... At the foot of the Hill [Psalm 121]

Jul 26, 2011


I promised myself a Birthday post. So i turned 21 today, i've been trying to notice the physical changes in my body since the beginning of the year (Hoping i would get taller) *Big Yimu* since as we hear Its ur last chance for BIG changes :( and all i got was a bigger (Still Not so big) Bum :) asides that there aint anything so exciting jare.
I spent my day watching disney channel, cleaning, running errands and yeah i went to church.
I tried to smile all through but in all honesty this is actually MY WORST BIRTHDAY EVER, i had my best last year so i guess, u can't always have it good. *shrugs*

The highlight of my day were the calls and messages, i totally appreciate every single person that wished me a happy birthday from their heart and i honestly hope next year would be better.


Jul 18, 2011

What Next?

I decided to put my pen on a paper today, been a while i did that well except for exams sha, i think i've been suffering from writo-phobia donno why tho' but i'm here now to clean my cobwebs. I used to write to make myself feel better but nowadays i can't even get myself to write a diary entry *Smh* i honestly don't ge it. So the reason behind my no-blogging errmm.... Had to prepare for my final exams and i had issues with my project, i was going crazy and crying everytime (i'm glad its all over) and even when i finally finished all that, there is the no-good-internet hurdle to cross *phew* All that being said i'm sorry for my unannounced absence.

So i'm a graduate (Although some people stubbornly think otherwise) and i'm sitting at home waiting for that national excercise that keeps you 'busy' for one year, 2yrs ago i woulda been excited but sadly nowadays you are not even sure if the next guy is wired under his cloths, i'm super scared of posting and one mind doesnt want me to 'work' it, if the worse happens i'ld be posted to Borno state (God forbid) and i'ld be forced to bring out my very looong legs (Ask Tosin Akibo) so till then i have anti-boredom options but i've not gotten myself to get up from my bed (So much for anti-boredom) here is my list.

- Driving School (A girls gotta learn how to drive abi?)
- Weekend Class (This shouldnt even be here because my A+ class is always boring)

There you have it, i'm sure you were expecting a looonng list but its had to find LEGAL things to do, legal in the sense that when i say it my mum would not scream ''O tun ti fe lo ba okunrin'' or ''you don't do that a girl from a good home won't do such'' and my dad say with a frown on his face 'Where are you going to? What is happening there?' So till i find i'm stuck!!

So i'm turning 21 *Yippee* on the 26th of this month, my parents decided to celebrate it for me, the first since i turned 1, i was always getting the don't-worry-when-you-are-10 speech then it became 15 then 20 and i gave up! So i tried my luck this year and BAM he said ''yes, u deserve it''*windecking* i rented a hall already and its gonna be the 30th of July buh i'm not sure anymore about this. As much as i love attention, i don't like the spotlight, i'm planning the whole thing sha but secretly in one corner of my mind, i don't want again but its too late to back out i guess, so i'm just gonna keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. :D

I'ld try my best to finish everything i've started and continue writing, Now i feel normal. Feels good to be back too.