... At the foot of the Hill [Psalm 121]

Sep 27, 2010

i walked 'the' walk (litrally) 23 sept

So today is a very memorable day well after this thunderous rain that fell in ojota, ketu, ikorodu and probably everywhere else,

So i had to go to computer village after work to get a memory card, getting the mem card was not the problem everythin dt happened afterwards was d problem...1st of all gettin a bus to ojota from ikeja was like getting an admission into unilag...do i v a choice i'ld wait till ma turn, i finally gt admission nd d rubbish transporter takes us thru this traffic infested route then after he notices his mistake he starts screaming 'i go fu*# up y i con pass this road'...really the remedy to their(nigerian bus drivers) predicament is under mount everest mshewww

Before i even got to ojota dz rain started oo in full force i just knew dt itz either i pay 500 to ikorodu or am so sleeping under the rain unfortunaty there was no even bus to even start lookin for who to pay the 500 bucks to, so now am under the rain and drippin even with ma useless umbrella...this is one of the times i wished i had a boyfriend to comfort me...so instead of moppin, wishin for a bf and watchin d agbero boyz fightin under d rain, i decide to walk to ketu cuz i knew standing there was useless...

This is d 2nd time i wld walk to ketu d first was jst out of curiousity bt today's was a necessity and even worse i had to do it without ma sandals..but funni enuf for some reason it was fun walking the streets of lasgidi barefooted..nw dts nt easy to come by..so i v stories of 'when i walked the streets of lagos' to tell ma children yeah! finally i gt to ketu unharmed and unbruise but drippin like no man's biz i get a BRT life saver yeah indeed!!!

Bare feet on d street of lag! I am going to stop here but i got home at 11.00pm and crashed like never before with ‘Am so not going to work tomorrow’ on my mind!

Sep 21, 2010

….I Wonder….

Sometime I wonder…
Many times I wonder…
I wonder about many things
I wonder what adam looked like
I wonder why the devil tempted eve
I wonder why eve gave into the temptation
I wonder what exactly goes on in the human body
I wonder how the brain works
I wonder why people are so wicked
I wonder why people are so good
I wonder what the end of the world would look like
I wonder what heaven would look like
I don't wonder what hell looks like
I wonder why there is so much work to be done to get into heaven
I wonder why there is so little to be done to get to hell
I wonder how long eternity would be
I wonder what happens when we sleep
I wonder what I've done to deserve God's blessings
…I wonder…
But sometimes its better not to wonder then again I still wonder..
Don't you??
My conclusion: God is Awesome!!!!

Sep 16, 2010

Can we just go back?

Nigeria is almost 50 but really what do we have to show for it?

I picked up an old book in the house today and on the top right coner I saw =N= 11.80k…

Just in a flash…

We stopped using coins

Just in a flash…

Everything on the supermarket stand hyped up prices – yes am old enough to say way back when I bought =N=1 sweet and 50k (not thousand oo KOBO) worth of something…

Just in a flash…

All the transport fare went from 2 digits to 3 digits

Just in a flash…

Dollar exchange rate went from =N=4 to =N=150

Just in a flash…

Trains dissappered

Just in a flash…

Corrupt leaders appear

Just in a flash…

Educational system Flawed

Just in a flash…

Health system became rotten

Just in a flash…

Standard of living went through the roof

Just in a flash…

Everything changed and not for the better…

Just in a flash….

When would we be free???

Can’t we just go back to those times??

…now I sing cece winans – mamma’s kitchen to celebrated 50th yr independence…

Serial Cheater

I’ve always wondered why people cheat? I never knew or had the answers till now..


Then you ask how can she cheat when she is single? Well it feels like cheating I wld say…

This cycle involves 4 pple me inclusive

There is blueberry which I met in May this year, then there is tweezer that I met about he same time and there id frenzy that I’ve known for close to 5yrs now…

As at the time I met frenzy he was my companion, wow looking back I realize how much of him I miss, there was nothing on my mind I wouldn’t tell him, there was no time I was not hanging out with him, at a time my friend started calling me an addict wow! I never knew I had grown so fond of him to that extent at that point I started getting cautious of what I told him how I told him and when I saw him…it was then that I started cheating now I stop and ask myself why did I cheat on frenzy? Then I realized he was simply just loosing that touch he had 5yrs ago, he is probably becoming old and rusty…

Then I met tweezer who seems to be more homely and much more exciting than frenzy, I instantly fell in love with him the moment we had our first interaction..do you blame me? He was cuter and made me closer to my friends don’t ask how..

Then finally Blueberry he simply had this unique quality that frenzy and tweezer did not have, every time i am with him I feel this feeling of ownership, he is just someone you can get comfy with, express your mind to without a word of complaint and best part about him my friends approve.

But with cheating comes fear, fear of getting caught well so far I’ve not been caught so far all I have is speculations form all 3 of them but no facts…

What causes cheating?

For me when one gets too boring for my liking I move on to the next one till there is a cycle, they all cannot be boring at the same time its against the rules(don’t ask what rules I just know)

But since my blueberry - my blog, frenzy - facebook and tweezer – twitter it doesn’t count for human cheating does it?

So seriously what make people cheat on PEOPLE???

I Think I made an enemy… 8th sept

I’ld just go straight to the point cuz really nothing interesting happened on my way from work…

Am standing under my umbrella under this heavy rain trying to protect my hair from the rain waiting endlessly for a bus(been standing for close to an hour) this huge bus (not a moolue) came around and I threw my crème chick out the window and ran to secure myself a seat…I got a sit but we had to sit 5 in a row crap!

The enemy…

We got to a bus stop and this guy and girl enters, I had to stand up for the girl to go inside to get a vacant seat..trying to pull one crème chick that she’s not she was now very slow ‘can’t this girl see that am waiting for her’ came to my mind..first of all that made me angry..

Finally she sits her skinny ass down msshheeewww …ojebi u for sleep for road.. then the guy sits beside me..

Cause of enimity…

The dumb fellow decides to sit down and out his hand behind me, and his hand kept poking me…the already cranky and irritated me I decide to tell him in the most polite and phonetical tone ‘your hand id disturbing me’ and he replies in the razz-est agbero voice I’ve ever heard ‘owo mi disturp e, o de ge danu (my hand is disturbin you, then cut it off)’ when I was about to give him a well deserving reply the guy sitting behind him motioned for me to calm down so out of respect for this guy I withdrew..


I just noticed that the guy was trying to look at my face and probably register it and he had the look that said ‘shey we are in this small town together just don’t let me catch you on the street’ when I noticed that he kept trying to look at my face smart me I just kept looking the other way because I know that when anything happens like this itz only mouth I have…

Sep 8, 2010

Dear Mandela... No not nelson mandela Jor!!!!

Dear Mandy,

I know you don’t know that I’ve been using that your hard cover note book -dat one you ‘shared’ during your convocation- to write down notes for my blog and it would soon finish oo..

On ‘our’ way to work tis morning(tobi and i) I was telling her bout the almost-finished-book and how I would get another one which led to her telling me that your younger sis would graduate soon(please keep a book for me)

So one talk led to another which brought about your beautiful-brother as she called him ooo, hearing that my fine-boy antenna (click to knw about fine-boy antenna) came out sharply and I became interested…No! Scratch that…

The thing is that I love to associate myself with fine people, so its not like am looking for him to be my boyfriend ooo..i just want to meet new beautiful people…and I would try my best not to be tempted to put our first meeting here…

I hope I’ve been able to convince you that its totally okay to introduce you beautiful brother to me as my FRIEND…

Your sincerely,


PS: I still don’t mind an extra copy of the sexy-hard-cover-graduation book oo

PPS: you abandoned me all this while and I forgive you totally from the bottom of my heart…

Sep 7, 2010

Random musing of the day

Yeah i know it was a Monday but this particular Monday was unique; no bus, rough garage, heavier traffic, MORE lousy people, LOUDER horns to crown it all up RAIN...WTF or is it just me?? Maybe not...then now i have a sore throat oh great smth to help me with my day right?

So its a rather odd day even at work...i don’t have anything to do and since in the process of cleansing my thoughts and changing my perspective of many things i’ve stopped facebook-ing and tweeting, am just looking, coughing and reading random blogs to occupy the day till its time to go home jare...am still waiting and coughing.

Yipee its 5 am so excited well maybe not as excited as i’m sounding sha since its 5 and in this alausa bus-stop its so difficult to get a bus without strugling and since an too crème to start pushing i guess i’ll just be patient till its my time...so just like 10mins after waiting my time comes and its not for a bus oo..its for a tuk-tuk as i’ve heard them call it in india films but for u d@ don’t do india movies well i mean ‘keke napep’ and for d older ones u’ll probably know it as ‘keke maruwa’-if you know it as keke maruwa just knw you are OLD #justsaying..anywayz bk to the tuk-tuk, when it was time to pay then this guy i don’t know from adam just says he has paid for me ‘thank you’ was all that could come from my mouth but in my mind a lot of evil thoughts v started brewing and i started thinking of the nasty thing i would tell him if we get to our destination and he starts asking for my number and all trust me the thinking was not so nice but i’ll let it go since he knew better not to even talk to me after his kind gesture btw wat he paid for was just 30bucks so don’t start getting impress-ed...

then again i kept wondering is it compulstory to pay for someone especially when you enter a bus with a familiar person?? Its now becoming a norm!!!

At this point am on a high cos am listening to sign of a victory by r-kelly, who wouldn’t when listening to dt FAB song....wow!!!! SNAP

Ok bk to my musing...Am a single girl now so what does that say to you?? Well it means i am licensed to bring out my antenna that spots cute-fine-looking boys nd trust me it has a better service than ‘hemtihen’ am just saying but today’s signal was not so strong sha due to the fact that every fine boy i saw today had a major no-no there was this one looking very sexy-face, style et all but when he turned to look at me then i saw a red i mean blood shot red-eye...ewwww dt alone spoilt the fine boy he was oozing *smh* (now that am thinking of that eyes i hope they don’t hunt me in my sleep), then this other guy i saw he doesn’t v d looks to make any girl droll et all i was just attracted by his dressing...altho i don’t like pink but it has a way of looking good with a suit since i was analysing him (blame the fact that i was standing and waiting for a bus) i just look down then he has this aladin-genie kinda shoes on and no! Am not kiddin its enough that its pointed then it now looks up into the heavens gosh, i just started looking at the guy in d light of the shoes...thats enough of the fine boy- not-so-fine-boys for the day, then i decided to withdraw my antenna before i get a virus in my sever + i saw this gay-looking guy and am wondering why does every gay-looking guy i’ve ever seen have a BIG head?? Just wondering...

And my day was not wasted cos i learnt something today from a very little boy that does not even know he touched a part of me today hmm...in the cab going home there was this boy selling this –N-20 lemon sweet and he just kept dancing and super hyper active and making it all fun for him btw this was not the first time i’ve seen this particular boy...but today he just touched one place deep in me that if this boy that sells probably not going to school is happy doing what he is doing then who am i? It was a great lesson for me and it reminded me of the bible verse that says

‘whatsoever that your hands findeth to do, do it with all thy might for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave whither thou goest - Ecclesiastics 9:11’

am gonna try my best to be a good chid from now....

So am on the quest to become a good girl with that i did all what mumsi asked me to do and more sef without grumbling... i guess i’ll just keep practicing and they say practice makes perfect-very very soon i hope!!!

Sep 6, 2010

First time Sucks!!!

It was a Friday and I was to meet a guy I had been chatting with for a while now (don’t do that alot) lets call him BD…

When I closed from work @ 5 and since the place was not so far from my office then I thought ‘it can’t hurt right?’ knowing I’ve been posting this guy for like 2-3weeks, then I called and asked for where I would meet him ‘pink-something’(honestly I can’t remember) I was just wondering in my mind ‘why the name pink??’ I sha discarded the ridiculous name and cos really it doesn’t matter to me…

After looking round Lagos (not literally) I finally found the place like play like play it was freaking painted PINK!!! Now I don’t know why the colour is freaking me out….

OMG! I get the weirdest feeling when I was walking into the place ‘I’ve neva walked into an hotel to meet a guy before EVER!!’ as soon as that thought came to my head it felt like something that could be a scene out of a Nigerian movie-

The girl would go see a guy in an hotel and she takes a drink not knowing the drink is poisoned after the first sip she is a dizzy and the next thing she knows, she wakes up naked under a duvet on a bed(like duh..where else?) With rough white bed sheets, feeling all sour trying to remember what happened…SNAP!!!

I quickly pulled myself out of that thought ‘God forbid’ that is not my portion IJN.

He said he was at the bar, but as soon as I walked into the hotel I feel at home why?? Well cos the cloth I wore had the same pattern, colour as the chairs, rugs and curtains OMG! ‘why did I wear this cloth today??? Arrrggghhhh’

Still feeling weird and homely I walked into the bar and there he sat ok! There is nothing so slow motion..ish and butterflies-in-the-tummy about the moment but when I saw him I knew he was him, he ws on the phone when I walked in and motioned for me to have a seat which I did, looking around and the table in front me hmm…Gulder and coke, cigarette, ash tray ok!*no comments* since am on the quest of not judging people cos of their bad habits I did not mind the cigarette(if it was 2 months ago I would have been bothered) ….Now he is off the phone and we exchange greeting and all did the face-to-face introduction then he asked ‘what would you like to drink-we don’t do soft here ’ he added, remembering my JUNE 19 (click to read d experience)experience with alcohol ‘alakoba!’ was all that came to my mind and with my ealiar Nigerian-movie-scene thinking I said ‘nothing’ but he insisted and I decided on juice now to make my imagination run wild the freaking bartender brought it in a glass ‘there is no way am drinking that!’

So all we said has gone into the history books but all I was thinking was lemmi just get the hell out of here cos am freaking late…Really one thing I know for sure is that am so not doing this again as in meeting a guy I just chat with…there is room for exceptions sha...

P.s: I took the juice and it was not poisoned + I think am loving my new life-my getting off facebook-twitter -and only blogging life, btw i noticed while proof reading dt i used alot of 'freaking' words hmm..mayb am becoming a freak *now singing* i can be a freak everyday of every week!!!

Sep 1, 2010

Virtual Walls

I have a lot of things going on in my mind right now and since have not gone back to school wat else is it going to be??? Man ofcourse – am a straight beautiful girl wat do u expect-

The events of the past 2 weeks has just really proven that am a very weird human beign and really I find it hard to even understand myself sometimes *signs* but I still love ME!

Since the break up I had with Mr X (well that’s cos he is really my ex) I’ve been hanging out with another guy for like 2 months now (Mr salty - don’t ask why) but for like 2 weeks now things have been going sour I must confess -reason?? Still a Mystery to me!

But 2 weeks ago I asked for space and we did not talk for a whole week, so in the process of trying to iron out the differences we had (remember we are not officially together) he said I don’t love him as much as he does me, that I should try to open my heart well I did not argue or try to defend myself but everything he said just reminded me that as much as I’ve been trying not to admit it, I think I have this wall of jerico guarding my heart and it takes only me and my believe to shout the se7en hallelujah’s to bring it down…Now this is where the fear comes, the fear of the new environment cos right now am in a comfort zone and its even safer to be behind the great big walls…so what do I do??

I am no relationship expert at all and I don’t have all the answers so I really need suggestions on how to bring down my wall of jerico so I can reciprocate the love I receive from people…

X-factor Pt2

I’ve given a post about the x-factor and how it affects us - hanging out with ex and the things it can cause-

So recently I’ve been a victim of the thing my BFF and I like to call 'emotional rollercoaster’- the idea of emotional rollercoaster is simple, just like the regular rollercoaster it goes up and down only this time its your emotions- this rollercoaster is very tricky cos when you are High, you are on a serious High and when you are low you are on a serious low….

So as much as I’ve been hanging out with my ex lately, I had been fighting with my emotions internally cos there had been emotions flying in the air sometimes all I wanted to do was just cuddle with him or smth but I had to constantly remind myself that we were no longer together then, he started the talk of still being in love with me hmmm….there goes the beginning to the emotional battle in my head, I had to start analyzing how the relationship would go if it ever started again:

We get back together then

- First 1-2 weeks, we reminisce about thepast and how things went down and how we can improve

- We would hangout a lot more than we ever did

- Things would be good *everybody tryin to be good*

- After a month its gonna be business as usual *just like old times*

Well I just have the idea at the back of my head that this is how it works, and anyone trying to back to a broken relationship is just going back to get his/her pound of flesh well that’s why things would eventually not work out…so now I ask myself ‘what’s the point of the whole thing???’

I think am just gonna end up going to the only type of bank where only men can deposit and women withdraw!!!

P.S: Someone read my blog and said ‘why did you put my name, so everybody would know wats up with me ba?’

So because of this question I want to stop writing people names on my blog since am getting popular and all *stroking my invisible beards*, and more people are reading my blog hehehehe…