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Jul 29, 2010

DreaMers LounGe

A man and a woman performing a modern dance.

I have this feeling deep in my heart that am gonna be a great person but when? just like GT(the guitar boy) i ask myself when am i gonna be when i wanna be? i have a lot of stuffs really wanna achieve well passion wise i think modelling s going to top my list(this is my personal advert o incase you know pple so hook me up), my charity foundation for orphans, then i also wanna dance and i still want to do all my computer stuff too am sure if my parents hear this i mean modelling and dancing, they are gonna have my head but really whats with parents and choosing for their kids? they live their lives and they dont want to give their children that privilede too(once again i say my children would be very lucky to have me as mummy)
Back to the dreams and aspirations, people make excuses that this country is this the economy is that, but i think if you really have a dream follow it through and if you fall stand up dust yourself and try again(k now am feeling like some fela durotoye...ish) anyway now considering everything i wann do, i don't want to be like jagz  jack of all trade master of none so i ask my self  'what do i do?'
Am just gonna take each one at a time for every stage in my life and stop dreaming instead start living my dream!

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Jul 28, 2010

Oya greet me na!!! 28th july

OMG!!! 6.20am hmm...me wake up early i wish! i just knew that the early rising was gonna end yesterday and that was cuuz of the birthday excitement...So this day started on a wet note and honestly that did not make me feel so good
Now am wondering why she is on my case?? even if i don't greet you does it remove on strand of hair from you? of which that not even the case.
Am doing a copy of a document , i get to the desk and greet everyone, then i come bk to the re-do the copy, then you just say 'you don't you ever greet people'  then am trying to defend myself  but really why am i even defending myself? dont i have the right to pick who i greet? fine you are an elder and blah blah blah i feel its appropriate if u feel i need to cultivate the habit of greeting people why don't you act mature and tell me instead of embarassing me, i might just be younger but am not dumb or someone you can just boss aound really at this point am tired of the whole IT thingy i mean i've been working for and not getting paid and am still greeting you and u complain should you not be glad that am not hissing each time you pass beside me??
Really i think some people need to loosen up and stop being so uptight or rather stop taking their frustration out on other people, now she just stained my day. :(


So 20 yrs ago i ws born into this world...So i wake up early today oh! tis my birthday and i guess am excited dats all really am having high expectations for the day oo...
I get to work today and my facebook wall is full of birthday wishes from even people i dont even expect honestly i really feel loved and appreciated and really want to thak God for spearing my soul to even see the day, i've had 19 birthday's in my liffe and this is the best ever now why wont i be thankful to God....

The X-factor 23rd july

You know what they say 'old flames never die' well not in my case sha (just a lil tho') i won't say my old flames never die, i'ld say am just kind hearted and it makes me want to listen or be interested (even if am not) cos i dont like seeing people get hurt most especially when its because of me, and i know a lot of girls out there are like me, they tend to do things to please other people for a living, why don't you do something for your self something that makes you happy for a change honestly the world would not come to an end if you do, its is something i have learnt over my short years in this life.
So i had lunch with my X-boyfriend and i think for him, i guess he just started having emotional-rush well as much as i have weighed it(pros and cons) i just know it can never work out between us again.
Many people make the mistake of going back into an already collapsed relationship all in the name of 'i still love him/her', we need to face reality cos that thing tha made you leave would def' come back to haunt you(some are lucky tho' and it works for them) all the same you never can tell thats why we need directions from the creator (almighty God) to help us make the right decisions, come to think of it we are all sheep(this sentense looks wrong but i know it does not have a plural watever jare) that need a shepard...Now am gonna go to my very own shepard to ask for directions..i hope you do too...

Jul 27, 2010

mushy mushy me!!! 22nd july

somethings are too good to be true right?? really i just keep asking myself if its actually true or am dreaming, i never imagined that anybody would ever love me like you do or treat me the way you do No jor! am dreaming cos anything that is too good to be true is really too good to be true ooo... but why do i always feel this way when am with you??
Am sure many girls are exactly like me right now but really i just think we should look past all of the past 'bad' relationships we've had and give a chance to the guy (take it or leave it not all of them are the same)altho' i know its hard to get into it completely cos of the fear of getting your heart broken(come to think of it hearts dont really break we just get hurt) and stuff but really embracing the moment is the ish oh cos you never can tell...i decide to leave it all to chance and not because of my fear or trying to protect my heart loose someone that really and truly cares for me (then am loosing in both ways) so am saying embrace it and enjoy the moment and see how it all works out and if it doesn’t on to the next one!!!!

Jul 22, 2010

A Happy Groundnut Festival 21st July

For crying out loud this is the 21st century!!!now I wonder when do they want to stop living in bondage?? For how long would they continue to living in darkness?? Its so sad… then they want to impose their barbaric tradition on us cos we live here?? Me I cannot stay at home cos of some ‘no-women outside’ festival ooo and besides am not even a woman(at least not yet) am still a small girl and even sef my God big pass all of them.

So I get to work, the first thing I do is open my office mail (something I never do often) and hmmm *drumrolls* the mail is right there sitting in my inbox (duh..where else would it sit) and it states that am gonna get paid this July, I guess my birthday is not gonna be so bad afterall(there is nothing worst than being broke on your bday) so am freaking in a good mood knowing that now a lot of things would fall into place and I canget myself a good birthday gift for all of my hardwork(yeah all of this is not laziness oo try it if u think so!) now what am I going to get myself ehen??

Today is moving at cheetah pace well maybe cos am so excited and since they are doing their so called festival I v to leave work early today so am rushing down the bridge trying to catch up with mumsi then my lovely gown decided to hook a market woman’s market abi sales wateva (am sure u v a good picture) then it all comes down OMG its broken, do I just leave?, am I to pay for that?, why today?, this one that am wasting time I hope mumsy doesn’t leave me?, all of this and more suddenly rush through my small head and am just standing dumbfounded cos really this was the last thing that I ever imagined could happen to me (really don’t rule out chances)..the bottle of groundnut is –N250…wateva here is –N200 dats all I have, I pay the woman reluctantly and am off just like that??na wa oo! am just happy I wasn’t some crazy old market woman, I just wonder where my head would b by now.

We did not even get trouble from the festival people and this is the earliest v gotten home since I started work wow! The thought that am gonna sleep early bring JOY…Call me a sleepaholic if you like am proud!!!

Don’t rule it out!!! 20th july

I start this day with high hopes expecting to have a reply to my mail from yesterday but getting to work my hopes are dashed and it has determined my mood for today…
So today is not taking the turn I want it to then I take solace in the internet of course facebook, twitter, blogging etc finding out stuff ranging from the ‘white baby’ (no comments) to dele momodu’s 2011 aspiration for presidency(donno why am just seeing this) this am going to comment on hmmm….having mixed feeling concerning this wait oh is it not the same ovation guy that studied Yoruba in school?? Am not judging o I know that there would be more to the guy than ovation but presidency???dats too much if u ask me on a second thought we do need a change in this country…well if he wins and becomes president then probably Nigeria would look like something out of a glossy paper and I think that’s good for us..for now sha am still keeping my vote.
Yes o…they disappointed me oh! They are back!!! Although they still acted like typicals by staying away for close to a week…yeah the men-in-black are back in ojota and what does that say to me ‘HUMAN TRAFFIC’ on the pedestrian bridge so since everyone has to go through the bridge or get detained there is a 90% chance of meeting your primary school classmate oo…so I meet Damilare on the bridge when I thought I would not see him till next week now am glad am on this bridge…with all today’s findings I’ve learnt not to rule out the chances of anything happening from the black parents giving birth to a white baby, to dele momodu wanting to be the next president to unexpectedly meeting damilare…so am not gonna rule out the chance of getting my BB for my birthday Yeah!!!

P.S: Tobi finally stood up to jog today but i know its not gonna last long...

Jul 20, 2010

Sneakers craize!!! 19th July

Everyday am wondering what this annoying alarm is for? I innocently asked last night and guess what she wants to wake up to jog every morning..and she never stood up since all these days, so I just suffer interrupted sleep for nothing No way!!! Am up today and I just know I cannot be suffering for nothing so I decide to wake ma dear sister from her faraway dreamland (probably dreaming of MI well dats only where he would be..lol) she’s all sleepy but finally puts on one leg of the sneakers and could not get herself to wear the other leg after 5 mins she just dumps herself back on the bed (still with that one leg on) and sleeps back…wow so much for jogging in the morning..i just knew it would not work lets see how it goes for her probably by Friday she would have finished wearing her sneakers…
Today’s work is all good really nothing much to say about this place cos really officially v zoned out until they pay me…so I finally sent the mail requesting for my payment today oo now I just hope I get a feedback ASAP…I meet ene and olaitan (girlfriends from school) its was fun catching up and all being in the BRT with ene was probably a mistake sha cos she was gisting me about girls from school that starved themselves to get a BB and I kept laughing out loud and getting strange stares from stranger (that felt good tho’ being the centre of attraction in a bus full of almost 100 people) and am wondering na by force to buy BB??this is wat this craize has done to our youth of nowadays…Na wa o…Na real wa!!!

The day’s Cookie Crumble 18th july

Officially this is the most annoying alarm ever made abi created which eva the most annoying part is its not my alarm..its tobi’s (one of my elder sisters)and she would keep snoozing instead of putting the damn thing off…coupled with the fact that am not in a good mood again this morning but yes being in this house you have to go to church so am making an effort cos I love God and Mrs Akibo would not allow the devil posses me to staying at home…anyway church was not so bad although it was prayer all through don’t get me wrong I love prayer but not when it is too long sha… SO cuz I say am having a downtime at the moment HE calls me and sings for me…that’s like the sweetest thing anybody has ever done for me coupled with the fact that you have the most amazing voice am really glad to have you Damilare so officially am your number one fan…so ma day got a whole lot better
Ok so now SHE has started again oo...what has caused all this shouting and complaining again o…nothing I do is ever good enough for you…would you even listen to me at all then He tells me to apologize for what now? All this parents sha they think because they are parents that exclude them from apologies???its really not supposed to be that way and am really not crying cos of all u said so don’t think u make me cry am just so angry!!!so I made sure the apologies did not come out frm me cos honestly if it did It wouldn’t v been sincere…anyways at the end of the day we are good sha…I guess am just learning the things I would never do to my kids and the thing I should make an habit e.g apologizing Chai this children will enjoy ooo and am having 2 kids not 18!!!!

Post t33nage-age 17th july

Itz satuday and its routined o hmmm…here we go 'tomilola wake up!' datz ma Saturday alarm from mum Arrrggghhh....i wanna sleep some more please oh!!!
i wake up feeling alot better than yesterday thank God...i had the talk with sope and i felt better cuz we had a good laugh about stuff ranging from unilag 'crazy' girls dress-code to my huge crush on his elder brother(v had that for close to 4 yrs nw and i dont even know the boy o) i had fun basically...i so know am going to sleep for the greater part of the day plus i miss toyosi(my younger sis) am not being all mushy i miss her cos i have to do the dishes in her abscence and it sucks..(don't blame me)...
So my birthday is coming and am going to be 20..but really does leaving the teenage age come with a feeling???

Jul 19, 2010

Hang3r?...No! Hang-on?..hmm..Hang-und3r?..HANG-'OV3R'!

So this post is supposed to be older this took place June 19th but i could not but let the world know how i felt....

Since i had been waiting since May 19th for June 19th, i could not miss it for anything in the world cuz its another family gathering hmm...Some olojede descendant...ish they are always the bomb, so its my big mummy's 50th bday and my cousins wedding and it was all in Ife...The day went well and it was alot of fun..the best part is supposed to be at night when all the children meet and have fun hmm...
Music bleering and people dancing so all of this is new to me and am sitting in the corner with one of  my cousins (oyinda) who is busy getting memory space for her phone...i decide to get a drink and there is just smirm off ice ok oh..am new to all of this o am reminding myself, am just sipping it in like its nothing..then again its nufin cuz i don't feel a anything, so this is getting interesting! Gideon comes with a drink in the cup and curiousity would not let me rest so i collect it 'what is dis?' 'its jack daniels' am dowing it like i know wat it contains and honestly it does not taste good but i just wanted to take everything...mins later am feeling the effect cuz am super active and dancing under the influence (DUI) but really my legs are so weak and my eyes woozy but this strength is coming from nowhere and all that is on my mind is 'dance your head off baby' so i obey oh! now time to go home really don't know how i slept and what i remeberd i just know i woke up feeling like a piece of shit..it was one of the worst days of  my entire life..if this is the idea of an hangover i neva want it again EVER! but if there is family gathering hmm..i go do ooo
so am thinking what do they gain?and they go back everyday like its some point of duty to do so..itz sad cos they feel that terrible in the morning and still go back in the evening to buy a cold bottle of slow poison...vanity upon vanity all is wat?? VANITY!!!


I thinks this species of human beings were specially created or they just decided to go to the same school (skul of no-training) cos anywhere you are in this particularpart of the world they all have the same mentality and its really so annoying..what sori who do u think am talking about???all these commercial bus drivers and their ever present conductors, first of all they know how to collect money but its so hard to give 'change' dat is now a normal practise with them then now talk of driving skillz hmm...dats zero, they look all calm and smiley when they are calling passengers wait till they get to the steering its like they are possed or something, and then they just do anything that comes to their mind be it cursing the passengers or passing a blocked route when they can see another route that is traffic-free,forgetting that there are humans in the bus and you need to either apologise or ask for opinions well maybe i blame it on the frustration but nevertheless i don't think it should be so! then again what will people like me do now enter okada??NO way so till i get ma car i guess am stuck!!!

Jul 17, 2010

Wallpap3rs 16th july

today did not kick off so well i guess i did not wake up in a good mood and i blame it again on the rain and the fact that i woke up late now i really wish today is saturday it hurts that i have to got to work anywayz am glad its friday*yippee* that thought alone brings smile to my face, asides my bad mood today i have to conquer my hmm...what do i call this sef cos its not fear at all...well the deal is i have been working for more than 2 months and they've not paid me at all so i want to summon the courage today and send a mail asking for my salary cuz really popsi's complain about t-fare is getting too much for me to handle buh its not like i don't want to ask for ma money but i just don't like anything that would give me headache or anything that would make me prepare a speech before i talk i guess it all comes with simplicity sha...

So at the end of the day, ma day is still not looking brighter at all and since i did not get to send the mail i
was supposed to send to ask for ma money..am even sadder with myself...just hoping to get some alone time in the bus and reflect on wat exactly kept me in the bad mood...then you just decided to say something...like seriously not everybody should be given the license to open their mouth those kinda of people look good in the background as wallpapers and nothing more..so the deal is i sat beside this guy on ma ride home (no offence) at a time i just wanted him to just not say anything again cos there were a lot of off-points in the talk and of cause thats not my thing buh since am very patient i endured it all to the last 'takia of urself bye' phew...dat was some endurance trek or should i say drive..without going to NYSC camp..(ok that was a dry one i would try harder next time)...so now its time to go to bed wait oh not until i talk to sope (oh dats ma bff)...mayb ma day wld not be so bad after all...

Jul 16, 2010

15 july

I get to work late today and No! its not cos of my oversleeping, mummy delayed me today..well history right?? yeah history is the rest...so am unexplainably happy today and the rounds of disk cleanup for the week is going well, i had sports and elan desk to attend to and it was fun at least i laughed and maybe i was wrong about this place being just for grown-ups i am just in the grown-up section i guess..Going home today was just messy thanks to the rain for soiling my day with mud and it has given the bus drivers the licence to increase the normal #150 fare down to ikorodu to #200...rain thanks whole lot!!but i know that when i get home am gonna be consoled with good food so am not so bothered

P.S: the men-in-black were not in sight(just as i thought)

smiley...14th july

The only reason why this post has a title regardingsmile..is cos smeone asked me 'have you made someone smile today?'
So the day starts as usual a very sleepy bus ride to work and jumping buses and all get to work and still doing my round of disk clean up and defrag for the week, i know its not more thn that but i just feel this joy when am coming to work knowing that i v work to do is that supposed to make me happy??knowing that they have not paid me? really i don't care i love the feeling of responsibility..its all good sha so i think am gradually getting out of ma office shell...

Transit is another buzz worthy part of myday...please can you move your behind did i send you to lap someone before you start sitting on my own leg mmsshewwww this people can be so annoying i won't let this spoil my already good day...moving on i get to ojota and i see people crossing the road hmm...i just knew that the non-efficient men-in-black were not that efficient...after forcing people to climb the pedestrian bridge for 3 weeks now they've left but atleast they still stayed for up to 3 weeks!! 3 weeks o people not 3 dayz..now thats commendable..very unusual men-in-black behaviour if u ask me..Oh k time to hit the ever present ikorodu road ttraffic *yawns* come to think of it as much as we don't want traffic its still feels very abnormal and unusual when there is non!!!.....zzzz

The Journey so far...

Since i just wanna start the daily thingy i'ld just gradually give the load down on things that v happened before since i started work (the memorable ones)...so all the happening that happened before i got a job is gone into the history books cos its all long story jare but i just Thank God i sha got the job! started work 12th may really on this day i wz the happiest person on planet earth at that moment just recently broke up with my then boyfriend chai another long story i was pretty optimistic and ready to start and enjoy my single life with the new job, hoping to meet alot of people and make new friends but i got a shocker!!! i am in an office with people way older than i am...i feel so young well ofcourse am young bt being here makes me feel like am 12 or something so am all quiet and not saying jack(and i think its going to be like this till the end of IT because ofcourse they are not going to overnight become age group or would they??) anywayz they think am shy dats not even half of it at all..what exactly am i supposed to be saying when there is talk of my husband, my wife, my kids going on in the air..i dont think there is much to contribute if u ask me and much less from a 19yr old girl hmm...so there goes my hope of having fun in this IT...against the stone..

Technology Intern

So the concept of this is to talk about my life as a technology intern in timbuktu media and all my everyday finding and hmm..transit..the posts are kinda goin to be in 2 sections work part and transit (things i think would be funny or buzz-worthy)..i really hope i can pull this off till the end of my IT and even after, even when am nt inspired to write i'll try my best to keep up...xoxo


Am waking up today with the word LOVE on my mind, then am asking myself 'what is love' really i just got innocently curious cos i realise that so many people(which includes me) don't exactly know what it means then to be perfectly sure i went to the author of the love(God)...i picked my bible and looked for everywhere 'love' was mentioned(a whole lot of places) well my conclusion is God is love and people that don't even know God that claim to love other people are just pack of lairs (so beware)..this was a wake up call for me and i asked myself 'do i really truly love God??' so now am re-dedicating to love God more so i can love YOU!!!....xoxo

Jul 5, 2010

Confession of a Sleepaholic

4.30 alarm goes off...than i press stop..now wake up at 5.58am...oh shit am late AGAIN!!!
Now looking out the cab every morning, my mind is everywhere but there then gradually...they begin to slid down and down and down..not my mind jor my eyes..its just 30mins drive to the bus-stop and am sleeping in the cab ALREADY..Now am going to leave out the almost 2hr drive to my office well i guess you can imagine the rest...anywayz since the rate at which i started sleeping wz ALARMING and ofcourse am not pregnant..i just keep asking myself ''what is causing all of this??'' no answer come but then again i know whats wrong its called L.A.S.G.D.I.STRESS...i know its too early to complain but mehn..Its crazy, its just been 2 months and a couple of weeks traffic here traffic there..then jumping buses..hmm..don't even want to go there.I think we the upcomping generation need to do somthing about lagos(i kow thats a whole lot of work) but its worth the try..buh till then i think i really have to go back to sleep...zzzzz