I really thought I heard God this time

Posted by Tomilola O on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 with 14 comments
I thought I heard God...

I thought he led me to make the decision?

I thought he led me to walk in this path?

I wrote down this title a day before I had a reason to write it out

If I heard him direct me why are things not working out? These were one of my thoughts when I decided to cut my hair last year

Nothing has gone as planned in the last 2 months. By May 2014, I knew exactly where I would be at the end of the year and mentally gotten myself ready why?

I thought I heard God...

And I did.

I mapped out my life accordingly, took the necessary leaps of faith but I landed right in the pit. This is not to analyse what I hear or question its authenticity because I was very sure I was led to this point.

But here I am, July 2014 Nothing gone has planned and really NOTHING to show for it.

I really thought I heard God...

I was quick to equate obedience of the said instructions to success of MY plans. I forgot I don't belong to myself and God has his own plans. Like every other time I seek counsel, I ran to the WORD.

I've been reading the Book of Genesis since last week and its filled with alot of ''I thought I heard God moments"
My perfect example is Joseph. God had birth the dream but the next phases of his life said nothing about where he will end up. Abraham's ''I thought I heard God" moment didn't also end like he thought it will.

Gods standard for following an instruction and it being a success is not what the world will define as success today. I have come to understand that because I heard God doesn't mean I will automatically measure up to the worlds standard of success.

Because I heard God is the exact recipe for following due process. God is a God of process and will form, mould and ultimately use us for his glory.

Because I heard God (no matter what it looks like) and followed his leading, in that I should take comfort, He never leaves and is is ever present in our present and most assuredly in our future.

Gods reality in NOT according to the worlds system, He follows process and he is in the process with us every step of the way. If you're like me and although you know God led you to a point but everything seems to be falling apart like a pack of cards, do not be anxious or be discouraged. Take comfort in the fact that you are exactly where he wants you to be. He is in your process and his purpose for your being wherever you are will be fulfilled.

Don't be discouraged. Only Trust wholly!!

Have a blessed Tuesday! :)

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