Will you keep quiet?

Posted by Tomilola O on Friday, January 16, 2015 with 4 comments

Let us pray for the change we need and also be available for service!!! 

She said to me ¨Where are you?¨
I simply replied ¨Hiding¨
Hiding in my ignorance.
This selective ignorance the shields me from her pain
Can you see her pain?
Can you feel the blood as they drip.
1 too many to continue to count.
1 by one she drops... pieces of her essence.
But NO MORE...
NO MORE, I scream.
NO MORE, I Scream..
again I Scream.
It's 2015 and its time for positive change.
It's time for me to wipe her tears, Its time for you to stop the pain.
Its time for us to stop the bloodshed.
Change is me.
Change is you.
Change is up.
Let your voice count!