... At the foot of the Hill [Psalm 121]

May 31, 2013

Children's letters to God.


We can all agree that Children are adorable yeah? I thought so too, i noticed a friend uses a couple of pictures of letter to God by children and i decided to check for more.

The innocent, cute, funny and downright adorable letters. Had to stop myself from getting more.


May 27, 2013

Let them Come

I wrote this and read in church dedicating to the children and decided to share here (I'm gonna skip how happy doing this made me)

Here you go:

Why are they all gathered around me?
why does my cry bring them smiles and laughter?
oh! the comfort and peace their arms bring.
but how can i understand?
i'm just a child.

"verily i say unto you, except you be converted and become like a little child, ye shall not enter the kingdom of God"

Look at them go,
innocent, oblivious of the worries and care life brings,
living life out of the curious eyes given unto them.
whats better than a child?
a child that knows the lord

the word says

"Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it"

then we say

Can we thank you enough?
can we thank you enough for showing us the way of the Lord?
for showing us the path of righteousness?
Now we obey, we obey the given word

"Children obey your parents in the lord for this is right"

That word we obey

We are little,
full of questions,
we believe,
we trust, yet,
directionless and clueless,
but still he says

"let the children come to me and do not stop them, because the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these"

so, just like he said
i say to you today

"Let them come"

Writing this made me relate to our relationship with out heavenly father, reminding me that he actually wants me to come to him. So, as children of God (no matter how old you are) I'm wishing you all a Happy Childrens Day.

May 22, 2013

Do we still ask God Questions?


I really did not plan to update this blog today but i just don't know i just feel the need to share one of the quickest replies God has given me (in the past week) to my request, to help understand i would be posting my journal entries for a couple of days from last week, i really hope this helps someone.

***Disclaimer: What you are about to read are my conversations with God and i am very care free and i speak  write jargons english(anything to express myself honestly to him) so, don't hold 'em against me.

May 12, 2013

The Seer: Redistribute II

Hello people,

I know, i should've written this for a long time. This is the second part of "Redistribute" and if you missed the first part read it here. Enjoy!


The 5000 capacity auditorium is located at the heart of the city, and every week was filled to the brim. Few kilometers around her are residential buildings, office spaces and some of the city's highest administrative offices.

The power of the holy spirit filled the atmosphere

"No man can do this except God be with him" was my first thought as I looked around when I walked in the auditorium.

That was over 5 hours ago.

The screams I expected to hear by now was of people from different works of life, backgrounds and tribes praising God in dance and music.

But I wasn't prepared for what I heard.