... At the foot of the Hill [Psalm 121]

Apr 29, 2013

I Got Tired

I wrote this yesterday night and i just thought to share, maybe i just might get the encouragement i am looking for;

28th April

How did it just come over me? The tired feeling.

Please, tell me i am not crazy
Please tell me that i am doing the right thing chasing after Jesus.

I know its right but then sometimes, sometimes..... sigh.

...... i just get tired

..too tired to ask for help from the one i know that gives.




I ask for strength


Girl too tired to look to the hills

Apr 26, 2013

The Seer: Redistribute

The Tag read “Event Manager”, picked it up and wore it with pride.

Hi, My name is Chioma and this was the day my whole life changed, i’m not sure how i got the job, maybe because Bola is the Choir Director, I don’t know, what I do know is, I was excited when I got the call, who wouldn’t have been?

I was just asked to organise the Concert for the Largest church in the City. 

They all sat in a row in the brightly lit room that was my office, the excitement mixed with tension filled the atmosphere, that much you couldn't miss

“This is a big deal for us, and we can’t afford to mess anything up,this event will make us known in this city if we do it right, so lets do what we know how to do best”

That was 6 weeks ago, and here I was standing on the stage checking and double checking details, 

decorations, Check. 

Sound System, Check. 

Transportation, check. 

Sitting arrangement, check.

Lighting, Check. 

Back up power supply, Check. 

Running the rest of  her check list with Dola and everything was looking perfect, wait almost everything.

Apr 25, 2013

Book Review: When Heaven Weeps.

SO, Its no huge secret that i am a Ted dekker groupie, Picked up this book last week and i was engrossed through out the week till i finished it. Although the book is old but then it so alive. Once again, Ted (Yeah, we on first name basis now *Yimu*) delivered.

google images

This book is all sorts of amazing.

I got to a point in the book and i just closed it and i was balling my eyes out, really it was that touching.

We always hear about God's Love for us but this book is centered on Our Love for God.

Love so deep and pure that you willing to die in order to live. get that?

"In living we die and in dying we live"

getting to a point in your walk with God where death doesn't scare you because you know there is a greater reward, laughter, Joy, peace. Amazing right?

This book was also Ted's Version of the Hosea Story in the bible, one of my favourite books in the world is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, its her re-tell of the Hosea story from the bible too and reading it again from another perspective was Amazing.

google images
Let me share a few quotes from the Book...

“Suffering is an oxymoron. There is unfathomable peace and satisfaction in suffering for Christ. It is as though you have searched endlessly for your purpose in life and now found it in the most unexpected place: In the death of your flesh. It is certainly a moment worth of laughter and dance. And in the end it is not suffering at all. The apostle Paul recommended that we find joy in it. Was he mad?” 
― Ted DekkerWhen Heaven Weeps

“So where does Stan fit in this equation?...
We are told to meditate on scripture, even the hald that details the consequences of evil, the consequent of Jericho and all. Not to pretend out God has somehow changed since the time of Christ. Obviously, Paul's idea of admirable and noble is quite different from ours. God forgives us, Bill. We have mocked His victory by whitewashing the enemy for the sake of our neighbirs approval."
No Greater Love has any man...” 
― Ted DekkerWhen Heaven Weeps

“What is pure Bill? Or excellent or admirable? The death of a million people in a flood? God evidently through so. He is incapable of acts that are not admirable, and it is He who brought about the Flood. How about the slaying of children in Jericho? There are a few Bible stories that are not as terrible as they are happy. We just prefer to leave out the terrible part, but that only makes the good anemic.” 
― Ted DekkerWhen Heaven Weeps

“What a terrible thing it is for children to see death, you say. We have it all wrong. If you make a child terrified of death, he won't embrace it so easily. And death must be embraced if you wish to follow Christ. Listen to His teaching. 'Unless you become like a child...and unless you take up your cross daily, you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.' One is not valuable without the other. 

Janjic Jovic, The Dance of the Dead, 1959” 
― Ted DekkerWhen Heaven Weeps

"A man can only live with so much, true enough. At some point he will have to die for something. if not now, then for eternity" - Ted Dekker, When heaven weeps

"Die? How would i die? Forgive. Love her without condition. Climb up to your cross, my friend. As seeds fall on the ground and die, it cannot bear fruit. somehow the church has forgotten the masters teaching" - Ted Dekker, when heaven weeps

"..... In reality the death of will is far more traumatic than the death of body" Ted Dekker, When heaven weeps.

"It was indeed God that had place this new tune in his heart. so he would dance a new dance- a dance of life, a dance of Love" - Ted Dekker, When Heaven weeps

There you have it, When next you are in a bookstore stop at the Ted Dekker stand and pick one, definitely worth your time.

Apr 24, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Apr 22, 2013

He caught up with me finally.

google image

With one eye opened foreign tongue in the background, i’m standing there “preparing my mind” and wondering “why hasn’t this happened to me?”

i was about 14 years old and it was cadet camp (Thats foursquare version of children camp), that year passed and i had still not felt the holy spirit the way they all said he would just come down and fall on you, and the next year and the next year.

“Maybe the holy spirit isn’t for you after all” I said to myself after raising my hands countless times and preparing my mind under the ministeration of various men of God.

I gave up.

But God doesn’t give up on you does he?

A part of me wanted the experience and the other part of me gave up since it hadn’t happened all these years.

i’m 22(.5) *side eye* and he finally caught up with me, did i hear halleluyah? I thought so too ;)

I was looking for a church to attend in Kontagora then and that sunday i told the bike man to take me to the Redeem church over there, just pointing my hand in one direction and in that my small church i felt the holy spirit and i was too sure i was in the right place, i didnt start speaking in tongues at the time but that alone was an amazing experience, the peace that washed over me after that? Ever heard of the peace that passeth all understanding? Then the Joy? Amazing, but i wanted more, i wanted to speak in tongues like everyone else, maybe that was where i missed it. I didnt understand the purpose of the Spirit and why i needed him, i just wanted it because i didn’t want to be the only one praying in English when everyone around me is praying in heavenly language.

I Chilled.

I would wake up in the middle of the night and pray for the holy spirit and wait and wait for the heavenly language that i could not explain. Nothing.

I cried. Nothing

I gave Thanks. Nothing.

Sometime in Ocotber 2012 a family friend (Titus) came over the house to ask my sister and i if we wanted to go for a prayer session specially just to recieve the holy spirit, i was excited and i jumped at it, my spirit obeyed the man of God and recieved the holy spirit that day, i spoke in tongues but.....

Not for long, i had doubts “Am i the one really speaking” “Jeez girl, you sound so weird stick to english”

After that day the only time i remember speaking in tongues was when i woke up from a very bad dream speaking aloud in tongues, balling my eyes out then... Nothing

I did not feel a thing, i gave my self the stick to english prayer speech but it was far from over, Once again i started to Thrist for the Holy spirit and it became frustrating at some point because it started being about the personal experience and i wasn’t getting it even after praying and knowing so much truths about who i am in christ.

2am on the 19th of Jan, i went on my knees, sang worship songs, prayed for forgivenessand started asking for the power of the holy spirit to come upon me, i was repeating one of the prayers (which i can’t remember) when it happened..

you know when you are on one side of a large crossable-gutter then suddenly you jumo and you are on the other side and wonder how you made it there? (You don’t? what happened to your childhood? no gutter jumping? *smh*)

Thats exactly how i felt and i felt it all over my body too and i could hear myself speak a language i didn’t understand.

He caught up with me... Finally and i am so grateful.

Want to share your first experience with the holy spirit with us? Use the comment box or with me? Send me an email tomi.akibo@gmail.com. i definitely want to hear it. Thanks!

Apr 18, 2013


Cute Keed? No? 

My dad's 40th Birthday, who is the cutie in the middle?

2007 Mayflower School, press club hand over

So, There you have it, you can laugh at me now x_x

Apr 16, 2013

The Seer: Beyond the crowd Mentality

google images

Sitting at the table while my mind took flight
This study looks smaller, trying to suck me in?
Every sense at alert
Even notice the ripple at the tail of the housefly that flew by

It spinned, it caught my eyes
Tiny shapes come together to make the world
Dots, trails, long paths
How did I see that far?
Looking closely, it comes alive
Dots trails, long paths leading to the crowd
Did you see that? He just snatched her bag.
I saw past the sellers sweats, she just wanted to make a living
Can you see the tear in the corner of her eye?

Apr 9, 2013

Cover me right.

Walking around fully clothed and still longing for a covering. Anyone else ever felt that way? And when people stare at you for too long you start to feel awkward, like “Can you stop already”

I’ve felt that way countless times.

We are going to camp in Gen 2 &3 for this today. Stay with me

“And they were both naked, the man and wife and were not ashamed” Gen 2:25

The first thing people will jump at here is Aha! Wedding night, when they are naked they will not be ashamed, Yeah partially but we are also aware that some married people are still “shy” of their nakedness. Think about it.
Let us bear in mind that this verse was before they ate of the tree in the midst of the garden and we know how the story went. The serpent, Eve then Adam… back and forth then BAM!!

Apr 4, 2013

New Blog design

Hello Everyone and Happy New Month.

This is just to show off my new blog, i think i have grown out of being a DramaQueen and as such the blog should also grow with me.

*Drum rolls*