... At the foot of the Hill [Psalm 121]

Jun 12, 2010

MPD (Multiple personality dis-arrangement)

I know by now you must be wondering what this dramaqueen is writing??? well
i know what am writing i just would not bring myself to call having a confiding personality a disorder..sorry, speaking of dis-arrangements now i think its a dis-arrangement to call it a disorder...k my bad i'll speak for myslelf anyways back to me...is it really legal? i mean having this multiple personality thingy? i just see it as...Opps i said i'ld speak for myself i see mine as having an inner person that just guides me or gives me a second opinion on the decisions i want to make or i am making, well my other personality as you may see it, her name is cindy and she is just like the unsensitive and blunt version of me so u see any nasty comment blame it on HER!!...so now i have decided to embrace my inner voice and make her a part of ma living and i also think its time for you...yes YOU, who else is reading this?? to embrace your inner voice...

Jun 9, 2010


Where are the ears of the youths of this generation? Where is the generation that learn from other people's experience? where is the generation that believe their body is the temple of the lord and not some toy to be played with by a guy? I ask myself this questions when i start hearing true life stories of our generation, they prefer the 'experience is the best teacher' adage of which Yes! i agree to some extent but not when that experience will tanish your image and your future why dont we all just learn from people that have made those mistakes...i was with a friend sometime last week and we got talking well mostly about girls and the mistakes they make and a story of a girl who has a boyfriend of 3 yrs...and a yr and a half gone into the relationship sex was introduced few months later she missed her period 'cliche rite??' well yes kinda but why must it be a normal thing? cos i wonder why you would want to have sex with a guy and not use protection knowing the concequences, for crying out loud its all over the media...what do we listen to these days its really sad and knowing this is happening in this present generation 'jet age' like they say its even sadder...it makes me wonder if the next genration would even be born with ears at all(I pray so!!!)...come to think of it, it really begins with you!!!

Fabulous Single Life Pt1

why must everything have its pros and cons???
Ok!i got single a couple of months ago exactly one and a half months ago...long story...(post later)

Its not really like am having a blast being single and all but really i must confess its really cool, the fact that you are not anwering to anybody, u are not obliged to call and send text messages, u can go out with anybody without having a jealous somebody asking u silly questions, best part u av loads of guys on ur list trying to take u out (for d fine ones sha!!!)...But for me hmm...my single life so far has really been dulling, if i was nt on dis IT of a thing then i probably would av more time for myself but come to thing of it this so called single freedom and girl power as u would like to call it comes with its own large share of'cons' being that it comes with alot of loneliness..really girls lets face it, you may go out and have the fun of your life all day but at the end of the day you just long for that one person, that special person that you can lean on when there is no one else, i know cos i feel that too sometimes even if i try to assure myself that i only need God in my life for now but the truth be told...just want you to know you are not alone on this one...But really its better to be alone with God than deep your hands in sin!!!