... At the foot of the Hill [Psalm 121]

Mar 21, 2014

256: Cumi

My name is Deborah.
It was my first time. I only needed this time to throw into the ocean what had been an abomination to me previously. Just this one time.

I got caught... 

17, I met and started to experience these specie of human beings. The unsatisfied, the greedy, the perv Specie of the homo sapiens or like my sister will call them "Dirty Old men". I got the occasional winks. "Let me drop you by your house" and all that was fine until it became within close proximity.

18, I started an Internship. First day of work, met with my line manager, supervisor and overall Manager of the Department. It all started with little campaigns as entrusting me with the key to his office, commenting on my innocent look, asking to be his typist in my spare time leading to me earning his Trust - Maybe a little too much, so much that he left a pornographic clip playing in one of his 'Come and stay in my office while I go out' routines and said "Whatever you see there should not leave this Office"

I was wise enough to run before he demanded I do what I saw in the video clip...

I got dragged to the Master...

19, I started my 2nd Internship uncermoniously. On a faithful day, walking into his office to report some work done, He 'pinned' me to the wall in his office. Trying to convince me to kiss him, he placed his hand on his member trying to show me his hard-on.
"Look what you've caused" He said.
I managed to free myself from the 'pin down' without kissing him. Few days later, 2 cute boys and a woman with a protruding belly walked into the office, they were his family but he hadn't been wearing a ring.

"I noticed your countenance dropped when you saw my boys, you didn't do anything. You shouldn't feel bad" was what he said to me when he called me later in the evening.

I was disgusted.

I fell to my knees...

20, Messages going back and forth. I like him, He likes me. He also has a family.

We are not having an affair, we just acknowledge and a couple of flirtatious text messages and calls doesn't do anybody any harm. It was only a matter of time before we took the 'passion' out of the text messages and into reality. It felt good, good enough for me to meet up a 2nd time and a 3rd...

4:00pm Friday, 24th August, 2001

Deb: Hey You.
P: I was just thinking about you
Deb: really? What about?
P: I miss your lips
Deb: hmmm... 
P: Available tomorrow?
Deb: Yes, Time?
P: 6pm. Rm 256. Same place.
Deb: See you Then.
P: :) 
. . .

bang! bang!! 
On the door.
"Are you expecting anyone?" I asked as I stood up to open the door. Once I unbolted the door it flung open and shouts filled the atmosphere.

'Husband snatcher' 
'Useless girl' 
'They' dragged me to this mysterious looking man

I fell to my knees...

I fell to my knees in his presence drowning in the guilt and thought of what will befall me in a minute or 2, he turned his back to 'them' that dragged me down to him after saying something to them that I didn't hear and gradually the shouts died down and you could hear them leave, one after the other. I trembled and still couldn't lift up my head.

I flinched when he tapped me.
"Where are they that accuse you? Has no one condemned you?"

Still confused at what just happened or who this man is "No" I replied

"Neither do I, Go and Sin no more"

I stood up and glanced with curiosity at what he scribbled on the sand

I looked up at him again and he smiled and said

"I know all"

***Cumi is based on a true life story using John 8:1-11 as a backbone***
What stood out for you?

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Mar 19, 2014

256: The Introduction

Hello People,

How have you all been doing? In my last post I mentioned what I have been up too and what series is coming up next. As I've fallen in Love with doing series x_x 

What's 256 about?

 I've not written short stories in a while and I wanted to challenge myself. 256 is a series of unrelated short stories that just goes from the normal stuff I would write. When I sent my friend to do the art for me I told him "Something dark, different and ofcourse not me" and he came up with the art above and I loved it.

There will be 5 stories (so far) 

256: Akeldama
256: Wormwood
256: Sheol
256: Abaddon
256: Cumi

The Stories that i'm writing some are based on true life stories and some will be fiction, I leave it to you to decide which is which.

(Is it weird that I got all these Titles from the Bible? I think not :D) 
Can you see my chicken handwriting? x_x 

Its amazing that I have only finished "Cumi" but I started "Akeldama" before I even got the idea for Cumi *shrugs* You guessed right 'Cumi' Is coming up first.

Why "256"?

There is nothing special about the number a friend just told me a story and in the middle of the story he mentioned the number and it jumped at me. I told him I would use it to write. Nothing more, nothing less.

Purpose of 256?

When I got the idea, I just wanted it for the thrill but after finishing 'Cumi' I guess I just have to Trust God on however he wants to take the stories. I have not started most of them, so, just like you I am waiting to know the purpose for each of the stories. *shy smile* 

 How long will this run for? 
When I started planning it, I wanted it to run for Feb and then #DearGodLetters  (Which was absolutely Amazing) came up. I guess this will run from March- April and see how it goes.

I really do hope you enjoy it and pick up a lesson or 2 as you read!!

Thanks for dropping by.

'Cumi' will drop by Friday

I'm excited. Please say you are too :) 

Have you come to an end of yourself? Have you come to a point where nothing else seems to be working out and you've tried all you could? Click to meet GRACE

Mar 18, 2014


*Clears cobwebs* 
Hello Everyone,

I'm back :) Not like I was away, I was just disconnected from my blog with all the spammers and writers block I just didn't feel like it... But I miss here and I can't be away for too long :) 

So, What have I been up to? 

Being Goofy; 

Naturalista at night x_x 

Wearing My Natural hair out and taking pictures; 
I wore this look to work. Yaay! me :) 

Obsessing over the sunrise and sunset;

Studying (writing) in the middle of the night and ODing on Coffee; 

What's Next? 256!!!! I will do a proper Introduction to this in the next post :) 

So, Its back to business as usual at the foot of the Hill..

Am I forgiven? *puppy eyes* 

What have you guys been up to? I miss YOU ;;)