... At the foot of the Hill [Psalm 121]

Nov 27, 2012

I Remember

I remember your beautiful all white hair
I remember you selling in the house.
I remember you being a disciplinarian.
I remember you always reading your bible
I remember you ready to give the N5s I asked for.
I remember you being there for us.

I remember you being very quiet.
I remember you always ready to go to church.
I remember your selflessness.
I remember your kind heart.
Then I remember watching you lose your strength.
I remember that you couldn't go to the church again.
I remember they brought holy communion home to you.

I remember you calling me from miles away to come give you your glasses because you couldn't stand
I remember dressing your bed.
I remember how you would prefer to call my name other than anyone elses
I remember you fell really ill that moved from a walker to a wheel chair
I remember having to take your bath for you before I went to school.
I remember how I fed you.
Then you fell, fell off the wheel chair that day.

I remember they took you to the hospital shortly after.
I remember the day we were to go to the hospital to see you.
I remember falling ill in school for the first time.
I remember walking in to see my mum and her friends in the living room looking all gloomy
I remember my dad holding me and telling me "Tomi, things happen for a reason. Grandme is dead"
I remember that's like the first time I experienced real pain.
I remember showing strength.
I remember crying when no-one was looking.

I was 11 and I knew I wasn't going to see you again.
I understood death, for the first time.
I realised that I loved you in ways I couldn't express when you were around.
I still think about you and wonder what life would be like if you were still here.
I know you are resting in the bosom of the Lord.
Its been 11years you left us and you would forever remain in our heart!
We Love you Grandma!

Nov 23, 2012

Introduction - VBlog

Okay! So, This is my first video, Please, Accept my Crappy edit. Hopefully i would get better with time.

I am shhhhyyyyy X__X Enjoy

Please, Let me know what you think!!!

Nov 19, 2012


Hi Everyone,

So sorry its taking so long to update my blog and No I don't have writers block or whatever that is called -_-

Recently, I went to explore my area to look for a comfortable outdoor place to work on that "taking writing seriously" thing I talked about previously, I found this water front (picture above) but the preying eyes of the people in the neighbourhood, looking at me like they've never seen half-cast before *whips afro*
I hope I can go back there sha, its a very serene place to have your head right.

I've had so much stuff to say recently but its just how to put it down, let's blame mr Lazy for this,
Plus I didn't want to put up another random post.

A few weeks back I went to see my sister and I was jokingly making a video of interviewing her and I loved it, so I signed up for you-tube and I thought I should add that to this blog, where I just interview people randomly (once in a while) my friends, new people I met, my sisters and all of that sha.

I want to start with myself, I've employed my younger sister to do the interview, just wanted to ask first, do you like the idea?

You would get to hear my voice oh *winks*

Welcome idea? Please comment. Thanksssssss *muah*

P.s: In the past 2 weeks I have done 2 things for myself and it felt soooooo gooood. Do something for yourself today!!! (Y)

Nov 4, 2012


"Never is a man as tall as when he bends to help someone"

Hi everyone,

Been a while. Happy New month!

Disclaimer: This is a very random post because I don't have anything to post now x_x My thoughts have been all over the place, so don't be disappointed. :D

Random 1: I was walking along the street with my friend to her house, we got to the junction linking 3 roads (Orita meta) and we saw sacrifice, like eko and palmoil and all that kinda stuff we see on afmag yoruba, People it is real o, no flim trick! I just opened my mouth and what escaped was "So people still do this?" Like is the world not eye opened enough?

Btw, if you are reading this and you do it, ever wondered why its still there in the morning? Well because they don't eat it duuuhhh!!!! #EnoughSaid

Random 2: HAVE YOU SEEN SHAKE YOUR BUM BUM video (Timaya)?? Yes! I'm shouting!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Okay!!!! (I just saw it, I'm stale like that) That's how my mouth was open from the beginning to the end of the video!

Errmmm plus he had to just say "I'm still on the bum bum" *Side eye* I just started laughing after hearing that!

Then wande coal's video where they were naked? Who cares about the name of the song? But what's wrong with us? I'm disgusted abeg! Oya! I'm drinking cold water already :D

Random 3: I wrote a fan mail to the best writer alive, TED DEKKER, did I hear you say something? Did I ask for your opinion too? :p yes it is on my bucket list!! I was soo excited!!! Yaay!

Random 4: I've been enjoying Aunty Dayor's blogversary (did I get that right?) *shrugs* you have not read any of the post? Adjust your Lastma cap and stroll to www.dayorwrites.blogspot.com and Join us on the other side :D

Random 5: I went for a friends convocation yesterday, I met a couple of Old friends, I won't tell you about how "house-girl-ish" I was looking, btw that's not the issue. I was gisting a lot with my friends, you know boys, second sch life, uni life, nysc and all that stuff. After one of my friends mentioned it, it struck that I have a lot of Older friends, as much as it helps you know getting advice and no idle talk kinda thing, I can't help but wonder that I'm loosing touch with how "young" I'm supposed to be. It doesn't worry me, just a discovery donno if it supposed to be entirely a bad thing.

On more serious issues

Random 6: My Friend had a terrible accident a while ago when he travelled for NYSC, he survived it and
When I saw a picture of him all bandaged up in the hospital, I couldn't stop the tears and started praying heartfelt prayers for him, we can only see Gods finger in his recovery, God is really faithful, saw the picture of what he looks like now and the tears dropped. I am so glad he is alive and I know God knows and has a reason for saving him! I bless God for you Tunde (Because I know you would read this)

Random 7: Testimony Time!!! Testimony Timee!!!
"pastor Mrs" My sister said to me after coordinating devotion one day "I noticed there was something different about you, That difference is God" someone said to me after reading a post on my blog. More than ever I bless God, I prayed to God, once. "Help me to help people" He answered and he is still answering I prayed again "Lord let my life show your glory" He is answering.
So, if you have a prayer point send to me, I'm on a roll!

Let's stop at 8 right? Or 9?

Random 8: I'm playing with the idea (in my head) of taking my writing to the next level, like writing a book? Maybe series of short stories?

Sugar spring! I bought a new journal to do this and I dedicated it to you!! :D

I know its still in my head and if I die now it would be dead and gone, so I'm gonna get off my butt and get my pen out, atleast I would write down my ideas, so the dream doesn't die, if I die!

I said 9 noowww!! Oya read ;)

Random 9: I came to church today with a heavy heart, why? Have no idea, maybe because I was tired from yesterday's road trip, then I said a quiet prayer when the worship started and I wasn't "feeling" it "Give me your Joy" and I felt the joy! Felt it! Live and direct, told you I was on a roll :D I danced and danced! Yep Yep! Don't test me in my fathers house oh!!

Oya! Let's make it 10, Last one I promise! :)

Random 10: I must have said it on this blog how much of a Joseph I am.. Errmmm meaning I dream a lot! Scary part? Over 80% of it comes to pass, its beginning to get to me more kind of, he warns me about things, he promises me things through these dreams, I pray alooot about the dreams, but not necessarily about the gift!
Recently, I've been reading about daniel and visions, I THINK, I've had a couple of that, like I see things and I'm not asleep but it also feels like I'm sleeping and when its over my eyes are wide!
O boy! O serious gan! I don't want to go astray or misuse or ignore the gift, because I see it as that! So please, if you know any book about visions and dreams that you think would help, please Recommend! Or what do you think?

Hope you had fun in my head? Sorry the post is too long and hope I didn't bore you out? X___X

Have a lovely week! :* oh! Drop your comment oh! Thank you! Ese oh! Nagode! Dalu! Gracias!