10 Things I learnt from an Amazing Photographer

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Hello There,

Welcome back, How have you being doing? I decided I will post my photography mumbo Jumbo Saturdays (I really hope you guys are interested.. Please say you are :) ) anyways... Back to today's post.
With my Friends Camera :)

 In the bit to improve my photography and gain some exposure in the business of photography My pastor (Deolu Akinyemi) introduced me to a photographer.

I had not heard about him before and I only got his phone number, name and company name. Went ahead to Google and checked his website to see what niche he was into and i was sold.

As I am one to always chicken out when I have to make these kind of calls - and I didn't have an email address - I paced and paced plus the image he had on truecaller - which I thought was his - didn't help at all ( If you don't know the truecaller app then you are missing out on one of the best things that happened since Garri) I digress.

After talking to my sister and asking "What will I say?" I paced some more and assured myself that I was doing the right thing (Yes! it was that serious) I made the call, fumbled over my words abit till I communicated who I was and what I wanted.

HE WAS SO ACCOMMODATING for someone that didn't even know me from anywhere, I was ecstatic after the call, we fixed a meeting for the weekend, which I didn't acknowledge. Opps! x_x Very bad first impression.

After another nerve-wrecking-before-the-call- moment again the next week, he was kind enough to fix another meeting time.

I really can't get over how accommodating he was.

He sat with me and talked and I sat there and soaked it all in. Yes, I looveee to listen. The best part? God poured out of him, Amazing!

Here are 10 things I learnt from meeting with him

  1. DO NOT think a photographer's profile picture is him/her -__- I had to hide my mini-shock when I saw him x_x 
  2. Read, read, read and read some more
  3. Take photographs of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.
  4. In his words "Rape your Camera" know the function of every button, know every setting and grow out of where you are
  5. Start small - In starting small you learn a whole Lot more.
  6. If you have a day Job, don't be in a hurry to quit, grow till you know you are ready.
  7. DO NOT under any circumstance let ANYONE intimidate you - He placed particular emphasis on this one and I think mentioned it more than twice.
  8. Explore till you find your niche.
  9. If you're tiny, like me, and you are taking pictures on the road don't let 'them' tiff ya camera - Be wise.
  10. Always be with your camera (This I'm not exactly following x_x)

With mine :) 
This was a breathe of photography fresh air for me and more than ever I am glad I got out for my comfort zone to make that call.

Since I met him, I've learnt/still learning ALL the settings on my camera and learning how best to use them and in what situation. We will be amazed how just a little guidance in any area of your life will make a tremendous change and great Impact.

 The photographer I met with is Deji Olatunde of fotolighthouse (Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of him and I didn't even take permission to post any)
Website: http://www.fotolighthouse.com/ and http://dejiolatunde.com/ (Whatever you do, Read his blog. Inspiring words)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fotolighthouse
Instagram: http://instagram.com/fotolighthouse 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Fotolighthouse

Check him out. Thanks :)

P.S: If you know someone that can guide you in whatever area of your life, I encourage you to reach out to the person and overcome the "What will I say?", stumble over your words till you communicate, be scared to make the call, send the email, visit the person but please don't be too scared that you won't make the call at all.

Do it afraid! What you got to lose anyway?  Last last you get a ''No''
In that light, If there is somewhere you need guidance or you know someone who does. Please, get in touch with me (tomi.akibo@gmail.com) I can point you in the direction of who can guide you. A means to an end, a brothers keeper. Is that not why we are here? :)

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