... At the foot of the Hill [Psalm 121]

Feb 25, 2014

#DearGodLoveLetters: Opeyemi

Writing a love letter to my Lord seems like the most difficult task. Not because I doubt my love for Him or His love for me; but thinking of how great His love His to me makes me lack proper adjective to quantify or qualify Him. Because His love for me this unprofitable dust is limitless. 

My entire life has been founded on this indescribable love. His love is greater far than tongues of men can tell, it goes beyond the highest stars, and reaches to the lowest hell. If the entire ocean in the world be filled with ink and the skies become writing pads; to write the love of God, will drain the ocean dry and the writing pad won't contain, though stretched from sky to sky.

In my foolishness, He sought me.

In my hopelessness, He gave me hope.

In my shame, He gave me fame. 

I cant express with words the extent to which He loves me, but in simple terms I want to pledge my love to Him and say that He is the bestest being I ever met or knew. I know with such a great love, He will take me to heaven one day, where I'll boldly show Him the extent to which I love Him.

~ Opeyemi

Feb 18, 2014

#DearGodLoveLetters: @shinobi_ennri

Dear God,

It is I. Henry. your wonderful son, the one in your beloved - Jesus. I'm just here to appreciate your love, the awesomeness you displayed on the cross and the sweetness of your loving kindness you lavish daily on me.

Of my initial state, my dead spirit and rascal soul, headed towards an end without you. In the magnanimity of thy heart, you showed the great love, of which Jack and Rose was just a typology; a shadow of the real thing . You are that lover ready to die for his love and rise again to continue a never ending relationship, hence putting joy on her face. For my sins, stupidity and destination, you died. For my end, my final state, a type that awakens eternal love, you rose from the dead. Of course, I'm very straight but I acknowledge how that you are my dauntless knight in glory-radiating armor of forgiveness.

Of my final state, my quickened spirit and redeemed soul, a new creation in it's heavenly home which awaits a moment of eternal inner chamber relations. It is in your love I find rest, for this is love; that you first loved me. Without capes or masks, you came to rescue me from that fire outbreak, in this love I find strength to live and reign daily. You kiss me to blush daily, even your sweet words hold power to redden my cheeks always.

You never thought it twice, it wasn't exactly mission impossible, or was it? The denizens of our nation, Zion, once asked why you so bother about me, a human; far from your class and type, you replied because of love. Love! You brought me into class and style, a beauty nothing created can ever compare. You clothe me with the robe of righteousness, put a signet of power and authority in my finger and shod my feet with sandals of right standing.

You took me out of darkness and brought me into everlasting light, NEPA's ridiculous jealously makes me run on fuel though. You are El Roi because you watch me walk in your favor daily. You're El Channun because you have placed me under a fountain of Grace. You're a my Yeshua; my saviour, my deliverer, my healer, my husband who makes rich. In fact, you are everything. Everything to me! You are my All. I say yes! Yes!! I would marry you.

Thank you for your Holy Spirit, he's doing quite an awesome job in comforting my troubled heart, showing me all the things you did for love, reminding me of how great a lover you are and how magnificent and dazzling a bride I am in your sight. He is indeed a competent one.

This is just me basking in your love for me, I cannot boast on my love for you. I know you know this, and I'm sure it is why you placed me in a position where you and I can boast on your love for me. Our own Valentine's Day would be eternal when I come home, I'ld be in your cuddling arms forever.

Yours forever,

The one you greatly love.

Feb 17, 2014

RE: #DearGodLoveLetters: Adesewa

Adesewa wrote her first letter here and decided to write a reply to the reply she got from God. Enjoy :)


Got Your reply yesterday. You sure are romantic ;) thanks sir. Really do appreciate.
I thought to let You know I have this friend You most definitely know much more than I do. I've thought so much on how to let her know she is loved by You.

Following her being raped by an uncle, she became really loose. And each time she keeps telling me she doesn't like her way of living and she has tried coming to You countless number of times.

Dad, You have shown me so much love and i know You love her even much more, is there a way You can just shut the source of these streams of thought that make her feel any less than You have formed and destined her to be? I know You can 'cos nothing is hard for You to do.
I'll tell her to watch out for Your voice 'cos I am confident You'll speak to her.
Thanks for always being here Dad. You ROCK!!!!

Forever yours.

P.s: We pray that your friend will find her rest and Identity in Jesus! Amen!

Feb 15, 2014


Hello Everyone,

How is your weekend going? 

I postponed the thankful Thursday because of the #DearGodLoveLetters I was posting. Which was so beautiful to read.

So, yaaaaaaaay! What are you thankful for this week?

Here are a list of what I'm grateful for

~ Mummy
~ Jesus
~ Garri
~ Sope's POP
~ Valentine's day
~ My life-line playlist
~ DearGod Love letters
~ Growth
~ God's word version of the Bible
~ Wall of Grace
~ Google
~ Clothes
~ Budding Friendships
~ Black Bag
~ Laptop
~ ear phones
~ Coffee and energy drinks

What are you thankful for? Share with me?

Do enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Feb 14, 2014

#DearGodLoveLetters: Eloho

Dear God, Father,

Oh, how privileged I am to reach out and call you Father and not in a perfunctory sense, I say it with a deep sense of knowing, with an experiential sense of having walked the path with you as a father.  
How do I begin?  For days on end, I have considered how to begin this letter to you and what to say. Every song I’ve sang has again inspired me to say more and thank you for more. I am so blessed to have you, especially because you loved me first.  Eternity is not enough for me to respond to the depth of your love. Your love overwhelms me and in the words of Graham Kendrick, I say ‘I love the way you father me’. 

I know I’ve not always enjoyed this level of relationship with you. For a long time, I was content with bearing your name as my surname and then meeting you for a quick dinner every now and then. I was content with referring all my bills and needs to you and you made sure that my needs were met as good fathers are wont to do.  I was comfortable with a simple, 'Hi Dad', 'Good night dad' relationship and when challenges came my way, I was bold to bring them to you and you, dear Father, always came through for me. I always had a new story to tell my friends about how ‘cool’ my dad was. Then one day, I listened to one of my brothers speak about you so intimately and a feeling of deep loss overwhelmed me. He had something I didn’t have. I knew your acts, yes, like the Israelites, but I didn’t know your ways like Moses did (Psalm 103:7). And then, I realised that I wanted more. I sat before you Dad and said to you how sorry I was for all the times I simply made you a solution for my challenges. I desired you, more of you, and as I drew near to you, you drew near to me. And then, it was no longer about my needs, I wanted to make you happy too; I wanted to meet your needs. The beautiful thing I realized about it is that, as I met your needs, my needs were met too. 

I will never forget how you taught me that was your original desire - for me to enjoy unbridled access to you. That deeper level of relationship has changed my life, dad. I am everything I am because of your grace and by your Spirit, you express yourself through me so that when I speak sometimes, it is you who speaks through me.  People ask me afterwards, is that your dad? You sound like him. What a joy!

You know those many times I have asked you to help me find the words and you said to me, ‘Open your mouth and I will fill it,’ and I found myself speaking wisdom I knew I didn’t have, or saying things I didn’t know previously. How amazing those moments felt. And you said to me, I have been waiting for you to come home. OH, how I wanted to cry for the years I wasted just eating crumbs and having my bills paid as a daughter. I wanted all the years back, to go back and sit down at your feet and listen to your wisdom.

Making time out to know you has changed my life dad, just seeing the world through your eyes gives me a clear advantage. I can’t find the words to explain how you inspire me to do right, like the times you silently whisper, Eloho shut up, you don’t have to be right. You know dad, at first I would go on and do just like I pleased and then I will feel you just go silent and feel your pain as I disregarded your wisdom or grieved your spirit. I remember all the regret I felt from not listening to you in the first place. But when I came back, at any time, you received me with arms wide open. Now, I’m learning to just stay connected to you and to take your instructions. I have no regret, not even one from having obeyed you. In every sphere of life, from academics, my career and goals to my relationships with people, having you in my corner has been most beneficial. I love you Dad, with every instruction, you look at me so lovingly and say, I have loved you with an everlasting love.

I love you Dad, when I think of the price you paid to get me to come to you, I walk tall.  Dad, I remember how once you taught me that value comes from the price paid. Hmm, it took the life of your son to pay for my redemption. Now, that is some hefty ransom. Thank you Dad!!! Just thinking about it and celebrating it inspires me to honour you with my body for I bear your mark.

Every time I leave the house, I feel like the daughter of the American President, surrounded by a fleet of Secret Service Agents keeping watch and never losing sight. Dad, I never feel alone, and truly, you promised me that angels will keep watch over me and act as ministering spirits. Dad, they minister to me indeed. All the times I have missed funny happenings by a split second, because you made sure your angels distracted or delayed me. Thank you Dad! Where would I be if you didn’t love me?

Dad, I am grateful for the support you send my way. Sometimes, I may not have even told you how I feel, but you are touched by the feelings of my infirmities and  you go ahead of me and get people to pray for me, you leave a burden in their hearts to reach out to me and hug me till I burst into tears. You never miss an opportunity to tell me how much you love me.  Recently, I remember being so overwhelmed with regret about a decision I made earlier, I felt I had missed your instruction again, it was painful and heart rending.  I was in so much pain. Dad, you went the whole ten yards to get to me. You raised men and women to speak the right words to me without even knowing and for some of them, you told them exactly how I felt. I never walk alone.  

My earthly family, my parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, you blessed me with such wealth in family dad. But it’s you, you know me inside out, you knew just what I needed. Writing this today, I really have to thank you for all the people you sent to me. Dad, you simply blessed me with amazing people in my circle, rare blessings in my varying seasons and so randomly too. Looking back at how I met most of them, I wonder how I didn’t see it was you all along. Hahaha! you are a master strategist. And simply because of how freely you have loved me, I am able to go out there and love others. Now, when I have such a cool dad, how can I stay quiet? Why won’t all my colleagues hear about you? Why won’t I introduce myself proudly as your daughter? Dad I can’t help talking about you unabashedly everywhere I go. Now I understand how it felt when my siblings went on and on about you. It was simply because they ‘knew’ you. 

I love your grace; it has shown me so much love that I don’t ever want to hurt you. I never want to have you say you are disappointed in me. That will break my heart because of how much you have loved me. Dad, I could go on and on thanking you, but you know the amazing thing about knowing you? It shows that I don’t even need to struggle to please you. You work in me to will and do of your pleasure.  So as long as I am connected to you, I can remember what your instructions are and do them. They are all for my good. 

Now, I wake up and take on the day because I know who I am and whose I am. My identity is not in doubt. You look into my eyes and tell me I am precious and loved.  You will give up nations for me! You whisper into my ears that I am beautiful and that you make all things beautiful in your time. You assure me that you who have begun a good work will be faithful to complete it.  I am not moved by any big brothers or sisters telling me what you haven’t said to me, I boldly say to them, my Daddy said I could have it. I know who my daddy is!!!
Dad, much as I want to go on and on about your love for me, I’ll end my letter with a few lines of Graham Kendrick’s song.
If in my foolishness I stray
Returning empty and ashamed
I love the way you father me
Exchanging for my wretchedness
Your radiant robes of righteousness
I love the way you father me
And when I look into your eyes
From deep within my spirit cries
I love the way you father me
Before such love I stand amazed
And ever will through endless days
I love the way You father me
Thank you dad.  It’s an honour to be loved by you.

Your daughter,

#DearGodLoveLetters: Morounfoluwa

Dear God,

Just like everytime I want to pen down my Love for you, I am short of the right words.
Let me start by saying a huge "Thank You" For Loving me.
Loving me out of my sense of worthlessness, Loving me as yours, even when I didn't act like one. You drew me in and showed me you.

Once I asked "Who am I that you are mindful of me?" with the gentleness and authority in your voice you said "You're mine"
Now, I see why you're mindful of me this earthen vessel and I will be forever grateful.

Its not of what i've done because you gave Jesus out of Love from the foundation of the earth. The Love that compels me to Love you in return. The Love that worketh power within me to Love yours.

I can go on and on.


The Love of my Life.

My Friend.

My Father.

My strength.

My healer.

My Saviour.

My All.

In all.

First. Last. In between.

In you I live, in you I breathe, in you I have my being. In this season of Love, I want to shout it out to whoever cares to listen about how much you mean to me.

Thank you foe being the same, Thank you for the Love everyday.

I Love you way beyond what "I Love you" can express.

:* :*

Daughter at the foot of the Hill


#DearGodLoveLetters: Adesewa

Dearest Lord,

How are you today Dad?

Thought to find a very little means of putting a smile on your face and this medium came along.
The last time we talked you asked that i be sincere to and with you.
You asked that i come to You at all and sundry times no matter what i feel. But you know, someitimes i kinda feel like You are in my head, or in my heart, no! in my being??? I don't know, i just keep getting these bubbling in my stomach and chest that i can't really fathom, not to talk of explain.

Ok! This is it...
Opening my eyes each second
All that they are filled with is the magnanimity of life bestowed on mankind by mercy
Your beauty...oh! Man will never comprehend in its wholeness
From one generation to another,you leave a remnant for Your Glory
Glorious in holiness
Fearful in praises
Awesome in all thy ways
The entirety of global alphabets is incapable of melodiously defining thy Glory and Majesty
Oh! What fellowship, to rest my head at thy breast.
Thy Love for me is the definition of depth
All i've come to say is that You grant me the ability to meet You at the point of Your need.
I super-doopa-expressly Love You Dad!



Feb 13, 2014

#DearGodLoveLetter: Olamide

Dear Jesus,

To me this seems small,
Placed side by side,
             at least in my eyes,
With all that's brought
       before your throne today...

offerings of silver
                         and tithes..

Lord all I have
    are these
       I found afloat
         within my heart

All I bring
    are these
    harvest of my crops    

In each word        
             are three sweet songs    
        And all I am
           and hope to be
           is held within each word...

#DearGodLoveLetters: Tokunbo

Dear God,

Whats up with you and how is the sovereignty thing going with you?

A friend of mine has asked me 2 write this love letter and hence this although i've been wanting to really relate with you one way or the other regardless of prayer and reading the Life textbook you left for us (bible) .

Ok now to the letter... I love u is not an expression or saying word but a doing expression (pardon my grammatical combo) but you showed what love is when you came to die for sins I hadn't even committed yet... WOW.

Very recently, I also learnt that Prayer is not actually a 1-way thing but most times as human beings, we just always bombard you with our concerns forgetting the part of d bible that says - seek ye first d kingdom of God, and ALL other things shall be added.

I also -most times- forget the part of d bible that says there's a time for everything under the sun(scorching though) 

I dont always give you time to hear your concerns bout me when I pray- its always about me me me me me but the funny thing is you never still get tired. I had always not remembered that prayer is the vehicle that I use to kip my relationship going with you so it has 2 be 2-way. (between, thanks 4 your patience)

I also know that weneva it seems ur nt answering, its actually cos ur face is on me and not cos ur nt there.

I also know that like a human father will not give a child a candle or lantern till he can handle it, you won't give me until you're sure am ready to handle it... so when I prayed 4 a car at age 18, you knew I wasn't ready and you dint give me.

After all said and done God, here I am trying to find out wat I cn do 2 repay u but its nt jst hard or difficult cos those words dont even begin 2 explain a bit of it but I marvel cos all u av required is rily my praise.

I am a living testimony all cos of your love.. I live cos of your love... I breathe cos of your love, I sleep and wake cos of your love... I do everything cos of you.

Imagine you asked me 2 subscribe for breathe monthly? It woulda been unaffordable even @ d cheapest price of 1 naira per breath cos I do that like 100, 000 times every day.

I cant say I love you God cos am not worthy to say that but just accept and know that I LOVE YOU.

I can kip going on and on and on and on and on and on and on... but make I give Others space to write.

Bye God

Feb 12, 2014

#DearGodLoveLetters: Nneka

Dear God,

What makes a man
Makes him glam
Makes him glow
Makes him show
Off his love
Show he's tough
Show he cares
That he'll be there

Must be a woman
So good
And so true
That's my clue
But I was
None of these
When You gave
All for me

When You paid
For my crime
And You died
It was time
That I turned
From my ways
You were ransom
For me

Now, I'm a woman
So good
And so true
I have found You
- Written by Nneka Okonkwo

She blogs at:



#DearGodLoveLetters: Simeon

Awesome Daddy, 

It's this feeling again .. jumping hard within me.. an all too familiar one.. where my heart is filled to the hilt with gratitude to you. 
So full that words fail me when I try to express my appreciation for giving your Word that now fills my heart with your Love. 

Lord, you are awesome beyond words.. Daddy, all of me from the very core of my essence screams "I love and adore You ! my heart sings "You're an Awesome Father".

Thank you for loving me and giving me your life and light. Giving me your grace and strength. I say thank you ! 
My Lover, Friend, Helper, Keeper and my Source .. *words fail again..

Lord, I live and love for you. 

Feb 11, 2014

#DearGodLoveLetters: Theresa

Dear God,

It's 2014
My flesh wants to whine that (You know what)
My Spirit rejoices and exults in the time it spends worshipping
My worries I cast at Your feet
I honestly don't know how I find them with me again
But I have decided to not tire of dropping them at Your feet because I have come to know that You are caring
I love you
I do.
I thank You
I praise You
I adore You
I bow to You
I had a plan
I really did
In 20 lifetimes I could not have imagined it like You did it
It came with a lot of persecution
But all of it served to bring You glory
Because no man can do the things that You do
You are incomparably generous
I thank You for the Holy Spirit for I could not have taken a step without Him
The most precious thing I have on earth is an intangible
The faith You gave me from the word
You say, in it is overcoming power
That no matter what it is that's scary as a monster that this world brings
That that faith overcomes it
I thank You for grace to believe Your word
For I've met many who don't
Thank You for unconditional love
I have seen much conditional love
I won't settle for what's not Your desire
When I think of February, I see cakes, chocolates, teddies
Excitement and fun
It is good
It just can't compare to the love I have known in You
I don't know how You fill my heart to overflowing
How do You do it?
How do You love me so?
You are a great listener
I know from hours of just praying and talking to you
From just pondering how You love me and my fam

"...grace abounded much more"

Thank You for exceeding grace
Thank You for unspeakable gifts
The heathen have said "our God is God and are still saying
Father, strengthen our hearts and our knees and our hands and our mouths fill up with Your word
Thank You for filling us with virtue overflowing
Thank You for angelic protection
Thanks You for Your strange doings, and how You lead us, guide us & open the door for us.
Thank You for promotion that comes from God
Your blessing adds no sorrow
And I do believe You for much more.

You swore by Yourself
I take You at your word
You will do all You have said to me.
Thank You
Guide me and my steps
I see Your hand
I thank You and I worship
I pray that men will come to know you beyond the pages of the bible

"The letter kills, the Spirit gives life"

By Your grace I will always see the Spirit of the word
I pray that as many as are willing will go beyond arguing doctrine and theology and experience the Spirit of God and what He is doing in this season, I pray that You give them the grace to do so.
I pray that I would always be sensitive to Your Spirit and the promptings of my divine helper
My gift from God
And obedient to Your will
If I had my way, this letter wouldn't end
So till tomorrow Lord, I love You

From Your daughter who loves You
Who has experienced much of Your love overflowing

Feb 10, 2014

#DearGodLoveLetters: Ayomiku

Dear God,

I am back again! (Not to complain or request though)*covers face*
Often times, words fail me... Is it to describe Your awesomeness? Or Your patience or the depth of Your love for me?

I know I have failed You a lot of times yet You still drag me back to You... Sometimes I couldn't even imagine what You see in a wretched me... Giving Your precious son to die for me... (Not sure I can give a fingernail for a stranger); Calling me your child, knowing the number of hairs I have on my head and all these stuff that just seem not possible...

Well, I know I keep going back and forth, pushing and asking for everything at the same time and I might not have been on my very best behavior of late because I haven't gotten everything I have been asking for but I would still love you! Since I have come to realize that it happens at Your own best time!

Here, they say it's the season of love or Valentine season which I actually do not often acknowledge but what else could I wish for or say but be grateful for this day and season that You have blessed me with and it costs me nothing to say how much I love You and would still keep loving You no matter what life brings my way! I'm sorry, I have no gift to bring but my praises and thankful spirit since You already own my heart and all of me!

This is a season of love and I'm giving all my love back to You and to all your wonderful Children around me; with warm smiles to bless their hearts and gentle words to touch their hearts and prayers that would go a long way more than I can imagine!

I Love You so much and I'm grateful I met You when I needed You the most! Thanks for being the best dad, brother, teacher, listener,Doctor, partner and above all my Best Friend! I couldn't ask for anything or anyone else! Thank You for sending Jesus my way, I look forward to feasting at Your table, overwhelmed with Your love and spending all my Time with You!

I Love You much more than even I can imagine and I would love You till the very end!

Your sweetest heart,

N.B: I read this letter a couple of times and kept deleting and re- writing but I wish I could add some more to it but I know you can read it all from my heart *smiles*
Tell Jesus I love Him too! (Not like I have a choice).

Feb 9, 2014

#DearGodLoveLetters: Damilola

Welcome to our Valentine Special. This is the first of the Letters by Damilola. Enjoy. 

Dear YOU,

Yes YOU...:)

Yahweh Omnipotent Unquestionable.

Oh how proud I am to profess my love to you,
How elated I am to confess it to the world,
You have given me a heart so divine to witness,
You're in me. Always. You are. And me, elated.

Every year, every month, you renew me,
Yes there were ugly times, but you still calm me,
Even the world can't define my expression whenever you show yourself,
I fail you from time to time, but u still stay by me,

You keep re filling me with blessings and joy,
And keep revealing yourself,
You're even still in the process!
Oh how much I love you.

Its beyond this world; my love for you
A word to express it can't be created in ages to come,
Because it keeps growing and keeps changing,
I know because it has been that way for 22 years.

You give me all, I'm so immersed in you,
Even when I don't show appreciation sometimes,
You still live in me.

This year, I want to tell you how much I love you.

#2014 #Valentine'sDay #LetterToYOU.


Feb 6, 2014


Heey Everyone!!

Whhoooop!! Its Thankful Thursday. Its been a busy week, but boy am I grateful!!!

Here are the things I am grateful for this week

1. The Word
2. Black biro
3. Still can't get over WAFBEC!!
4. Divine Healing
5. Lamide
6. Books
7. Jesus
8. Coffee
9. Natural Hair
10. Feb 3/4
11. My Blog
12. Toyosi
13. Romans 12
14. Sope
15. Spirit > Soul

What are you thankful for?

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#DearGodLoveLetters: Introduction

Don't know why the picture is dull.. :(

Hello People,

I am trying to so something different for Valentine as *coughs* I will be having a Lovely private dinner with *coughs* Someone that I don't know yet -______-

In order not to be a slacker, I want to do something special for us - You know we that are one of many Jesus dates. Lol.

Abi? Is it not good? :)

Oya, If you have a partner you are welcome to submit your entry too. We are nice like that here.

What's this about?

You Love God but don't know exactly how to express it? How about writing a letter to him to make it easier? or you just want to brag on your God? 

Why not write a letter? ;;)

Sooo..... If you want to write a Love letter to God, send in your entry to [tomi.akibo@gmail.com] I have posted this on ALL my social media platforms and the ones I've received are beautiful can't wait to share from next week.

What are you waiting for? Send in your letter and get all mushy with God!! He is Love afterall. 

I'm waiting :) :) 

P.s: Kindly show your interest in the comment section and can the letter be ready latest Saturday? So I can plan it well. 

Thank you!!

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Feb 5, 2014

Photography: On the Street

These are some of the Images I have relating to the street. Enjoy

Stop there

This guy was warning me to not take his picture x_x

Mans ghast to rest 

My street partners.

Feb 4, 2014

Soled Out

Soled out.
Out of my soul.
Vile, dark, numb.
pumping out of the thoughts.
Still dark.
a place only I go.

HE also sees, HE knows, HE goes.
To my soul.
Veil dropped, i see, Sole.

Can you feel my heart beat?
can you hear it wrong?
Can the write be wrong?
or can I wrong the write,
without a tear out?

Clearly, veil dropped.
Wretch, oozing out, I see.
Oh wretched man that I am.
How can I explain in Simpler terms?

'Souled Out' I always screamed
But, the veil is off, I see.
soled out - to self - more like.
Save me?

Save me from the wrong I made write.
Save me from the sole I made soul.
Heal me from the hurt of a sole and make it whole.

Sole; glory in me, glory in us, glory in we.
Sole; gradual internal decay.
Sole, Shiny Exterior.
Sole; Me
Sole; Done.
I pray

Veil dropped.
Sole to soul, I seek.
Soul; not me.
Soul; You. Soul; Them.
Soul; Shiny Interior, Invisible.
Soul; Exterior? Who cares?
Make me Souled out for you!

Have you come to an end of yourself? Have you come to a point where nothing else seems to be working out and you've tried all you could? Click to meet GRACE

Feb 3, 2014

Sigh of a Prisoner


Searching through, digging through.
Looking out. Looking in.
Still nothing, no one.
Something tugs from within
"I need" it says

I dont hear this often, today, i feel.
Feel the voice as it screams, louder.
Louder at the walls of my once bad ass heart.

Now, it hides behind the voice
Louder than the silent killer.
Can you see them all around.
Giggling, Exchanging pleasantries.
My heart in the midst of it all, hiding.

Loneliness, the engulfing void.
 The silent alley, the deep abyss.
Dark darkness. Deep depth.
Swallows you, half in - half next.

Can i see? Can i feel? Can i hear?
I cant. Except for the faint sounds sipping through the bars
In the prison of the silence that holds my heart captive
it shows, it tells.
BUT, i hear a light....

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Feb 1, 2014

God is NOT sovereign (Not the way we define it)

In the beginning...
I didn't want to do a post about this because really this is a very sensitive issue and I just wanted answers to my questions answered and let it be. But the more I studied, talked to people, listened to sermons, meditated I knew I had to share.

Disclaimer: You may not agree with what I am saying but read to the end and I challenge you to go into the word yourself, with the help of the Holy spirit, with an open mind and find out the truth yourself.

Sacred Cows...
"God is in control"
"God is sovereign"
"There is a purpose for everything"
"God uses the evil to correct or draw us close to him"

So, in the spirit challenging killing sacred cows. I started having questions because it didn't make sense that the God I was learning that Loves me so much will want anything evil to happen to me or anyone else...

What does being sovereign mean? The dictionary defines sovereign as 1. Paramount; 2. Having supreme rank or power 3. Independent: a sovereign state 4. Excellent

Religious tradition has redefined "sovereign" to mean that God is in absolute control of all that is happening in the world and exercises this control.

God was once in total control, then he gave man unrestricted power and authority over the earth and by one act of rebellion man gave that power and authority to satan, Satan has been messing things up since then. Now, one place where God is in total control is Heaven, that's why Jesus says "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.."

God never uses evil to correct or draw us to him Romans 2:4
"... not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance"
2Tim3:16 also says that the word of God - not problems - is given to reprove us

"If we go with religious tradition, we would believe that God wills everything, good or bad. It gives a temporary relief from confusion and condemnation but a long term, it slanders God, hinders our trust in God and leads to passiveness" ~ Andrew Wommack

God has a perfect plan for everyone (Jer 29:1) but he doesn't make us walk in that path, but he has told us what path to choose (Deut 30:19) and he has given us his spirit to lead us through that plan to take us to that end.

Think about this...
When we say "God is Love" how do you we reconcile that with the God that has refused to stop the natural disasters, death of loved ones or *insert any bad thing* and we know that God doesn't change (Mal 3:6, Hebrews 13:8) and once we understand the nature of Jesus, we understand the nature of God (John 14:7) and I don't see Jesus causing natural disasters rather I see him rebuking winds, I don't see him causing the death of Loved ones rather raising them up from the death. Because that is his will.

For the son of man is not come to destroy man's lives, but to save them (Luke 9:56)  but there is a record of a destroyer (John 10:10)
Now, because these 'truths' have been forever doesn't mean we have to keep accepting them.

The nature of God...

God is Good and he has plans to do us good (Jer 29:11) and if its up to him we would all be blessed (James1:17)

What am I saying?
God is a sovereign in the sense that he is paramount and supreme, there is no one higher in authority and power but that doesn't mean he exercises his power by controlling everything in our lives. He is not one to go where he isn't invited (Rev 3:20) God has given us the freedom to choose (Deut 30:19) He has a plan for us, he seeks to reveal the plan to us and urges us in that direction, but we choose. He doesn't make the choice for us.

Remember: If it is good, it is GOD. If its bad, Its the devil.
Our problems(pain) are either our wrong choices, attack from the devil or just natural forces of an imperfect world.

That's why we need the Holy spirit to help us discern in every situation. The Lord is the answer to our problems and not the Problem.

N.B: I know that there is still alot of depth to this which can be birth by more questions asked, but I just tried to touch on what I believe should be the framework of what we should base whatever answer anyone gives.  And Thanks to everyone that spoke to me and gave their opinions when I asked.

Happy New Month people..

Have you come to an end of yourself? Have you come to a point where nothing else seems to be working out and you've tried all you could? Click to meet GRACE