I Lost everything

Posted by Tomilola O on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 with 22 comments
Really, I just lost everything... I realised that I do not really own anything not even my life. Paul asks "What do you have that you do not receive?" I Cor 4:10
When you think about it critically, logically, physically, spiritually and every -ally you discover the truth in that.


Let's think about all you 'have' and count the ones you didn't receive


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"...I never esperredit but God gave it to me" -____- Even he realised that it was given...

Seriously, did you find anything?

All I am saying is this, we go on and on about ''My car"... "My Job"... "My Family"... "My...My...My..."

¨Except God watches the house he that builds labours in vain''... Psalm 127:1

Sadly, what the my-syndrome does is that it steals our peace of mind, joy and causes us to live a stressful life, knowingly or unknowingly.

Let me give an example, You have a boss, he sends you to a meeting to represent him with his car. On your way to the meeting the car breaks down what do you do? Depending on your relationship with the said boss you can either give him a call inform him and he handles the rest (call the mechanic etc) or you can take the initiative call the mechanic but keep your boss in the know and he refunds you right? right. OR

You own the car, same thing happens but this time no one is refunding you, you are left with the stress of making sure that the mechanic does the work right and you still have to make it in time for your meeting.

What I am saying is Thinking we are 'owners' instead of seeing yourself as a steward is alot more stressful.

¨The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof..¨ Psalm 24:1

What do we have that has not been given?


When we look at it all in the light of being stewards we take the burden of the 'care' that comes with it and place it in God's hands - the real owner - Cast your cares upon him for he cares... His yoke is easy and his burden is light...

He worries about the 'how' all we have to do is acknowledge him in ALL our ways and he will direct us, give us instructions to implement. Isn't that less stressful?

Now, this is not a license to be irresponsible because like every steward we would give account of everything that has been put in our care. It's more of a call to consciously remind ourselves that we are care takers and it will help us to be more appreciative of all that has been put in our care and also be careful with the resources given to us.

Grace and Peace to you!

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