He is a God of process

Posted by Tomilola O on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 with 4 comments

Sitting at the extreme right on the first row of the bus, was a lady with 3 kids as the 4th passenger on where was clearly supposed to sit just 3 people. The youngest child started crying as the bus was too hot, the continuous cry filled the almost silent bus.

"Give the baby what she wants or she won't stop crying" a man's voice from the back rang loudly. The mother ignored while trying to pat the baby on the back to shut her up but this baby wasn't having any of that, she cried even louder.

The male voice from behind said the same thing again but this time another woman echoed his thoughts in agreement, The mother then did the needful and the baby of course kept quiet.

As if to rub it in the mother's face "You see, she is now quiet. They don't want to know where you are, what they want is what they want that's how babies are" said the voice from behind

That struck a chord in me.

We are babies when we start this walk with God.
New world...
No knowledge...
Need guidance
Need growth...

In a way babies are 'spoilt' and as they grow parents start instilling the required discipline in them 'Kneel down to greet your elders' 
'No! you can't have biscuit at 11:00pm... You shouldn't even be awake at this time c'mon go to bed' and this is just earthly parents out of the Love that they have for them, put their children in check as they grow older.

How much more our heavenly father? When we are babies in Christ and we 'fuss'/'cry' going all give-me-give-me on GOD most of the time we get, but as our understanding grows by beholding him in a mirror we would be expected to start displaying it in our maturity in Christ.

Growth in Christ is a conscious decision that the individual makes, it says as we behold (2 cor 3:18)... It then means it's our responsibility to look in the direction and the comforting part is that no one is expecting us to be 6 months old babies today and 5 years old tomorrow...

Even God acknowledges process... We will be transformed from glory to glory. The question is are we looking in HIS direction?