain level of trust with God that will not make you run away from him.
cry out to the lord5

2. You will Cry (Probably more than you've cried before): This walk with God has never brought you to tears? I don't want to know how hard your heart is, when you are overwhelmed by Gods Love Ah! When i say tears, it goes from tears of Joy to tears from worship, to tears from knowing you've been forgiven much, to tears when things get hard and it feels like God is not there but you know what? God has a record of all your tears, [ Record my misery; list my tears on your scroll are they not in your record?] Psalm 56:8 How consoling is that?

3. You will have doubts: When I say doubts I don't mean just having doubts about "Will God do this or that for me" I mean more serious doubts "Is God real?" "How am I even sure we are not all making a mistake?" "All of these doesn't make sense?" Things in that line.
Be calm, the fact that you call them "doubts" means you believe something right? but you are just unsure, You see that alone is an evidence that you are doing something right. The Devil will not shoot you with thoughts to doubt God if you already don't believe him. Get it? Now just smile and say out loud "Lord, I'm sorry for doubting you but now more than ever I am sure you exist, I may not see but I have your word and I believe what you say. Thank you for who you are" Shikena!
*Butterflies and unicorns*

4. This Relationship also needs work; With the mention of "work" and some believers will throw stones but be calm. We are saved by grace independent of our works, Yes I know.
God has called us into a relationship with him and not a dictatorship. Won't grace just be easier if it was a dictatorship? I will just wade through life not "knowing" my master but just taking instructions, accept his goodness and yay heaven, but God doesn't operate that way.

The purpose of Jesus is to restore the relationship between the creator and the creation.
So, do you think he just saves us to know that we are going to heaven or he saved us to know him? and our knowledge of him assures us of our position in him? Makes sense?
Here is the tricky part; In every relationship if you don't spend time with your partner how will you get to know them? It doesn't happen automatically. God has the power to input all the knowledge we need into us but he is not a dictator, He wants you to be genuinely interested and the interest you show births the work, but this work is not labouring or trying to get him to do what he has already done or anything legalistic (Like they will say)
We spend time with him to know him not because we think reading the Bible 3 hours a day will earn us his favour or anything of that nature. So, our 'work' is birth out of Love not Labour

4. You will still be bad (Sometimes worse); Your decision to accept the Life of Christ doesn't automatically make you drop all your old habits infact as you walk with him he will start showing you things you never knew were there. Keep calm, don't fret If he is showing you its because he is working in you to be better, don't act by what you feel act by who God says you are in him!

5. You will become boring.... by the world standard; This is expected but no one will tell you about it, but you know what? There is much more fun in the Son! Halleluyah! Your view has just shifted and remember you are in the world and not of it. Its okay that things of the world interest you less as you continue in him. Keep calm and have fun in the son!

6. Serving in Church is not the Ultimate.... Yep! I dare to say it. Remember Mary and Martha? What did Jesus say?
" Mary sat at Jesus' feet and listened to his words. Martha, meanwhile, was distracted with preparing and serving the meal for the group.
Frustrated, Martha scolded Jesus, asking him whether he cared that her sister had left her to fix the meal alone. She told Jesus to order Mary to help her with the preparations.
"Martha, Martha," the Lord answered, "you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her." (Luke 10:41-42, NIV)

7. The "weird Unpredictable Uncle" AKA the Holy Spirit is Fun; Contrary to the Image we have of the Holy Spirit in our heads, we are scared because people fall in 'those' moments - Don't know about you but I used to be - One thing I know now is that when we start acknowledging his presence in our lives it gets easier.

This is not to say the Journey is not exciting, it is the most exciting Journey any human can embark on and I won't have my life any other way than one with a relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy spirit.

As a believer does this list look familiar? What have you learnt in your walk with God that no one told you about, care to share?


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Jun 16, 2014

256: Abaddon II

Hello There,

Welcome to my short story series - 256, This is part 2 of one I started a week ago click here to read and to check out the rest of the series here

She  lands on the stack of the travel boxes a few steps away from where he stood "I warned you, go to work and leave me in peace"

She stood up and walked up to him again "Leave you in peace? and me? what happens to my own peace of mind"

This time his palm gave a quick response to her question that left her holding her cheek shocked beyond words.
"That's exactly what happens to it" he said and walked out of the room.

Later in the day... 

"is that not too extreme?" She said into her mobile phone

She paused

"I'm not making excuses for him..."


"Tola, i've heard you but in all this that you've said you still don't expect me to wake up and leave.."

"do you have have somewhere else you want me to go?"
"I will come and see you during the weekend okay?"
"Thank you dear"

After the call, she sat lost in her thoughts unable to do any work for the day.


Bamiro suddenly opened his eyes from his afternoon nap, and looked around frantically, he stood up and hurriedly closed the curtains around the house thinking to send a signal that his visitor wasn't welcome.

It was too late, he was already in and he knew exactly who he was,

"Let me be" he said aloud

The visitor gave out a very mean laugh

"I told you, you will hit her someday"

"What do you want this time?"

"I just came to tell you 'I told you so'"

"What sort of creature are you?"

"Ha ha ha Exactly the one you made me to be"

"Go away you freak!!!"

"Before I do, Shey you slapped her today? You will be worse"

Arrgghhhh Bamiro let out a scream

"I hate you"
"I hate you"
"I hate you" 

He repeated till he couldn't hear himself. 

Tiwa could smell the alcohol from the door. Walking into the living room she sees her husband lying shirtless on the couch. She dropped her bags, went back into the living room, tears rolled down her cheeks as she stood and watched his drunk self sleep.

Trying to pick him up with her frail self to no avail, she eventually gave up and went to sleep.


She sat up on the bed as she heard the constant knocking against the ceramic, grunts of pain filled the atmosphere. She stood at the door of  the bathroom to see a shadow of who her husband once was. Scenarios upon scenarios just kept coming back.

Their wedding.

Their vows.

His sweet nature.

The slap.

This monster.

Something welled up inside of her, Fear.

At this time, the top ceramic lid of the toilet seat was broken on the floor. The fear enveloped her, so much that she was grounded on the spot. She found her voice, eventually.

"Bami, please stop!" she said trying not to sound pitiful

Hearing her voice, he stopped. Looked back at her with so much intensity then started moving closer to her

"You've decided to show your face, finally!" he said

With fear in her eyes, she started stepping back into the room

"What are you talking about? You're scaring me" Now she had stepped back to the foot of the bed trembling

"You see, I blame you for everything! EVERYTHING!!" He shouted in her face

"Calm down, lets go to bed and talk about this in the morning shall we?" She touched his arm trying to sooth him.

Every word she said angered him, the touch was the height. He threw his hands forward as hard as he could whipping it across her face. The only thing he felt was the sting against his palm. On the other hand, her patience had run thin and without thinking much of it, she pushed him as hard as she could and he landed on the floor of the bathroom.

Amidst sobs, she ran to her dresser, picked her phone and headed for the door of the room, Before she could make it to the front door, he grabbed her and threw her to the ground. She noticed the piece of ceramic in his hand.

"I told you, you will hurt her" The voice floated like a whisper in the room and rage flooded through his body, without a chance to think through his action, he pounced on her. Her pleading screams filled the room, She kicked and kept screaming. He didn't stop till she stopped.

* * *

"Mr Bamiro Oladele, you are under arrest for the murder of your wife Tiwalola Oladele. You have the right to remain silent or anything you say or do will be used against you in the court of law" The uniformed officer said to him in the hospital hallway.


Sweat broke out on his forehead just like the previous 119 days, the script was laid out before him, just like it had happened, nothing missing. 

Bamiro shut his eyes, his chained hands over his ears and let out a scream. 

"256! You don start agian?" The warder said as he walked up to his cell and hit the bars as an indication for him to keep it low, knowing he was doing it to no avail, he continued his inspection.

"I didn't do it, You did " Bamiro kept screaming, he didn't care how loud he sounded or who cared to listen, but this 'person' had to hear so he won't keep coming back to him.


Jun 14, 2014

Through my lens: Saturday with Toyo

Hello there,

If you've been reading my blog and don't know I am a photographer then ya not a real follower -_- anyways, My sister came over sometime last week and as usual, we did a photo session. Here are some of the images. 

She is a model (amazingly natural in her element) and if you know any agency, we will gladly sign up :) Click here to see more of what i've posted.

Jun 12, 2014

#ThankfulThursday: Organized Chaos

Hello there,
Been a while I did this but my organized chaotic life that is going on is something I am grateful for.
Here are a list of things I am specifically grateful for this week.

~ Weakness; I woke up on Monday morning verrry weak in my body, I'm grateful because then he showed me how he could be my strength regardless.


~ Growth
~ Sope; We had a looong overdue talk and it was an amazing experience. 

~ Sunrise and sunsets; it's just beautiful to watch 

~ Coffee; Oh! The countless head-on-desk I was saved from this week. Thank yooou.

~ My new phone; God bless the person that gave me. Its a better one than I was using before.

Attempt at a selfie

~ Brothers keepers

~ My Dad; no particular reason 

~ An obedient heart to the leading of the Spirit. It's not an easy ride as the discipline involved *phew* 
~ Kovie; I love that girl.

~ Journals, planners and Any.do app. Helping me finish my to-do list for each day

~ Ike Amadi; know him? Tell him Tomi says "thank you" he may not have an idea what he did for me but the heavens that see beyond our eyes will reward. 

~ Piriton; I started itching (without a rash) since Tuesday and I consulted my Dr Olamide and he prescribed me the drug, I sleeept like no mans business last night. The Itching hasnt stopped lets just say its not bearable. :)

Books I started reading this week
What are you Thankful for? Care to share? I appreciate it.

Jun 11, 2014

Opinion: Is it lack of faith to not put all your eggs in one basket?

Based on the common saying ¨I cannot put my eggs in one basket¨ Sope hit me with a question ¨Is not putting your eggs in one basket wisdom or an act of not enough faith?¨

In order for me to understand he gave me examples.
1. Is it an act of foolishness to take drugs or is it lack of faith?
2. Is it wisdom after praying about wanting to do masters to also start applying for Jobs?

Wisdom or Lack of faith?

Having said that, there are babes in Christ and there are matured Christians and that will tell in your approach to things. When someone is still a babe and coming into a deeper knowledge of God and his ways - but is not exactly there yet.

I think its totally fine when people do things without faith and the word even warns us not to judge such people. Even Jesus repeated ¨Your faith has made you whole¨

We are under the new covenant and there are no rules set in stone for us.

You might say the same Bible say to have faith and not of works and it also says faith without works is dead.

In the new covenant God deal with us uniquely and gives us instructions tailored to our lives. When he speaks to us as his children and gives us instructions to follow and that is the work our faith works. It is birth out of obedience to the word/instructions of God.

As opposed to just applying for school and looking for different Jobs, because thats the next logical steps in the world that we live in, God instructs you to apply for just school, now you are confident because God said you should. The wisdom is in obedience'to his instructions.

Also, If someone is diagnosed with cancer and as opposed to going to the hospital which is the logical thing to do, God instructs the person to make dietary changes and doing that in confidence because God instructed.

Another may try to do what you did and it wont work for them, thats why we must each have a personal relationship with God because he is not a one-size-fits all God, he is a one-size-fits-YOU - as much as your capacity is.

When all your eggs are in one basket and given to God, its wisdom for you to listen to him where you should put your individual eggs and you will be rest assured that it will be safe there.

In my opinion, We just need to listen more.

What say you? I appreciate your comments.

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Jun 9, 2014

256: Abbadon

Hi everyone, 

I meant it when I said I was back :) So, we will continue where we left off in the 256 series, Click Here to find Introduction to the series and Here for the First story in the Series (Cumi) I do hope you enjoy this one. Let me know in the comment box!

The rays of light sipping through the Iron bars was the only source of light Bamiro knew after sunset. Sitting in the corner of the darkness, he flinched as he felt the presence walking into the room. He didn't have a clock but he knew the time, even after 120 days of consistent visits, he never seemed prepared.

Sweat broke out on his forehead just like the previous 119 days, the script was laid out before him, just like it had happened, nothing missing. 

Bamiro shut his eyes, his chained hands over his ears and let out a scream. 

"You don start agian?" The warder said as he walked up to his cell and hit the bars as an indication for him to keep it low, knowing he was doing it to no avail, he continued his inspection.

"I didn't do it" Bamiro kept screaming, he didn't care how loud he sounded or who cared to listen, but this 'person' had to hear so he won't keep coming back to him.


Tiwa left home everyday at exactly 7am in order to beat the traffic on her route and get to work in time. This day wasn't any different, she waved at the security guard as she drove into the gate.

"Good Morning" she repeated, greeting everyone as she walked to her desk carrying her laptop in a dark brown leather bag. Dumping her hand bag and laptop bag on her desk, she said a quick prayer, raised her head up and gave a huge sigh as she noticed Ayo walked in the direction of her desk from the corner of her eyes.

"Madame, How are you?"

"I'm fine oh, how far?"

"I dey oh" 

"Just checking on you"

Tiwa smiled and hoped it was genuine, relieved that Ayo turned to go back to her desk, she looks back and hits her with it.

"How is bamiro? How is the Job search?" She asked
"He is fine, Thanks. He is going for interviews and we are trusting God" Ayo placed her right hand on her shoulder as if to comfort her before she walked away 

"It is well ehen" 

The day became busy quickly and she soon forgot about her worries, but soon enough it was close of business, a time she really didn't look forward to. 


He sat in the dark, the deafening silence of his living room enhanced the sound of the ticking clock. The rise and fall of Bamiro's chest was all the movement he made in that day, he didn't even move when he heard the horn.

"Don't turn on the light" he said as she walked into the house, If her entire day hadn't been saturated with paper work, tiwa might have been inclined to respond but instead made her way to the bedroom to freshen up.

She made a quick meal, placed on the dining table, informed him about the food and went straight to bed. 

It was half past midnight, just like a programmed robot he stood up from the spot he sat in all day and walked into the bedroom. Listening to her almost silent sobs as he lay down beside her, he drifted into a deep escape. 

¨Bami¨ she carefully tapped her husband till he woke up 

¨What is it?¨ He said finally without any hint of emotions

¨Please sit up I need to talk to you¨
reluctantly obliging he sat up, she took her place next to him and continued

¨Your food was still on the dining table this morning, You didn't eat again?¨

For the first time in a long time, he looked her in the eyes, his brows in a frown

¨Is that why you woke me up? Don't you have somewhere to go?¨

¨Don't be defensive, I just wanted to talk¨ 

¨What would you have me say?¨

¨Anything, Its bad enough that you keep all the emotions inside¨

¨Oh! Its so easy for you to say, Its not your world that came crashing¨

The air in the room got stiff immediately and the tension grew.

¨Ive said that we're in this together¨

¨Are we really? I don't see us both sitting here when you go to work every morning¨

¨So, please don't say 'in this together'¨ he added then stood up heading to the bathroom.
She sat there trying to recover from what she just heard her husband say

¨Bamiro, please lets be reasonable here...¨ She finally found her voice but before she finished her statement, Bamiro stopped on his tracks 

¨So, I am being unreasonable now?¨

¨Will you let me finish?¨

¨Young woman, I am in no mood for all of these this morning¨

This time she stood up, quickly walked up to the front of the bathroom door before he could take another step. 

¨This is the most you've said to me since this incident happened, you will be in the mood o¨ 

But instead of giving her an answer, He pushed her aggressively out of the way.

To be continued...
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Jun 5, 2014

Happy New Month!!!!

Hello there,

*Wipes cobweb*
It. is. about. time.

I know, its been forever and I started this series and I didn't finish... I shall repent x_x
I remember when I always just posted stuff randomly, why did i become all so serious? :( Life has been good crazy, keeping up with alot of things.

I. need. a. vacation.

or just a break, jeez everything is in a disorganized order. You know when your room is scattered but you know EXACTLY where everything is? Thats the best description of my life right now, It can be good and also bad.

I'm still a grateful child.

Recently, my phone got stolen on the first day of the month and the amazing thing? After the guy snatched my phone (He zoomed by on an okada) he looked back and waved. HE WAVED. I have never seen such a one before in my life. Maybe to tell me sorry or to say bye bye, I didn't get it. Just stood there shocked beyond words. Even more amazingly, I was dashed another phone the next day :)

The jinx is broken and I am back to blogging, Amen? Amen!! As time goes on I will give updates on the things I am learning.

I am over-thinking this post, let me post and break the jinx before I change my mind. How have you'll been doing?

Happy New June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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