No be Wasa!

 Disclaimer: the title of this post has nothing to do with the content, don't be disappointed.

Anyways this is how i got the title tho; After all her shout of 'Shebi its just to recieve and make calls, ehen my palasa can do all that, there is nuffin i need a blackberry for' It only took a daughter travelling and seeing the need to communicate and all your hear now is 'Emi naa ping oh- NO BE WASA' (Me too I'm pinging- NO BE BEANS). So you see where i got my new slang from? I love my mother :D

Secretly, somewhere deep deep down i've been wanting to do this ''Things in my bag'' since i saw it on kitkat tales *sigh* and since the god-of-ideas-of-what-to-write have left me to my fate i decided why not? well its better late than never right?

So This is my hand bag :D

QuickConfession: This is not my regular hand bag, i just bought this bag and it needed a Lil publicity. 

Junk in my trunk ;)

LipGloss: Since secondary school my lips have had d reputation of being the anti-lip-gloss-absorb-ant (which is good) i cld use lipgloss from morning and u would see it there at night, buh you know as a girl grows older there are Upeople things that help you absorb d lipgloss. For example, i leave home for lesson with make-up on and get back in d evening without? So u see why i have to keep some in my bag?

Books: oh well Big bags gotta be filled right? *shrugs*

A/Any Novel: Bus rides get boring too boring sef, Just got Francise Rivers redeeming love (Had to read again)outta ma bag, atm i'm reading jeffrey archer's The prodigal daughter. I read the prologue and i instantly fell in love with the writer. Good Read so far :)

Journal: You really can't see how rough it is but trust me it is :( I take care if my journals more than my school bookS but recently the rain dealt with me and soaked everything too :((. So i go everywhere with it because once i caught my dad reading my youger sisters diary; yh she left it on her bed, me? Not taking chances + the ideas don't send memo's before they come hence be prepared ;)

Lil black Red book, as i call it :D This is my 2008-Till date journal, honestly its not always in my bag but its been around too long not to get publicity na :p This is by far my most intresting journal yet, it has everything and anything ranging from the Stupid sketch of my wedding gown x_x, alot of boy drama, school jargons, planning, plenrry to-do lists *Phew*, i even have a list of boys names and sme had 'd' meaning disqualified and all my entries used to have titles. Chai i used to have time sha!

Wallet: This is a simple case of not all that glitters in gold. Beautiful on d outside and *smh* on the inside. I just can't get myself to throw anything away, alot of bank deposit reciepts, TFC reciepts, useless small small papers, business cards, passports, old withdrawal booklet. oh my! Its a mini junk yard in there. Don't look!

Sunglasses: Yh its always there buh i never bring it out or wear it.

Hand cream: *Yimu* who am i fooling? When i say hotel supplies save d day, now u knw what i mean :| my skin is really really dry, so i need to have those.

And Introducing....

Small shey? Its called the extraIsh, whats it for? well lemmie tell a small story. I travelled to Ibadan some 5years ago, planning to spend a day and i ended up spending 3days no extra underwear or cloth (don't ask how i did it) x_x since then...... you really donno where d night would meet you. Nothing better than clean underwears :D. So if you see this in my bag all u pokenosers DO NOT OPEN!!!!!!!

 QuickMeUpdate: Going for service in less than 4 weeks and i'm not even scared of posting considering the fact that i did not pass backyard for it hmmmmm... i just pray it goes well sha and i have plenty stories btw Sitting at home doing absolutly nothing No Be WASA!! glad its almost over!